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  2. Re-Implement Umbala Dungeon

    With Valk Helm quest now in the game and these headgear quests also in the game, I think it would benefit the server long term to have Umbala Dungeon put back in an instanced form. http://ratemyserver.net/quest_db.php?qid=10006&type=10000 (headgear quests) People need to farm Logs and Wooden Golem Card for these and Wooden Golems were much more plentiful before the removal of Umbala Dungeon. While it does fall in line with the actual updates from kRO and renewal, I feel deviating from that to give people a desirable place to farm again would be good long term. And to be clear by instanced i mean giving players the option to go to Umbala dungeon by maybe something like clicking an npc outside the ygg tree. that way players who want to go straight to the tree (and also niflheim) can go straight there still rather than being forced to go through Umbala dungeon. I've seen other servers do this and I don't see any reason why it would be a bad thing.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Today's update focuses on Battlegrounds and our World Events system. Battlegrounds Happy Hour For Battlegrounds, we have added a BG Happy Hour system, to encourage people to get some BG started, at random times throughout the week. BG Happy Hour has the following details: 10% chance to trigger each hour, for 1 hour. Increases badge rewards to 125%. Minimum players to start a round reduced to 4 players from 10 players, to encourage people to join queue, and to keep them going. Battlegrounds Rewards We have added Poison Bottles and Foods to the available Battlegrounds rewards: War of Emperium bound Stat foods (+5) are 6 food items for 8 badges. War of Emperium Poison Bottles are 5 bottles for 4 badges. Titan Token badge cost has been reduced to 75 badges, from 150 badges. For our World Events that happen all weekend long, we have added two new non-combat events: Disguise Event In this event, the NPC will disguise as a random monster and the first person to say the name of the disguised monster earns 1 Titan Token. This continues until 15 successful rounds. This event takes place upstairs in the Eden Group area. Cluckers This diabolical chicken will do its best to keep its Titan Tokens away from you, but if you're lucky enough you will get 5 Titan Tokens from him. This continues until 15 Titan Tokens have been retrieved. The Cluckers event spawns downstairs at the Eden Group. Careful of explosions; be sure to have a convenient save point! The chance to successfully retrieve tokens from Cluckers is 0.93%, so you will need persistence more than anything else to succeed at this event. With the addition of these new events, the World Event system has a 40% chance to start an Invasion, 40% chance to start a Disguise Event, and 20% chance to start the Cluckers event.
  5. Last week
  6. Idea here is each player/character can go to Eden, talk to an npc and get their daily mob worth a set amount of exp for the HP group/level they are at. Regardless of mob it could be worth the same exp so as to be fair. The mob would be unique to that player, sort of like a PERSONAL spotlight. Because the exp is the same from the bounty reward the only difference is the base exp earned while killing the mobs themselves. Could be a larger amount of kills required to get the big chunk in exp like 150-200 instead of the usual 100. Renewal does something like this to an extent in gramps in that they have a place you can go, kill a huge amount of mobs, and get a large chunk of exp and then it goes on cooldown. For this set up my idea is to give people a daily turn in, that is unique. this encourages people to go to different places rather than camp spotlights only. Spotlights are fun, but it results in the market being oversaturated and players only going there for the time they exist. They would be less of an issue in my eyes if people had more reason to spread out. And since this is a daily turn in, I feel it benefits hardcore/casual players alike. It also is another reason to login daily. I'm not sure if this would need to replace current spotlights, but I think both can co exist. One drawback I can foresee is this encourages solo leveling for a short time. If the staff is against this idea overall, the alternative way of doing it I can suggest is to have the OPTION (so solo players can still benefit) to have a party leader get the daily mobs for an entire party and a group of people can do it together all at once. There would be no other benefit to doing it other than the speed at which the group can do it. You could also make it party based only which forces people to play together to get the daily benefit, but I feel giving them both options is the safer route to make players potentially feel better about it. The general theme I chose with all of my suggestions is to aim at benefiting players with limited time, while not taking away from the most efficient way of leveling (consistent parties either moving or static in one place)
  7. Bounty Board Rework Idea

    Make bounty boards give significantly more exp in ratio (currently 50%), but have cooldowns. Very straightforward here. This would help players with less time get a good burst of exp in their limited window, but prevent abuse since they have a cooldown built in. How long that cooldown would need to be is beyond me. Would it need to be for every board? Or just that specific mob? That is up for staff to debate as I can't quite figure it out myself. The latter would encourage people to level in different places and travel more rather than just camping the same mob over and over as they can do different boards for large chunks of exp. The travel time alone would make it weaker than doing a good static party with a guild so I don't see it replacing that. It also would be more fun to be not stuck in the same place forever, which is one of the drawbacks of pre re leveling. In renewal they implement the penalty system, but that feels awful. This set up would encourage more diversity in leveling spots for smaller parties/groups/solo players.
  8. Buff MVP Experience

    Idea here is to make MVPing a semi viable way of leveling. If you solely MVP it should still be slower than leveling in a good party, but as you can see with Kiel, Randgris, Bio Labs MVPs(2/3) MVPs worth a lot of exp are fun to do and are worth the time to put in. There's loot, there's a challenge, and the exp reward means if you die it doesn't feel so bad. That said, even with increased rates, MVPs are overall not a way to level. Some of the more intense ones provide a nice chunk like the aforementioned ones and some that come later in the progression, but the older ones even the ones that pose a big risk are simply not worth it exp wise. My suggestion is to just buff them all to make them give good chunks of exp for appropriate levels. Even weaker MVPs like Phree/GTB could get moderate buffs to be worth a few hundred K and other mvps like dracula/baphomet can give a couple mil with the super hard ones giving 10m + or better. (some of them already do). It could encourage low level parties to group up and take on a weaker mvp for the sake of getting everyone some exp or a solo player to camp some mvps who doesn't necessarily have the time to grind mobs over and over. You see this change in renewal where MVPs are primarily a way of leveling for newer players, and they give HUGE amounts of exp. Its a very fun experience and is honestly way more fun to level for some people this way I've noticed than just grinding mobs.
  9. WoE stats 2018-11-10

    Castle Breaks **Hohenschwangau** (Al de Baran 2) 18:13:22 SideQuest 18:23:25 RO Buddies **Swanhild** (Prontera 2) 17:21:41 Evil Council 17:41:26 RO Buddies 17:45:05 SideQuest 18:01:25 RO Buddies 18:25:17 Evil Council 18:35:48 Mind Games 18:49:28 Evil Council 18:55:02 Mind Games Kill Counts **Hohenschwangau** 373 kills/deaths **Swanhild** 126 kills/deaths Top kills 75 kills: dasitmane (RO Buddies) 63 kills: Elara (RO Buddies) 55 kills: Warr (SideQuest) 45 kills: Dome (SideQuest) 42 kills: Entreri (SideQuest) Top deaths 29 deaths: Lab Assistant (Mind Games) Deadliest skills 96 kills: Asura Strike 80 kills: Final Strike 77 kills: Sonic Blow 71 kills: Storm Gust 54 kills: Cart Termination Items used 1604 White Potion (1101 brewed, 311 BG reward) 1450 Blue Potion (1043 brewed, 351 BG reward) 9 Green Potion 2741 Condensed White Potion (2741 brewed) 0 Honey 0 Royal Jelly 0 Grape Juice 0 Lemon 50 Strawberry 43 Fresh Fish 85 Mastela Fruit 46 Butterfly Wing 40 Awakening Potion 36 Berserk Potion 32 Authoritative Badge (8 BG reward) 22 Speed Potion 15 Crystal Fragment 229 Yellow Gemstone 70 Red Gemstone 229 Blue Gemstone 28 Trap 303 Bottle Grenade (151 brewed, 152 BG reward) 348 Acid Bottle (162 brewed, 186 BG reward) 0 Plant Bottle 4 Glistening Coat 117 Cobweb 52 Poison Bottle Highest single hit done 56487 damage with an Asura Strike Highest total damage done (all WoE) 1,334,717 damage: Aaron (RO Buddies) 646,553 damage: dasitmane (RO Buddies) 594,644 damage: Elara (RO Buddies) 451,614 damage: Suspicious Robot (Mind Games) 274,196 damage: SiUnyil (Mind Games) Highest total damage received (all WoE) 525,310 damage: heyP (SideQuest) 403,800 damage: kicks by eung (SideQuest) 370,342 damage: SiUnyil (Mind Games) 312,338 damage: Maple (Mind Games) 272,031 damage: Dome (SideQuest) Most emperium damage done 634 damage: Kuroyukihime (RO Buddies) Most support skills used 461 casts: Green Numbers (RO Buddies) 162 casts: El Peco Loco (RO Buddies) 112 casts: First (SideQuest) 85 casts: Castaspella (Mind Games) 78 casts: Elara (RO Buddies) Most healing done 28,025: Green Numbers (RO Buddies) 21,106: Nasty Time (Evil Council) 14,726: First (SideQuest) 6,048: SiUnyil (Mind Games) Most zeny used (skills) 96,000z: Warr (SideQuest) Most SP used 57,150: Aaron (RO Buddies) Most ammo used 234: GunSlinger (RO Buddies)
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  11. Gunslinger Skill Tree

    It would be great if the gunslinger skill tree will be updated as well. IMO the changes in Spread Shot could make slingers effective in parties.
  12. Hullo :3

    Will do, thanks a lot
  13. Hullo :3

    Make sure to check out the recruitment section if you're looking for guilds to play with
  14. Hullo :3

    Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. :3 So far, I'm really enjoying playing here and I'm looking forward to continue later tonight. c:
  15. For this week's update, we've focused on some improvements to last week's hub area. The camera rotation and zoom are unlocked when in the hub area. There is a tool dealer added who sells commonly available items. The upstairs Storage Kafra is moved closer to the staircase. The save point for the Inn NPC is moved closer to the staircase. The Airship representative can now warp to Yuno as well. Additional Eden warpers are added around Kafras in Prontera, Morroc, Geffen, Alberta, Yuno, Lighthalzen, and Einbech. Halloween event has ended. Prontera loses its spooky Halloween appearance. Pumpkin Hat drop chance for Pumpkin Pie is significantly reduced (25% -> 0.1%). Card suffixes have been updated. For example, Spore Card in a Clip should now read "Clip of Spore" instead of "Clip Spore". Spiral Pierce requirement changed from Spear Mastery 10 to Spear Mastery 5, to follow the updated skill tree requirements from Revo-Classic. All existing Lord Knight characters have been sent 1 character-bound Neuralizer to allow them to reset their skills as a result of this change. Guild castles from September/October castle rotation have been reset to unowned.
  16. Hullo :3

  17. Hullo :3

    Welcome! Feel free to poke us on Discord if you need any help
  18. Hullo :3

    Welcome to the server @Lycanthrogue!! See you in-game
  19. Hullo :3

    Welcome to the server!
  20. Hullo :3

    Hullo :3 My name's Lycanthrogue. This is my very first Revo-Classic server and I'm excited to play here I'm a PvM-oriented player, so this will be my focus. My mains will probably be Lycanthrogue, a soon-to-be farmer rogue and Morningstar, my soon-to-be huntress. c: Alrighty, see you in-game :3
  21. WoE stats 2018-11-03

    Castle Breaks **Hohenschwangau** (Al de Baran 2) 17:09:37 RO Buddies **Swanhild** (Prontera 2) 17:15:50 RO Buddies 18:03:07 Planet Express 18:45:50 SideQuest 18:48:04 Mind Games 18:53:06 RO Buddies Kill Counts **Hohenschwangau** 235 kills/deaths **Swanhild** 23 kills/deaths Top kills 67 kills: dasitmane (RO Buddies) 54 kills: Elara (RO Buddies) 37 kills: BosseAlch (Mind Games) 29 kills: Saegyse (RO Buddies) 26 kills: Suspicious Robot (Mind Games) Top deaths 31 deaths: Xabrina (Mind Games) Deadliest skills 67 kills: Final Strike 66 kills: Asura Strike 57 kills: Storm Gust 41 kills: Acid Demonstration 11 kills: Sonic Blow Items used 967 White Potion (682 brewed, 133 BG reward) 817 Blue Potion (685 brewed, 107 BG reward) 0 Green Potion 1891 Condensed White Potion (1873 brewed) 0 Honey 0 Royal Jelly 0 Grape Juice 0 Lemon 57 Strawberry 0 Fresh Fish 35 Mastela Fruit 46 Butterfly Wing 31 Awakening Potion 14 Berserk Potion 7 Authoritative Badge (1 BG reward) 0 Speed Potion 0 Crystal Fragment 56 Yellow Gemstone 26 Red Gemstone 66 Blue Gemstone 136 Trap 134 Bottle Grenade (1 brewed, 133 BG reward) 135 Acid Bottle (135 brewed) 0 Plant Bottle 0 Glistening Coat 177 Cobweb 8 Poison Bottle Highest single hit done 65918 damage with an Asura Strike Highest total damage done (all WoE) 1,089,641 damage: Saegyse (RO Buddies) 603,262 damage: dasitmane (RO Buddies) 564,622 damage: Elara (RO Buddies) 149,139 damage: Suspicious Robot (Mind Games) 112,386 damage: Entreri (SideQuest) Highest total damage received (all WoE) 241,031 damage: First (Mind Games) 222,600 damage: Xabrina (Mind Games) 184,404 damage: dasitmane (RO Buddies) 157,667 damage: Physolator (RO Buddies) 150,990 damage: Elara (RO Buddies) Most emperium damage done 759 damage: Entreri (SideQuest) Most support skills used 375 casts: Green Numbers (RO Buddies) 238 casts: First (Mind Games) 55 casts: Elara (RO Buddies) 41 casts: El Peco Loco (RO Buddies) 39 casts: Castaspella (Mind Games) Most healing done 103,382: Green Numbers (RO Buddies) 44,310: First (Mind Games) 5,936: Elara (RO Buddies) Most SP used 45,092: Saegyse (RO Buddies)
  22. The Server Needs Incentive For Daily Login

    We now have a daily attendance system.
  23. For now we'll keep the DEF system as it is, which relies mostly on getting better armor pieces and not as much on upgrade levels.
  24. Very neutral result so far, thanks for running this poll.
  25. Central community area/map

    Implemented a hub area with our latest maintenance. Still want to add the guild banner advertisements to somewhere in that area.
  26. Gear/Non-Weapon Refine Needs a Buff

    For now we're not looking at updating the refine system, but I would like to look at cards that affect DEF, because they have the same values as they've had in pre-renewal mechanics, which is outpaced by revo-classic DEF values.
  27. Custom New Player Experience Idea

    We'll add more helpful footprint paths for players to guide them to the Criatura Academy, and add some NPCs to demonstrate TitanRO custom features, but we're planning on keeping the Criatura Academy experience mostly intact.
  28. Hairstyles and Hair color choices!

    Currently there are 23 hairstyles available at character creation. The hair stylist Prince Shammi in Lighthalzen can style your hair in 4 additional styles for 3 Counteragent, 3 Mixture, 100 Daenggie, 100 Short Daenggie, 100 Black Hair, 100 Golden Hair, 100 Glossy Hair, 99800 zeny. I'll see if I can teach Prince Shammi to do 2 more hairstyles, bringing it to 23 "normal" styles, plus 6 "quest" hairstyles.
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