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  4. Today's maintenance brings a few miscellaneous updates: Corrected item drops from Christmas Cookie monster. It was incorrectly still dropping some items from winter holidays. Renamed Airship Representative to Warp Representative in the Titan Hub area. Warp options are now sorted alphabetically. The warper is less chatty, fewer screens before getting to the warp options. Removed payg_cas01 castle from May / June WoE rotation.
  5. Hello fellow gunslinger. I know the cause of this problem and I am here to help. It seems like the bullet merchants have different types of item IDs. What this means is that the merchant you bought the bloody shells from simply has a different item ID than the bullets required for the Magazine dealer to turn into magazines. Example this bullet is the right bullet that the magazine dealer requires to turn into magazines ( These bullets can be found at einbroch gunslinger hideout ) While these bullets are the ones you seem to have bought from the Alberta merchant. Hopefully, this clears some confusion and helps you along the way.
  6. Indeed. We are always recruiting.
  7. The increase in drop rate combined with the spotlight drops nerf has the affect of increasing the drop rate of items below a 16.5% base drop rate (on spotlight maps/monsters), and decreasing the overall drop rate of items that have higher than 16.5% base drop rate. Basically, common items should feel about the same (with fewer 100% drop chances), and rare items should drop more often. For more detailed information about how the 3x->5x drop rate change interacts with the spotlight drops nerf, here is some example data: Imp spotlight (old system) Burning Hair - 100% Live Coal - 100% Electric Eel[2] - 1.50% Ice Fireworks - 1.20% Heart Breaker[1] - 0.60% Huuma Blaze Shuriken - 0.18% Imp Card - 0.06% Imp spotlight (new system) Burning Hair - 97.17% Live Coal - 94.37% Electric Eel[2] - 2.46% Ice Fireworks - 1.99% Heart Breaker[1] - 1.00% Huuma Blaze Shuriken - 0.30% Imp Card - 0.10% Quve spotlight (old system) Ectoplasm - 100% Piece of Black Cloth - 100% Fly Wing - 54.20% Poisonous Powder - 5.94% Rough Oridecon - 0.20% Quve Card - 0.06% Quve spotlight (new system) Ectoplasm - 97.89% Piece of Black Cloth - 97.89% Fly Wing - 65.13% Poisonous Powder - 9.56% Rough Oridecon - 0.20% Quve Card - 0.10%
  8. TitanRO now has 5x drop rates, up from 3x! We are still using a custom drop rate formula which is based on rolling 5 times to get the item from a given monster, rather than a direct multiplier. For rare drop rates they are equivalent, but item drop rates don't reach 100% with this method. We chose to increase the drop rates on Titan after seeing other servers with drop rates closer to the experience multipliers, some even with higher drop rate than experience. While we increased the overall drop rates, we nerfed the way that spotlights affect drop rate of items. Now it doubles the number of effective rolls at getting an item instead of doubling the chance. For some examples of how this changes things, see the followup post. July/August WoE rotation - Payon 4 For July/August, we are rotating to Sacred Altar, payg_cas04. This castle has linked guild dungeon access to both Payon and Aldebaran guild dungeons. For this castle we have not changed the flag-in point, which brings you to 2 rooms before the emp room.
  9. weve already killed thanatos more than a few times. we will eventually get another few morrigane mants. when we get some extras after everyone gets theirs we will sell one to you for sure. or you can hit up the RO buddies. I know they have a ton. i currently only have one tho and we rarely have the squad together to do it.
  10. I bought 5000 Bloody Shells from the shop in alberta_in, named Trading Merchant. I then went right outside of that building, in Alberta, to an NPC named Magazine Dealer Kenny, and attempted to turn them into magazines. No matter what I try, it doesnt work. I have tried just doing 1 at a time, equipping them, unequiping them, relogging, removing all other bullets, checking that I wasnt overweight, etc. No matter what, he always says that I dont have enough.
  11. И на этих мобах только раз в сутки можно! или там можно всех сразу в сутки?
  12. в игре Русского нет(а на латинице писать капец! ты когда заходишь? примерно?3 день поймать тебя не мог! и квесты с которых вся экспа, это на убийство мобов?
  13. Although I signed up quite some time ago, I never really got around to playing until now, but I leveled up a rogue today, and find myself a bit uncertain about how I should go about this. To note, I dont plan to PvP with him, nor try to MvP or anything, just general grinding of mobs. Anyway, I cant decide if I should go bow or dagger, and the problem is compounded by the fact that I dont even know what equipment is in the game right now compared to, say iRO. I had planned to just go dagger, but without knowing what is out there, it is hard to tell if I will even find anything better than my Eden dagger. I am not even 100% sure that Stalker is out, should I make it far enough to reroll and continue. Can someone that knows the server much better than I point me in the right direction, please? Thank you.
  14. Hi. Yea, may be really strange fury state, I looked at this hit from Atroce too. But it is ubnormal, i think. I have valk with Alice, but Parity with two-handed is more comfortable with mvp and I hope more helpful from death blow.) Charlie, what you think about party for Thanatos? I need his cape for crit set and can try to tank him with alice and land protector.
  15. listed in the database his only moves are shield charge, storm gust, and wind attribute attack for damage. I've been hit by all of these. Storm Gust still hits hard even with alice on, but i doubt it would do 43k in one tick. My guess is you got him low at this point and he went into fury state. When mvps get low their damage becomes absolutely ridiculous and they power for something like 3x their main attack which is already high. Perhaps at that point one of his moves like shield charge or storm gust would obliterate you then. I know when I fight Eddga he can one shot my knight in power up state if I'm not careful. I highly recommend one handed sword, soul link, and wearing a properly carded shield for the mvps as a knight.
  16. Wind armor and land protector.. and this shit)
  17. To celebrate Pride month and summer, our newest costume egg has plenty of fun, colorful options! In the Titan Guide you can buy Costume Egg #12 for 10 Titan Tokens, which contains one of the following at random: Costume Lush Rose Costume Dog Officer Costume Rainbow Costume Devoted Eyes Costume Valhalla Idol Costume Scratching Cat Costume Poring Muffler Costume Fan In Mouth Costume Watermelon Slice Costume Giant White Cat Miscellaneous Updates When you are protected by a Crusader's Devotion skill, you will now show status icons if you are affected by Autoguard/Shield Reflect.
  18. Давай, у меня LK 98 и прист 97 есть. Я сейчас Сага качаю для Land Protector, пока 50 какой-то, могу поводить толпу по bounty мобам, с этих квестов вся экспа) Пиши на On1y-hardcore
  19. Title is my main point and I just want to address how absurd MVP statistics are. They straight up warp the state of the game on the later mvps (Gloom, Beelzebub, etc.) Let's talk about Beelzebub as the premier example of how warped having Renewal Stats on MVPs in a Pre-Renewal setting does. Beelzebub has too high of flee to realistically hit even with full outlandish support. You can have full hit gear, multiple phreeoni cards, humming with a perfect dex dancer/gypsy, etc. and you will never hit him in his AGI Up State. Even if you can hit him with CRIT the dmg is absymal because his DEF is so high it does pathetic dmg. You can't use a TKM because the Hell Flies, and you can't use Magic because of Magic Mirror one shotting you. Nevermind that some abilities that are supposed to be never miss are actually missing such as Soul Destroyer and Occult Impact/Investigate. The server seems to have some bugs with "never miss" in some way as I know for a fact Josh told me himself that the 25% never miss from the Hunter Set didn't work either even though it clearly should. This leaves literally the only option to kill Beelzebub is to ice wall/trap cheese. While ice wall cheese is a part of the game, it being the only option on an MVP of this caliber is a joke. It warps the game to the point where it is not even remotely close to what it was intended in classic. While other mvps are less ridiculous than Beelzebub due to having less mechanics, they are no less over the top in their DEF/Flee/MDEF, etc. Gloom Under Night is basically unable to be hit by a 99 dex sniper which is absurd. You can kill him no problem with magic/TKM, but that physical classes are getting shafted because of absurd flee eliminates many classes from MVPing. Mastersmith, Sniper, etc. on many of these MVPs are basically non existent. Thanatos, Beelz, Gloom all have absurd DEF and/or Flee to where trying to hit them with physical damage is a joke. I think its time to address the MVP issue. It does not matter that these bosses CAN be taken down despite their ridiculousness, its that it limits MVPing and some classes are simply eliminated. It's just a warped state of the game that is so far from what it originally was that I think its fair to say its unhealthy. I suggest we massively reduce their DEF/MDEF/Flee to where more classes have a place in MVPing. Bring them to a state closer to where they were in Pre-Renewal. I'm ok with them being harder than they were. A lot of MVPs I've seen in classic were honestly a joke, but this is too far in the opposite direction and its not fun.
  20. Я только начал, приста гоню и виза) давай в игре свидемся
  21. Привет, поигрывают.) Но кроме себя я никого не знаю. У тебя что за профа и какой лвл?
  22. Just a couple last few samples of pictures from Restart just to make sure. Thought I'd test on Restart to see how my damage was without archer skeleton
  23. Всем привет!русские играют тут?
  24. War of Emperium Statistics This week we have a new page released in the control panel for War of Emperium statistics! Ever wonder how much damage you did, or what killed you? Now you can look at a detailed view of any character in WoE and see a breakdown of their performance. To find these new stats, simply visit the Control Panel and choose Information > WoE Statistics. http://cp.titanro.net/?module=woe_stats Miscellaneous Updates Due to complaints from the Eden Kafra Service Provider, we have asked Mokona (pantie-signing NPC) to stand further from the Kafra. Due to a client issue, we have temporarily disabled reading books during a quest (such as nameless quest). The quests will continue as normal, just without opening the book text.
  25. Can confirm with screenshots taken from Restart Below is our server
  26. Castle Breaks **Bright Arbor** (Payon 1) 18:58:16 RO Buddies Kill Counts **Bright Arbor** 152 kills/deaths Top kills 41 kills: teh_Acidus (RO Buddies) 34 kills: Acid Bomb Is Balanced (Kupo Club) 22 kills: Not Ryuji (RO Buddies) 19 kills: Saegyse (RO Buddies) 9 kills: Wannabe Wizard (Kupo Club) Top deaths 11 deaths: teh_Acidus (RO Buddies) Deadliest skills 75 kills: Acid Demonstration 37 kills: Asura Strike 26 kills: Storm Gust 4 kills: Desperado 3 kills: Arrow Shower Items used 722 White Potion (703 brewed, 19 BG reward) 927 Blue Potion (850 brewed, 64 BG reward) 0 Green Potion 1999 Condensed White Potion (1999 brewed) 14 Butterfly Wing 6 Awakening Potion 46 Berserk Potion 25 Authoritative Badge (7 BG reward) 138 Speed Potion 12 Crystal Fragment 546 Yellow Gemstone 5 Red Gemstone 343 Blue Gemstone 0 Trap 618 Bottle Grenade (7 brewed, 611 BG reward) 618 Acid Bottle (618 brewed) 0 Plant Bottle 133 Glistening Coat (11 brewed, 122 BG reward) 21 Cobweb 0 Poison Bottle Highest single hit done 52,194 damage with an Asura Strike Highest total damage done (all WoE) 669,857 damage: Acid Bomb Is Balanced (Kupo Club) 662,699 damage: teh_Acidus (RO Buddies) 608,186 damage: Saegyse (RO Buddies) 356,178 damage: Wannabe Wizard (Kupo Club) 230,035 damage: Vindicator (Kupo Club) Highest total damage received (all WoE) 297,255 damage: Chaotica (RO Buddies) 291,279 damage: teh_Acidus (RO Buddies) 216,629 damage: Not Ryuji (RO Buddies) 208,091 damage: SiUnyil (Kupo Club) 184,550 damage: Xabrina (RO Buddies) Most emperium damage done 49 damage: trash (RO Buddies) Most support skills used 1304 casts: Charlie Links U (Kupo Club) 916 casts: Holy Kano (Kupo Club) 757 casts: Charlie Protects U (Kupo Club) 732 casts: El Peco Loco (RO Buddies) 109 casts: Not Ryuji (RO Buddies) Most healing done 12,071: Holy Kano (Kupo Club) 2,812: slUP (Kupo Club) Most zeny spent (on skills) 543: Vindicator (Kupo Club) Most SP used 50,568: Wannabe Wizard (Kupo Club) Most ammo used 870: Vindicator (Kupo Club)
  27. Now that TitanRO is over a year old, we have a few updates, changes, and fixes for this week's maintenance. Top rankings for Alchemist, Blacksmith, and Taekwon characters now only include characters that have logged in during the past 90 days. If a character falls off the ranking due to inactivity, they keep their points for when they come back. Maximum time to keep an @autotrade shop is updated to 30 days from 7 days. This should still keep inactive players from keeping vends open "forever" but make it a little easier to list rare or hard-to-find items. When leaving the novice gardens, your equipment is no longer removed.
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