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  2. Old player here

    Welcome! Yup, we can guarantee you there are no bots in the server. Our GM is responsive on discord channel so make sure you join it!
  3. Old player here

    played long time ago, saw this server on reddit, me and my friend will grind fest this server a lot. lol Hope there is no BOTS and friendly GM..
  4. Yesterday
  5. A simple question

    It'll be announced very soon though
  6. A simple question

    Trans classes will release at some point in the future, though I am not sure of the exact date. *It seems I did not type fast enough
  7. A simple question

    We will have trans, yes.
  8. A Basic Bard Guide

    Love it. But can I suggest a 99 int and 97 vit and 2x dex barrd. Hard to level but amazingly broken bragi in pvm and woe
  9. Dancer

    I prefer 99 agi . 99 vit. And just scream your way in
  10. A simple question

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a server with NO trans. and my question is , will this server release trans. If so, Its not for me
  11. Last week
  12. I tried re-extraction, I tried updating via titan patcher.. still the same error occurs. What else can I do?
  13. Sprites

    We don't have those, but we do have a Stylist that can change your clothing dye after unlocking the service with Titan Tokens
  14. Sprites

    Hi, I'm a new player on your server. So great so far, if only there are more people Can we have customized sprites from the official server added (the three-color option)? Just to make things in-game more diverse. Thanks in advance!
  15. WoE Video Collection Thread!

  16. WoE stats 2018-08-11

    Castle Breaks **Nuenberg** (Al de Baran 3) 17:05:36 Epiphany 17:26:03 RO Buddies 17:29:35 SideQuest 18:08:56 North Legion 18:18:23 SideQuest 18:39:41 RO Buddies 18:55:55 Epiphany **Yesnelph** (Geffen 3) **Holy Shadow** (Payon 3) 17:08:52 Epiphany 17:14:41 SideQuest 17:23:13 RO Buddies 17:42:40 Evil Council 18:46:47 Mind Games 18:49:36 SideQuest 18:57:46 RO Buddies **Fadhgridh** (Prontera 3) 17:07:10 AnomaIy 17:18:39 RO Buddies 17:25:19 SideQuest 17:58:01 Evil Council 18:46:34 Epiphany 18:53:55 Evil Council 18:56:04 Mind Games Kill Counts **Nuenberg** 86 kills/deaths **Yesnelph** 916 kills/deaths **Holy Shadow** 51 kills/deaths **Fadhgridh** 29 kills/deaths Top kills 115 kills: Magisight (AnomaIy) 89 kills: Sparkle Wiz (AnomaIy) 72 kills: Shoryuken (AnomaIy) 54 kills: Boilermaker (Epiphany) 52 kills: Baby Fist (AnomaIy) Top deaths 41 deaths: Bruce LeeRoy (AnomaIy) Deadliest skills 521 kills: Asura Strike 174 kills: Storm Gust 110 kills: Holy Cross 90 kills: Meteor Storm 44 kills: Bowling Bash Items used 8957 White Potion (5640 brewed, 2657 BG reward) 6431 Blue Potion (2481 brewed, 3280 BG reward) 60 Green Potion 4852 Condensed White Potion (4852 brewed) 0 Meat 94 Honey 32 Royal Jelly 42 Strawberry 83 Fresh Fish 123 Butterfly Wing 93 Awakening Potion 132 Berserk Potion 171 Authoritative Badge (79 BG reward) 232 Speed Potion 1241 Yellow Gemstone 184 Red Gemstone 602 Blue Gemstone 851 Trap 29 Bottle Grenade (29 BG reward) 733 Acid Bottle (223 brewed, 510 BG reward) 37 Plant Bottle (37 BG reward) 15 Glistening Coat (15 BG reward) Highest single hit done 95626 damage with an Asura Strike Highest total damage done (all WoE) 4,529,255 damage: Sparkle Wiz (AnomaIy) 3,903,398 damage: Magisight (AnomaIy) 1,855,385 damage: Blizzard (RO Buddies) 936,981 damage: Teacup (Epiphany) 807,311 damage: Ser Bogart III (RO Buddies) Highest total damage received (all WoE) 1,023,569 damage: Suisader (Epiphany) 1,013,490 damage: LordSwalley (Epiphany) 753,871 damage: Ser Bogart III (RO Buddies) 642,500 damage: Noah (Epiphany) 629,110 damage: monkaS (RO Buddies) Most emperium damage done 1222 damage: Entreri (Evil Council) Most support skills used 2278 casts: Cheeks (AnomaIy) 743 casts: Noah (Epiphany) 664 casts: ComminInHot (AnomaIy) 223 casts: Celestelle (Epiphany) 203 casts: Suisader (Epiphany) Most healing done 260,791: Noah (Epiphany) 47,700: Cheeks (AnomaIy) 19,554: Camille Reignheart (SideQuest) 8,272: VenusGospel (Evil Council) 6,409: Shiro Yusuke (Evil Council) Most zeny spent (on skills) 346,500z: Warr (SideQuest) Most SP used 78,604: Sparkle Wiz (AnomaIy) Most spirit spheres used 727: Baby Fist (AnomaIy) Most ammo used 386: Arjuna (Epiphany)
  17. Decrease GD Spawn Timers

    +1 to this, I think it is definitely one of the rewards of WOE to have access to the guild dungeon. Having owned all four castles at one point or another, none of them were that good for exp, even with full active parties. I think this could be a nice change.
  18. Assistance with getting installation.

    Unzip it and run the patcher as admin
  19. Hello

  20. Hello

    Welcome and enjoy!
  21. Today's maintenance addresses some stability issues caused by Battlegrounds code, as well as addressing other much needed miscellaneous fixes. Battlegrounds are re-enabled. We will be monitoring closely for issues. Queuing for Battlegrounds should no longer have a chance to cause the server to crash. Closing a vend or shop should no longer cause the client to become "stuck". Fixed an issue where guild skills could be stuck in permanent cooldown. Removed Ahlspiess and some Gunslinger items from monster drop lists. Client correctly shows overweight at 70% instead of 50%. Sea Otter Card now correctly increases the heal rate of Sushi.
  22. Map server offline

  23. I downloaded the client but i am unsure what needs to happen next.
  24. Hello

    Haven't played RO in years. Found this servers info and reviews good enough for me to give it another shot. Hope i can have a blast just like old times. -I'm also(or was) very pvp/woe oriented.
  25. Map server offline

    Any idea why the map server has been going offline? it has happened a couple of times in the past few days.
  26. So it seems there are spawn timers for most of the mobs in Guild Dungeons? On most the servers I've been on before (iRO:Restart most recently) they were taken out (besides things like Maya P) or never had them in the first place. The timers themselves make leveling and EXP there feel really slow and not worth it. While I realize this is not an official server, when checking against the databases I've been more familiar with on iRO, they're all listed as instant spawns. On Restart specifically, due to community outcry on the initial launch, the GMs changed it to match Classic with instant spawns. Since there are Owl Barons in Alde GD for instance I'm guessing this is based more on Classic Spawns. Alde GD for reference http://db.irowiki.org/db/map-info/gld_dun02/ <- Renewal http://db.irowiki.org/classic/map-info/gld_dun02/ <- Classic http://db.irowiki.org/restart/map-info/gld_dun02/ <- Restart Currently the EXP is currently meh there with the current spawns, if they were changed it would make guilds fight even harder over the best castles for EXP at the end. This could create a lot more interesting fights, especially near the end of WoE since there's only 1 castle in each realm that people can get. I loved setting up and being in GD parties before, but it just feels not really worth it with how the timers and spawns currently are.
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  28. BG disabled until Friday

    We apologize for the instability this week. It is due to some errors in the custom battlegrounds code internal memory management that has a low chance to cause a crash. For the time being, we have disabled battlegrounds and expect BG to be available after maintenance on late Thursday night (Friday 7AM server time). Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to fix this issue properly.
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