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    TLDR AT THE BOTTOM As a player who still wants to see the server do well, I am going to leave the few suggestions I have in a more visible/structured way. I want to note I am putting these out there because suggestions are welcome and I feel without noticeable changes the server player population will literally never improve. I'll start with my mindset so you have an idea of where I am coming from. An MMO rpg is driven by its COMMUNITY primarily. You jump into an online world and escape reality. In order for that to exist it must feel real. It needs a reason to interact with others, and most important it must have others to interact with in the first place. Ragnarok, above anything else, is still an MMO and still needs a player base to function. Especially at lower rates where the game becomes essentially unplayable when there is no economy or players to buy/sell to. (which sadly, is the current state of the server whether anyone will face that fact or not. ) Every server needs casual players. Casual players make up the MAJORITY of a playerbase. The hardcore, die hards, purists, whatever you wanna call us, we only make up a small portion of the existing player base. This exists for ANY MMO rpg as if everyone was like this, then no one is like this. As such, it is very important to find a way to appeal to casual player base to attain long lasting players. TitanRO has never had problems getting new players to come in and try the server. Hell many I did meet along the way loved the server, but simply couldn't keep up. I have heard too many times something along the lines of "well that is just how RO is, we're not changing it". This is the fundamental problem with the mindset of the server right now. To the point where changing anything different from the original RO is blasphemy and just cannot be bent on. The game hasn't been in a state like this probably since the very beginning of RO. For the majority of players, there has always been some form of convenience on official servers through the cash shop. (and no, I'm not implying Titan should get a cash shop). The game is not usually this TEDIOUS. I won't even call it difficult. Tedious. It is a chore for casual players who simply want to get into the game and play. The way I see it is, people with limited time want to spend that time having as much fun as possible. With basically zero convenience features (with the exception of rodex) everything must be done by hand. This is great in theory and on paper for people want the OG ragnarok feel. It feels like an official server without all the garbage. Thats great until you realize it means there is a lot more just boring/tedious things to do that a casual player with limited time just will not want to deal with. Or rather, even if they are willing to deal with it, will probably get quickly bored as they will spend a lot of what little time they doing tedious things rather than just grinding/playing. Now that my mindset is out there, I'll go over the biggest suggestions I feel would impact long term server health while not completely sacrificing the identity of the server. Remember, I am of the belief, that some small sacrifices must be made so there is a greater appeal and a chance for the server to grow. 1.) Tool Dealer next to every Kafra in the game that holds most of the major items you can buy from npc and/or frequently used items. Pretty straight forward here. You put an npc tool dealer next to every kafra that has the majority of NPC purchaseable goods that are frequently bought. All the potions, conc/awake/berserk, holy water, green pots, blue gems, yellow gems, red gems etc. (yes I know yellow gems are not technically npc but we all know you can just convert blue > yellow so save people the time and adjust the price for yellow accordingly). The point here is to just save people time. Also, zero idea why empty bottles were removed from the server NPC when the holy water sells for 10z? Zero profit to be made by NPCing holy water with your time spent. It wasn't an issue and could literally never be an issue. Empty bottles should be available from npc and this type of specific npc as well. 2.) Weapon/Supply shops for classes in prontera so pront can become a one stop shop for people. You see this on a lot of other private servers, and its good idea I feel. Can have a bullet/cartridge NPC for gunslingers, a arrow/quiver npc for hunters, and maybe a generalist weapon npc and a generalist armor npc. This is so you don't have to go to specific towns to get your basic gear. Doesn't have to include literally everything, but a few of these (specifically for ammo based classes) can be very helpful. I feel it is helpful to include most elements in the ammo npcs if they are made as well. The key is to balance it by making sure the prices are always high enough to make it worth arrow crafting to save money still. Can include most elements except maybe immaterial/holy quivers which are usually very difficult to acquire/craft anyway. Arrow crafting will still be relevant, but players who want to save the time can use them. It also is a great zeny sink for the server. 3.) @Go town warps enabled and/or Airship Rep type npc next to every kafra. Or have Kafra have every town available to warp to that is released. I talked to this with Saegys and crew last night on my stream, but @go is not bad. Sure it can make a player who isn't purist feel dirty, but in practice it doesn't do anything besides save a little time. You aren't getting ANY in game advantage other than maybe saving some butterfly wings/zeny which are so small of a cost they should not be considered. @go can save so much time without having to walk to a kafra and helps you get straight into playing the game. The faster you can get where you want the go the faster you can play. The more time you spend playing the more fun you have. Alternatively you can just have every kafra have an airship type rep (the one in yuno) npc next to them where you can warp to any town in the game (even the one in yuno doesn't have all towns) for a zeny cost with maybe the airshp cities (hugel/einbroch/lighthalzen) having an extra cost that factors in what would be the cost of the airship. You can even not have an npc at all and just enable a warp to any town from any kafra anywhere. Either way, the point is that the server should be looking to save players times where it can. And this is admittedly smaller, but feels really good on saving time. If you are spending the majority of your time playing the game and not getting from place to place, you will be having more fun. 4.) SP Consumables available through Tool Dealer (especially the suggested one) This is more controversial as there are in game trade offs here, but the rewards out weight the downsides in my honest opinion. SP Recovery is essential for any and all classes. This means that with SP Recovery purchaseable from NPC at a reasonable to higher cost, the server has a great zeny sink and players get to spend more time using their abilities at said cost. As long as the cost is high enough to warrant thought in buying the SP Recovery, it should be fine and balanced. Granted, that is hard to find that number, but in my experience you can simply price it around what players would buy the sp items from players. maybe a bit higher as to not sully the player to player sp market. around 1500 for a grape juice maybe would be a good spot. Again, this one is more debateable but I've always been of the belief that its more fun to use your abilities and not be limited by literally having to sit down at times, and its also a good as a zeny sink long term. Straight up as well, besides the few guilds that have a ranked alchemist, grinding your own blue potions is not a viable option and with the rates as low as they are grinding sp items is usually not feasible either. couple that with a low pop and no one to buy sp items from anyway most of the time and you got a recipe for a rough time. 5.) Novice Packages for New Characters On other servers they give you packages that help you get started as a new player easily and quickly and get right into playing the game. You can have the novice academy give these out or maybe just have every player get one on creation. The way they do it is they have packages that include other packages. With the package contained inside another unable to be opened until a certain level requirement and including better and better stuff. Here are some examples of what you can include Novice (level 1) ------------------------------------------------- Rental Halter Lead(Lasts 5 hours then disappears) Equippable Experience Ring(buffs exp rate by 20%, last 5 hours) AGI/Bless Scrolls(give you level 10 agi/bless one time) maybe 5 of each. (character bound, sells to npc for 0) Intermediate (level 40) ------------------------------------------------- 75 Orange Potions (character bound, sell to npc for 0) 40 Blue Potions (same as orange potions) AGI/Bless Scrolls x 5 (same) Novice Fly Wings x 70 (same) Novice Butterfly Wings x 10 (same) and so on and so forth. You can include things like Battle Manuals or Bubble gum if you are willing to include those, but in my personal opinion, agi/bless and the halter lead/experience ring helps a player get going right away and speeds up the "getting around" process. I do like the idea of progressing and getting more packages to open as you level. Its an incentive and makes the player feel like they are progressing. On other servers they have a cash shop they include bubble gum/battle manuals along the way, but those are not necessary. But packages to help new characters would be a welcome addition. 6.) Improvements to Daily Login Rewards I also talked about this on my stream, but the rewards for daily login on here are simply not enticing enough for a player to feel like they missed out. And while its nice to see the system in place, with no improvements to the rewards it simply will not server its purpose. On other servers they make the daily rewards IP bound meaning you can't get them on multiple accounts but only one. And with their progression system you want to get them on the same account instead of just logging into any old accounts. (it progresses based on the account not your IP despite being IP restricted.) so you always get it on the same account every day. They put a rule in place that those who try to circumvent the system and get more than one daily reward will be punished. I understand the player pop on titan is low and banning/punishing a player is a slippery slope, but I don't forsee abuse being as big of an issue as you think it is. There are also some restrictions that will help abuse anyway. The key I noticed is to make the items account bound. With no ability to put them in guild storage, or vend them or trade them to other players. Or even drop them. Here are examples of enticing rewards I think that would be fun. Keep in mind the idea here is to make the rewards progressively better. BASE LOGIN = Every day get one Titan Coin. (10 Titan Coins = 1 Titan Token exchangeable at NPC) Bonus Rewards progressing each day Day 1 = 5 Blessing or AGI Scrolls Day 2 = 5 Titan Coins (in addition to the daily one) Day 3 = 25 Dead Branches Day 4 = Yggdrasil Berry Day 5 = Mini Battle Manual (lasts 30 minutes, increase exp by 25%) Day 6 = Stat Food Box (gives 1 random +10 stat food when opened) Day 7 = Bloody Branch Day 8 = Kafra Card (opens storage from anywhere, only way to obtain one) Day 9 = Mini Bubble Gum (lasts 30 minutes, increases drop rate by 25%) Day 10 = Ori or Elu box (gives 5 Ori or Elu randomly) Day 11 = 10 Blessing or AGI Scrolls Day 12 = 1 Titan Token (in addition to daily) Day 13 = 50 Dead Branches Day 14 = 3 Yggdrasil Berries Day 15 = Battle Manual (lasts 30 minutes, increases exp by 50%) Day 16 = Stat Food Box Day 17 = Bloody Branch x 2 Day 18 = Kafra Card x 2 Day 19 = Bubble Gum (lasts 30 minutes, increases drop rate by 50%) Day 20 = Ori or Elu Box (gives 5 ori or elu randomly) Day 21 =24 Hour Rental Halter Lead Day 22= 24 Hour Beelzebub Wing (infinite Fly wing use, weights 1) Day 23= 2 Titan Tokens (in addition to daily) Day 24= HE Battle Manual (+100% exp, lasts 15 minutes) Day 25= HE Bubble Gum (+75% drop rate, lasts 15 minutes) (side note, chose 75% as to not increase mvp card drop rate. 100% would effectively double chance at mvp card) Day 26 = 3 Titan Tokens Day 27 = Stat Food Box x 2 Day 28 = Bloody Branch x 3 Day 29 = Old Card Album Day 30 = Special Costume Box (contains the most popular carefully selected costumes that are EXCLUSIVE to this box, rewards loyalty to the server) Day 31 = Titan Mystery Box (contains a random item(from dailies), with very small chance to include a rare exclusive item like a permanent halter lead or 1 gym pass ) Day 32 = Golden Thief Bug Card (just kidding, wanted to check if you were paying attention ;]) Resets after 31 I understand gum/manuals are frowned upon on here, but without a cash shop and only available through daily login, this really gives you a reason to login and makes it feel special. Think about it, You get your rare item that you can only get because you were loyal to the server and you gotta use it carefully because you cannot acquire another for at least another week or so. I also made it noticeable to nerf the gum/manuals as opposed to official servers since the rates are already higher on Titan. 7.) Implement Halter leads in some capacity. If you haven't already seen by my suggestion, Halter leads are good for the game I feel. they give every class the ability to get around quicker which simply feels good. Some will say it takes away from Peco classes, but I feel that's not really the case. Peco classes can attack and use abilities while mounted and halter leads have cooldowns upon mountin/dismounting in addition to not being able to attack/use abilities. In my suggestions I have Halter leads available only through novice package at level 1 (and only lasting 5 hours) and through daily login rewards with a permanent one only attainable by luck in the final day of loyalty. Halter leads are fun though and I don't think they break the game, they just speed up the ability to zoom around. 8.) AGI Up NPC in front of Criartura Academy Small quality of life here, just an npc you can click on that gives you agi up in izlude to help novices do their quests faster. The first time you do the academy you will definitely do it slower and its easy to lose your agi (many of the npcs already give you agi) while trying to read the guide. this will help new players get through the tutorial much faster. TLDR = Tool Dealer npc next to every kafra that includes most frequently bought items, weapon/ammo supply shop npcs in pront for one stop shop, @go enabled and/or enable warp to anywhere from any kafra or implement npc that does same thing, SP consumables purchaseable from npc, novice packages for new players/characters, vast improvements to daily login rewards, implement halter leads in some way, agi up npc to help novices in criartura academy.
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    Halloween is just around the corner (October 31st), and spooky ghosts and jack o' lanterns have made their way to town. For this year's Halloween event, we have the following: Spooky Prontera This spooky autumn-themed Prontera will be here through November 8. Pumpkin Hat Researcher Bring this researcher 20 Jack o Pumpkin and he'll reward you with an account-bound Mysterious Pumpkin Hat. This adds a chance to drop Pumpkin Pie from monster kills, and Pumpkin Pie heals 5% HP and SP. When the Halloween event is over, the Pumpkin Pie drop rate will be significantly lowered. Halloween Wizard Bring this Wizard some Fabric, Jack o Pumpkin, Worn Fabric, or Crushed Pumpkins and he will spawn Halloween Whispers and Halloween Dark Lords on another town. Halloween Whisper and Halloween Dark Lord drop trick Gift Boxes which cast random effects, from healing you 50% HP and SP to sending you back to your save point. Trick or Treater This Trick or Treater is invisible until you bump into him, and can be found at the following locations in Prontera: 151, 173 270, 350 234, 310 156, 321 156, 283 142, 214 134, 125 220, 72 Bring the Trick or Treater some Candy, Candy Cane, or Well-baked Cookie and he will provide you with a 30 minute buff of +5 to all stats and +15 flee. Added @refresh command with a 5 second cooldown. This command redraws characters and effects on your screen, refreshes your current position, and can be used to address various issues such as tiles showing song/dance effects after the song has ended, or unwalkable cells after using Ice Wall. Fixed baby class 2nd job exp tables.
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    The in-game messaging doesn't seem to be tightly connected to the forums, and we should change that. Almost all player discussion is done via Discord or #main these days, which means most opinions are not well thought out and are easy to ignore. People end up feeling disappointed. My suggestion here is simple: At each maintenance, update the in-game greeting message to point out that a maintenance was done and forums have details. Asking for feedback via forums would also go a long way.
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    Just reiterating various suggestions that have been made on Discord the other day (some of which have already been made by Charlie in another post, so credit to him as well): Since we don't really have a main town, it would be nice to have a general map/area for the community to hang out in and meet other people. This could either be a different map (like the Eden Group maps for example) or an existing town with enough space (Prontera? Juno?). These suggestions have been made to give people reason to use such an area: Move all the Hunting Boards there - this way people can easily recruit for parties in said area by putting up chats (as well as still using #party) and use it as a meeting point Add a universal Tool Dealer - with all the commonly needed items that don't already exist in each town (like Berserk Potions, Fire Arrows and Blue Gems for example), to save people some time; adding SP items has also been suggested Add a Kafra - not sure about being able to save there, but at least storage and cart rental seems fine; possibly akin to the Airship Rep in Juno that warps to all Rune-Midgard cities for higher fees depending on distance Add guild banners - these could be rented by guild leaders for a fee for a certain amount of days (maybe a week at a time?) to promote their guild. Imagine a little banner with the guild emblem, and when you click it you get info about the guild; optionally: one NPC with a list of all the guilds who paid for the service, with pre-defined tags (WoE, PvM, Social, etc) so people can easily search for one that fits them. Having it timed keeps it to active guilds only and the fee could be a small zeny sink (can't be too high to keep up for a new guild though!) Moving existing custom NPCs there - like the Stylist and Stat/Skill Reset NPCs, as well as whatever else might be around Maybe having some way to view the currently available costumes better than in the Token Shop? Add a general help/info NPC - with stuff like Discord, forums, wiki and support mentioned
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    Hi I wanted to create a discussion about what trans items are going to/ ought to be released at launch. I think it’s a good idea to look at and implement the updated trans gear specifically from small MVPs on the launch date for these reasons: 1) TitanRO is a revo-classic server and many of the gears are very relevant in this meta as opposed to a classic server. For example Red Square Bag from Misstress looks like a viable bombing weapon where it was useless in classic. Chakram from Osiris looks very interesting for Assassin Crosses where it has never been a "meta" item historically. 2) Dea Staff from Maya is another example that falls into reason 1), but I also think Dea Staff is necessary for ME priests to be viable at a whopping 220 mattk. Currently their best weapon is a 130 matk weapon since they cannot use soul staff nor wizardry staff. Odin’s releases Divine Cross, however it’s a .25 base rate off of a Skeggiold. 3) These gears should be implemented sooner than later to offer more dynamic options for gearing while they are able to be relevant. Many gears like Giant Axe from Orc Hero, and Erde from Orc Lord are very good and viable with current gear, but by no means best in slot compared to later content (Hurricane Fury from Gloom Under Night beats Giant Axe, and 2s Stunner beats Erde when slotting npc gets implemented). 4) MVP hunting needs to be revitalized on the server. There have been many complaints that I’ve seen that the MVP scene is “dead”. As someone who has arguably MVPed the most on the server, I can say I don’t MVP as much because I have already attained all the gear I want for myself and my guild. Implementing these gears gives a very high incentive for people to MVP hunt again. 5) New valuable gear evens out the playing field again for the resurgence of players expected to return to the server on trans launch. People just need a trap hunter to kill some of these mvps or a monk and they can sell these gears for a lot of zeny and get "back into" the game quicker than if these items did not exist. 6) There is an argument that this server wants to follow the “official timeline” for gears, but TitanRO has already deviated from that timeline (ie, transcendent release date being later and the talk of implementing lower levels of Endless Tower). Deviating from the official timeline can be a good thing within reason and I think this deviation is very reasonable given some of the reasons I have listed above. Thank you everyone for reading this post and considering my arguments. Feel free to reach out to me on discord if you want to discuss anything or just write below and add to this post. P.S. I also suggest looking at implementing trans gears into Guild Dungeon because it incentivizes WoE. There is literally no reason to hunt in GD at the moment except for cards, but some of the trans gear in GD is very valuable.
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    Tracked in https://github.com/TitanRO/Issues/issues/165
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    In theory if you follow the instructions from the link Stephcake provided, It could work on Ubuntu or any distro, I tried on Slackware 14.2 32-bit, and after downloading the required version from: https://www.winehq.org/announce/1.7.55 and installing it using tools/wineinstall it worked even without winetricks, but I recommend you follow all the steps, remember wineskin is only for Mac. The only issue I found so far is that you need to minimize and maximize your client window on each loading screen otherwise it will only show the loading image. PD: I think you need to download kernel dev or something similar to be able to compile (make, Install, configure) wine. or maybe you could try searching for a .deb/.apt for the 1.7.55 version but since Ubuntu is an up to date distro It could not have the required old libs in order to run.
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    It says Mac, but maybe this is still of some help? http://wiki.titanro.net/view/Playing_On_Mac If not, probably better to ask on Discord; can't think of anyone playing on Linux off the top of my head.
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    Because the bard is extremely underplayed and undervalued I decided to make a basic guide too show off the awesomeness of the Bard class! To become a Bard, you have to play the archer class. Bards must be males and Dancers have to be females. They're gender locked classes. Bards are a supportive class by nature, they however are capable of dealing decent damage! Bards use two types of weapons: 'bows and instruments'. Both of those weapons deal damage based on DEX. Both weapons also use arrows as ammo. The bow uses it for everything, while the instrument only uses arrows for skills (Musical strike / Arrow Vulcan). Important stats: DEX - Almost always get 80-90 dex. Any build. VIT - Higher for PVP and WOE and even MVP, but don't ever get more then 90 vit. AGI - Good for PVM, and leveling. I personally prefer getting 20-30 agi as a FS bard, or ~70 as a strafer. INT - A good stat to have to enhance your Poem of Bragi! Dont go 50+ int. STR - Get a bit of STR (up to 20) for pure WOE support. Only for carry weight. NOT REQUIRED! LUK – Not usefull Skills: All songs have a 7x7 area of effect around the bard, after leaving the area the buff stays active for 20 seconds. Music Lessons: Increases your movement speed when playing a song and increases their effectiveness!! ALWAYS MAX THIS!! Melody Strike: I usually get 1 level into this. It takes (at rank 1) 1 sp and you do about 50% of the damage a DS does. With 90 base dex, this hits decently hard! Very good to use while you're playing your songs. Frost Joker: Always get 5, 40% chance to freeze ALL enemies on screen. If other players dont have a Marc/Evil Druid card, they'll be beautiful ice sculptures waiting to be hit by your Wind Arrow Double Strafe (or Arrow vulcan when trans). Dissonance: Prequirement for all your songs. Deals really low damage in a 7x7 area. NEVER actually use it and keep it at lvl 3. A Whistle (Song): +20 flee and +10 PD at rank 10. For every 10 agi you have +1 flee, for every 10 luk +1 PD. Pretty bad. Assassin Cross at Sunset (Song): 30% aspd at rank 10. For every 10 agi +1% aspd. This doesn't work with the following skills: Two-Hand Quicken, Spear Quicken, Adrenaline Rush. So you'll only help out rogues/alchemists/assassins/monks with it. Its great for buffing emp breakers or buffing those classes in PVM. A poem of Bragi (song): 40% cast time AND after cast delay reduction at rank 10. Every 10 dex -1% casting time, every 10 int -1% after cast delay. This is THE BEST bard skill. It makes everything broken. Priests wont have any delay on their buffing skills or heals, wizards can just spam spells nearly instant. ALWAYS get this to 10. Apple of Idun (Song): +120 HP regen and +35% max hp at rank 10. Every 10 vit adds 5 HP reg and 1% max hp. Its great for making those tanky classes tankier. Its horrible for 'healing' your party. Encore: Repeat the last Song (or Ensemble) you played for 50% of the SP cost. Pretty good for SP management! Adaptation to Circumstances: Cancels the song/ensemble you're playing. (This actually is very rarely used, as you can just switch weapons to stop the song) Ensembles: Ensembles have a 9x9 area of effect around the BARD + DANCER couple. THEY CANNOT BE PERFORMED WITHOUT A DANCER. The Dancer and Bard need to BOTH have the Ensemble learned to play. Lullaby: Everything in the area has a chance to sleep. Useless Into the Abyss: Skills no longer require gemstones (Hocus Pocus usually only costs 1 gemstone instead of 2). Its okay.. nothing special. Loki's Wail: EVERYONE in the 9x9 area cannot use skills. Only the Caster of Loki's Wail can stop the cast. Excellent for WOE, garbage for PVM. Eternal Chaos: Reduce everyone's Defense to 0. (Only lowers VIT def, not ARMOR def) Invulnerable Siegfried: Gain elemental and status resistance to ALL elements. Sounds amazing, but pretty hard to get value from. Mr Kim A Rich Man: (At rank 5) increase XP gain by 180% if monsters die within the area. Its only usefull for leveling. If people 'main' a bard class, they dont get this duet. Drum on the battlefield: At rank 5, increase ATK by 150 and DEF by 12. Pretty strong, you have to fight inside the duet to benefit from it though. Can be tricky to use. Ring of Nibelungen: At rank 5, increase ATK of level 4 weapons by 350! Pretty strong if your party uses level 4 weapons, tricky to use. Ensembles sound amazingly broken on paper, but are very hard to use effectively. You ALWAYS need a partner with you, with exactly the same skills. You cannot move in Ensembles and the skill effect disappears immediatly when you leave the area, unlike the solo supporting songs. There are two kinds of bards, a 'battle' bard AKA strafer bard and a Full Support (FS) Bard. I'll be going over both builds and their pro's and cons. Strafer Bard: 90 DEX 1-30 VIT 70-90 AGI 40-50 INT 1 STR 1 LUK This stat distribution allows you to keep spamming Double Strafe at a high speed and deal a crapton of damage! You're basicly a Strafer Hunter with more SP, but less damage. You can also play a song, and spam Musical Strike for pretty high damage. Bard skills don't really matter for this build. You probably want to get Frost Joker & Poem of Bragi for the freeze+Double Strafe strategy explained at Tips & Tricks below. 1 Adaptation to Circumstance1 Encore10 Music Lesson5 Musical Strike3 Dissonance5 Frost Joker10 Poem of Bragi10 Assassin Cross of Sunset1 Apple of Idun1 Loki's Wail1 Eternal Chaos1 Invulnerable Siegfried Equipment: Head: Apple of Archer (PooPoo Hat for WoE) Middle Headgear: Binoculars Or Sunglasses [1] Lower Headgear: Gangster Mask Weapon: +10 Gakkung [2] with 2x Archer Skel (Or Hydra for WoE) Weapon: +10 Harp [2] with 2x Archer Skel (Or Hydra for WoE) - Use an Oriental Lute if you dont have good gear yet. Shields: Buckler [1] Armor: Tights [1] Garment: Muffler [1] or Ragamuffin Manteau Footwear: Boots [1] or Crystal Pumps Accesory: 2x Glove [1] The Bard Card set is also pretty decent for a strafer bard. I'm not sure if it performs better or worse then Dex/ATK boosting cards. Full (woe) Support Bard: 80-90 DEX 80-90 VIT 20-30 AGI 30-50 INT 1-20 STR 1 LUK This stat distribution allows you to keep your songs going without needing SP breaks. You're able to dish out decent damage with Double Strafe / Musical Strike and are quite tanky! Excellent for WoE/MvP. 1 Adaptation to Circumstance 1 Encore 10 Music Lesson 1 Musical Strike 3 Dissonance 5 Frost Joker 10 Poem of Bragi 10 Assassin Cross of Sunset 5 Apple of Idun 1 Loki's Wail 1 Eternal Chaos 1 Invulnerable Siegfried Equipment: Head: Apple of Archer (PooPoo Hat for WoE) or Cap [1] with Stalatic Golem Card Middle Headgear: Binoculars Or Sunglasses [1] Lower Headgear: Gangster Mask Weapon: +10 Compostive Bow[4] with Status Cards Weapon: +10 Harp [2] with 1x Golem Card + 1x Status or Archer Skel Shields: Buckler [1] With Thara Frog card Armor: Tights [1] With Marc card Garment: Muffler [1] with Raydric card or Ragamuffin Manteau Footwear: Boots [1] with Verit card or Crystal Pumps Accesory: Safety Ring / Rosary / Rosary [1] I highly suggest NOT using the bard card set for a WoE bard. Status cards: - Metaller (Silence), +5 ATK and 5% silence chance. Silence is countered by the target's VIT. - Savage Bebe (Stun), +5 ATK and 5% stun chance. Stun is countered by the target's VIT. - Plankton (Drowsy), +5 ATK and 5% sleep chance. Sleep is countered by the target's INT. - Marina (Ice), +5 ATK and 5% freeze chance. Frozen is countered by the target's MDEF. - Magnolia (Cursing), +5 ATK and 5% curse chance. Curse is countered by the target's LUK. - Lord of Death (MVP) random chance of inflicting Coma (HP drops to 1). (Its a MVP, wont happen) Tips & Tricks: - Song Flashing: Play a song for 1 second, switch weapons and start strafing. The effect of the songs lasts for 20 seconds so you dont have to keep playing! This allows you to play several songs in rapid succession to buff your party with all their effects in just ~4 seconds! Very high SP cost (And RIP your ears). - If you have a Soul Linker, you can buff yourself with your own songs. Soullink -> Bragi -> Back to bow -> Spam frostjoker till enemy is frozen -> Double Strafe with wind arrows for MAXIMUM DAMAGE. - Soullink allows you to move at normal speed while playing (solo) songs. It also unlocks the Dancer counterparts of the Bard songs you've learned. Its pretty great! - Trans only: Soullink -> Bragi -> Swap weapon to bow -> Back to instrument/shield -> Tarot Card For any tips, advice or recommendations. Please message me on the forums, or ingame!