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    from mau / United whatever you know his name
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    So it seems there are spawn timers for most of the mobs in Guild Dungeons? On most the servers I've been on before (iRO:Restart most recently) they were taken out (besides things like Maya P) or never had them in the first place. The timers themselves make leveling and EXP there feel really slow and not worth it. While I realize this is not an official server, when checking against the databases I've been more familiar with on iRO, they're all listed as instant spawns. On Restart specifically, due to community outcry on the initial launch, the GMs changed it to match Classic with instant spawns. Since there are Owl Barons in Alde GD for instance I'm guessing this is based more on Classic Spawns. Alde GD for reference http://db.irowiki.org/db/map-info/gld_dun02/ <- Renewal http://db.irowiki.org/classic/map-info/gld_dun02/ <- Classic http://db.irowiki.org/restart/map-info/gld_dun02/ <- Restart Currently the EXP is currently meh there with the current spawns, if they were changed it would make guilds fight even harder over the best castles for EXP at the end. This could create a lot more interesting fights, especially near the end of WoE since there's only 1 castle in each realm that people can get. I loved setting up and being in GD parties before, but it just feels not really worth it with how the timers and spawns currently are.
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    EPIPHANY Good day, everyone! Just a brief background about our guild... Epiphany started out in Ragnarok Re:Start server (rip ) guild members come from all over the world and planet Mars we are a quite laid-back guild So, what is Epiphany up to? WoE: We participate in this exciting event in-game called War of Emperium. We're not the best but, we're in the process of learning more and developing our strategies Events: Our guild leader and core members try to host a few events in our discord channel. This is where members get to play some games and win some awesome stuff! MvP/PvM/ leveling: We have guild members that are keen with hunting MvPs. As for leveling, we organize parties in order to level up altogether Do you have any requirements? WoE Active - We need to get our dear guild leader-Kauzimir Putin dem castles Keeping up on our Discord channel - Our discord channel is active. Besides the fact that guild members are often fooling around in there, updates/guild announcements are always posted in our Discord. At least able to speak, even just a tiny bit, of English (we’re international here!) 🌍🌎🌏 We are very hopeful, excited, and determined about meeting new guild members and grow together as a team in Titan RO. If you have any questions, clarifications, and violent reactions, feel free to message Celestelle aka Goddess and Kauz aka Nub God on discord Celestelle#2017 Kauz#3410 *guild emblem credit: Konrad Cryptic
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    R>homies to talk shit with on Discord while we do some grinding/BG/WoE.
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    This week's maintenance brings Costume Egg 3 (10 Titan Tokens) and Name Change Coupon (50 Titan Tokens) to the Titan Guide. With the addition of Costume Egg 3 we have also discontinued Costume Egg 1. Costume Egg 3 has a 1 in 10 chance of each of: Costume Shaving Foam Costume Warm Cat Muffler Costume Red Under Rimmed Glasses Costume Robo Eye Costume Wind Guide Costume Rune Circlet Costume Chicken Hat Costume Dokebi Wig Costume Heroic Backpack Costume Test Subject Aura This maintenance also brings: Monks regen SP naturally after using Asura. Re-added Juperos monsters to Yuno bounty board. Added a Kill Tracker to Titan Guide for those who want to check how many monsters they've killed in the past 1, 3, and 7 days. Fixed Sweet Milk taming item for Savage Babe (it was always failing). Updated navigation system to include Juperos monsters. Allowed Titan Token purchasable in Buying Shops. (This update is incomplete. We will finish it mid-week without a maintenance)
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    Great sig Lapaco.... yes shameless bump for Epi team!
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    Increase rate a little maybe? Things are so expensive that i have to hunt them myself, but grinding 10h/day for a week to get a card is just insane..
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    I agree a lot, especially with 4.) More Fun zeny Sinks. As for increasing the rate... I think the best would be: - All server 5x drop. - MVP 3x drop. Maybe for like... 3 months or something. And then we see what happens. I think most of the problems of the server relies on low pop. Increasing the rates and bringing the trans asap would bring more (and loyal) people to the server and heat up the market. Once you've done it, lower the rates to what it was before (although I think the MVP drops, hydra card, oridecon, etc should all be 3x).
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    Newcomer to the server, but have been playing RO off and on since closed beta. Just thought I'd offer a few suggestions: 1. MVP Weekend (or specified days/dates): raise the rates on those days to vitalize the economy without having to worry about a large influx of the items that'll lead to market instability. This will also spur the population and competition for these hunts, which could lead to more player/guild activities. A foreseeable issue would be the lack of interest on the days with base rates (although this may garner interest from players trying to avoid competing for the MVP). 2. Ascending rates: This would take some hardcoding or editing from an admin, but you could gradually increase the rates on the unhunted MVPs (to a specified max rate), until they are hunted and dropped back to the regular rate. 3. Party bonus rate: Again, this would take hardcoding, but it would be nice to encourage a large party MVP hunting by raising the rates for MVP kills by a large party. I could see a few ways of accomplishing this via coding, but I've never looked into what language these emulators are developed in so I'm unsure of its capabilities. 4. MVP/Mini-boss only Bubble Gum: A (non)tradable item that can be obtained via quest that will raise the drop rates for bosses and mini bosses only. Could also hold events to offer these as well. 5. Community driven raised rates: Either through events, logins, votes, participation (PvM, WoE, etc.), statistics (total kills, deaths, play time, etc) or otherwise that will reward us with a temporary increase in rates for a specified duration. This both indirectly and directly could help grow the active player base and increase the popularity of the server. In terms of an opinion, I think there are valid points on both sides. A higher rate would help perpetuate the economy and allow for more players to get involved in buying/selling. On the flip side, too high of a rate would introduce too many copies and could potentially flood the market. It would definitely require some market analysis (i.e.- if MVP farmed at every min/max spawn time * current/raised drop rate * 30 day period = how many potential copies). I'm glad to see that amidst the controversy, there are some strong arguments for both cases. Ultimately, it's up to the server owner(s) and what they envision for their project.
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    RO Buddies is a guild that was started on iRO Chaos by a group of irl friends back in the early 2000s. We played many low rate private servers over the years and made many great memories. Saegys and I have carried on the torch for the guild in recent years as an homage to the original guild leader and members, and are bringing RO Buddies back for TitanRO. We are an international guild focused on MVP/WOE and pride ourselves on coordinated team play and having fun. If you would like to join us we have a couple of requirements: Be an active player Understand English fluently (speaking not required, listening is fine) Use discord regularly Here is our discord link: https://discord.me/robuddies You can also message either Saegys or myself on the forums or in game.
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    Player stats and mechanics are entirely Renewal, except for the Heal formula and our custom matk boost Why do you want to mvp on a blacksmith specifically?
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    Weapon fortune sword. Starter armor is Poring, best in slot armor is Baby Leopard. Shield is Zealotus card, but that's a pretty tough one to get.
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    http://irowiki.org/~himeyasha/skill4/bsm.html?104NkFanedbnadraJl This is what I would suggest, and you have 1 point to spare. Maybe you could put the final point into repair weapon for some utility or even another point of vending. Iron tempering is worthless since you can find or buy iron very easily. Steel tempering on the other hand can be quite valuable and efficient. Enchanted Stone Craft might not be as necessary on this server since we have higher drop rates, but I definitely used it a ton on iRO. Research Oridecon is a must, that increases your chance to forge level 3 weapons, which are the best things you can make.
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    Pew pew! Danmaku for everyone who not hide or grazed! With renewal defence calculation mechanics Gravity gain ability to sell more enriched elu and HD carnium from kafra shop. But they forgot to ajust old cards and some gear. Just because they cant sell that from kafra's shop. We now have amazing things! Like Ambernite card, that gives 2 Hard Def! (it's like less than 1% damage reduction) and Porcellio card that trades amazing +25ATK power for terrifing penalty of 5 Hard Def (near -1% damage reduction if you had 5 Hard Def before equip card). With higher def it scales horribly. Same about some gear that has Hard Def as bonus: Broad Sword, Cowardice Blade, Cutlus, Luna Bow. I mean - all defence bonuses are became completly useless and heavy defence penalty - became mostly ignorable becase even from Tao Gunka Card -50 Hard Def is about -5% damage reduction if you had 200 Hard Def or just -1% damage reduction if you had 800 Hard Defence. Proper solution - change to dynamic Hard Def bonus that calculates real damage reduction and adds old value over it. But with renewal formula it not simple. Simple solution: at attached graph you can see that ~500 Hard Def is about 50% damage reduction and before it line flat. After became more and more curve. Set it as reference and just multiply all old defence bonuses by 10. At very low defence it should give slighty more real reduction, at very high defence it give slighty less then 1% reduction. And overal they became more attractive for usual def range 100-300 and def penalty became more vital.
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    Unable to adopt novice, there is no menu/option is there any plans to implement this soon?
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    @autopick doesn't work while the character is in skill delay. Not only does your character not continuously loot items, you cannot loot ANYTHING after the first item until you move. I hadn't noticed this on most of my characters because the delays weren't as lengthy, but on my wizard it is extremely inconvenient. This is amplified by the fact that wizard is primarily an AOE killer. After killing a large mob with SG, LOV, etc., I have to wait ~5 seconds to pick up my loot. If there are monsters remaining that are frozen and need a 2nd SG, without autopick I would be able to pick up some loot for 4-5 seconds before casting the next SG. Now I cannot loot at all (if I choose to use autopick) and by the time the delay is over, I will need to SG again and won't be looting for another 5s after that. I don't know if this is a bug or intended, but I hope it can be changed because standing around for 5s to begin picking up my loot feels very punishing when most other classes aren't affected by this.
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    A racial carded Damascus will be better but you'd have to get one for every race. I would just use a VVVS Damascus
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    Hi! Starting the server today and I plan on putting some good time onto the server, are there classes that you guys are lacking for WoE and such? Let me know please!
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    Race or size cards won't worth that much for the build in renewal system, you may want to use atk cards instead.
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    Currently the server population appears to be getting lower and lower over time. I have seen many of my guild members quit and leave the server even after heavy investment. This is to be expected with any server, but it seems a lot of it is purely out of boredom. The things we really can't fix right now are lack of content and balance. Changing the way the game fundamentally works too harsh might ruin our long term health ANYWAY even if it does fix our short term health. That said, we can make some investment in changes that encourage people to login more regularly. We've had a lot of players come in and try it, and even like the server, but they have no reason to login every day besides spotlights. even if they aren't fully geared. We are a pretty low rate server with absolutely no p2w which means you legit do have to grind everything you want. Combine that with our low pop and the market being garbage right now, and you have recipe for people getting frustrated and quitting. I personally like our server set up, and think we can fix the amount of people leaving or just not logging in anymore. Here are the ideas: 1. Daily Login Reward (Like Nova RO) If you haven't seen Nova RO's daily login reward system I highly recommend checking it out. It forces you to stay logged in for at least 1 consecutive hour on 1 character to receive the reward, but the rewards are pretty good and they get exponentially better. after 30 daily rewards they get a pretty good reward for their server (Mystical Card Album I believe). I don't know if we should go to that extreme with the rewards, but perhaps finishing 30 days with an OCA and decent stuff along the way (has to be good enough to warrant logging in for, not just pots or whatever). Either way, I'm not sure on the specifics of how you would balance the rewards, but what I'm stress is moreso the idea here. Alternatively you can also make the reward mediocre if you only play an hour, decent if you play two hours, and pretty good if you play 3 hours. The key is to fluctuate the daily login rewards every day as well and make them different and fresh. You could perhaps have tiers of items based on the previous like spotlight monsters have tiers (high exp, mid exp, low exp) and then just have it automatically shuffle the rewards daily. There are a lot of ways to make daily login rewards, but they are very encouraging for playing more. 2.) Weekly Events or Bi-Weekly events for costumes or temporary event buff costumes/headgear On official servers they usually do weekly or bi-weekly events that give people something that is exclusive to the window they are logged in. Exclusivity will always encourage people to log on and play during that time because its a chance that won't always be there. That's just proven in all aspects of anything. Sales in business use it to pitch to people of "don't miss out on this once in a life time deal" even. I think having weekly events is fun even if they are simple or just implement a costume. It adds more to do and right now there isn't enough to do. iRO has all kinds of fun events that implement interesting things that may be "op" but are temporary. Or they could just be for a unique costume that you won't be able to get alter. Think like The Super Cute Dog Hat on restart (although that one is an extreme example and completely broken) and the idea of it temporarily buffing use of meat. Either way, there should always be stuff going all the time and you can plan for weekly or bi weekly events in advance so when the patches come they are ready to go. You can also do this with the former cash shop gears as temporary items (like rideword hat, snake head, etc.) that can be turned into costumes at the end, but I think there are better more fun ways to implement those items into the game potentially. (that I won't get into right now since its not a part of this post) 3.) Party Seeking NPC I'm not sure how this would be implemented or if its even possible. But an Idea I had is to create an NPC or Queue for finding people to play with. I know we have #party, but it would be cool if you could simply set into an npc or queue (like with battlegrounds) and list yourself as a specific class and type of that class. An example of this would be, say you are a bard looking for a party you could put that you are a bard, level 74 and be placed in the queue while you go play. Other players can form their own parties and put seeking bard with a level range. Then you would automatically get a notification to join their party once they put themselves in the queue as well. Notifications for both to confirm, and then they can communicate through party chat. So it would look something like: Form Party (75-8 range) HAVE: Wizard 75 Priest 82 Knight 83 Dance 79 WANT (Range 60-90): Knight Crusader Bard Or alternatively we could have it set up an npc where you can look up who is looking for what party and then message them if it too complicated to implement automatic partying. I know that this entire idea is likely a pipe dream, but I'm just dumping all my ideas down because I might as well. 4.) More Fun zeny Sinks With spotlight rotations being a good idea overall, the server is rapidly inflating. We need zeny sinks and without socket enchant coming, the big one is not yet here. I personally think we need more fun and interesting zeny sinks that help keep inflation down overall. It can be convenience items like Beelzebub Wing, Heavy Lifter Box, Halter Lead, etc. Or you can have a convert headgear into costume(that also removes the stats). You can maybe also implement card de-socket etc. Just right now we are massively inflating and it is not good for the server imo. Need ways to dump our zeny and make it disappear off the server. It will also encourage more grinding rather than players just sitting on mounds of zeny. Because unlike other servers where you have tons of zeny but it gets put around on different players, on this server people just hold onto their zeny for a super rare card or gear. Nothing good ever hits the market so when it does thats when the zeny changes hands. But as a result the zeny isn't spread out and the gap between the strongest players and the weaker ones is noticeable. 5.) Increase Drop Rates of Gear/Cards to 5x (leave other drops normal) and increase MVP drops to 2x This one is more of a last resort for me on this list and I think we should try everything else to get more players active. But this one might help ease the pain of grinding on a low rate server with low population. I've lost many players in my guild with one even yesterday saying "I love this server, but I don't have the time. I can't do it". And he wasn't complaining. But he genuinely doesn't have the time with a life and kids. And that's a lot of players. RO's player base is older and we have jobs/families/lives. We can't just grind for a week for 1 card. People want some pay off or the ability to at least buy what they are looking for. I believe this guildy farmed 1 item for over a week, didn't get it. and not a single one hit the market for it. And that's not healthy for the server. If we had higher player population with maps being farmed more often it would be ok. These rates are fine, but in the current state you either no life it and grind it out yourself over potentially 1 week + or just give up getting the item. I know this is actually debatable and there are strong arguments for both sides, but higher drops even slightly would help ease the pain a lot. Often time spotlight mobs feel less painful to get their gear/card but you still have to grind to get it. MVP are also straight up not being killed as much as they should and we went over this in the other thread. Higher drops overall could be a good last resort to ease the pain of farming on this server for more casual players who still love low rates, but don't necessarily have the time to be super hardcore. (and yes 5x is still relatively low rate)
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    I think a better solution would be a daily quest of some sort instead of spend X amount of time doing probably nothing but artificially inflating server numbers to get your reward. The goal i assume is to get people on doing something meaningful with each other such as partying or w/e. The time based one will just get people online not really doing anything. It would look cute on control panel seeing more than 100 players but ultimately wouldn't create parties or anything which IMO is one of the major problems here. Perhaps a decent solution would be a bounty board quest that ACTUALLY gives good exp that people feel compelled to login to do daily? Something that inspires party play.
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    Double Dagger isn't bad. It's just that Katar has a higher damage ceiling. Katar is really expensive to get going though, since you need a Sidewinder Card and multiple gear sources of Critical Rate to make it good. If you were to choose to go Katar instead of Double Dagger I'd highly recommend you just remake your character. Stat resetting here is done one point at a time and is very expensive. It's meant to tweak builds, not overhaul them completely. For your current build I'd recommend pumping more Agi over anything else since it's usually best to just increase your ASPD over your weapon damage when playing on a server with Renewal mechanics. Your ideal main hand weapon would probably be a Very Very Very Strong Damascus, you can either buy it from vends or contact a forger with the available materials. For your offhand I'd use a Main Gauche [4] or Gladius [3] with either Andre or Zipper Bear Cards. You should make an Endow Sage at some point too, so you don't need 4 different elemental Damascus to hit mobs.
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    where is swalleys original art work? it had 11 likes and is not copied from someone elses work?
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    RO Buddies Dancer PoV
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    I personally would be ok with their traps doing absurd damage as is, if it required heavy investment to reach that point. like amazing gear to be able to do that kind of damage. the problem is there isn't really a creative way to do that besides maybe give them damage through actual weapon attack in the formula, which is complicated and annoying. there's also the argument that the damage is unhealthy even with an investment like that. (no other class pre trans can really do what they do so efficiently). I personally think we should jsut give them a flat hefty damage nerf that isn't too brutal. I don't mind seeing another class besides monk able to mvp, it's just that many trappers don't have to invest into their build like a monk or knight would to mvp. 25% + damage nerf is the easiest fix. don't touch trap cost (nerfs agi hunters who are already awful) and don't try to put cooldowns or whatever on traps. nothing like that. straight damage nerfs or formula change is the only way.
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    Thanks for the helpful feedback about trap damage. I believe that trap hunters would still be fun while doing less damage for the equipment/time/cost investment, and we're looking at ways to adjust the damage to be more balanced, but it will be a few weeks until we see any changes.
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    +1 Honestly do not understand how this has not been nerfed yet. Trappers are just little to no effort required. They do break PVM. I unerstand later on they may not be an issue, however it is important to look at the present. In the current state of the game, they shaped the server into nonsense. Cheesy tactics have always been a part of RO, but trapping is just lame. Not even smart. just boring. Presently having trappers available the way they are discourages alot of things. Should be called TrapRO.
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    We need some sort of event Lapaco is right. Double spawn rate of every monster please. Promote some sort of group leveling/grinding. Promoting lonely leveling is not good long term.
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    i have enough nightmares of eremes guile violating me with his 35k soul destroyer from stealth to not have him randomly in towns for an event. I like the ideas over all though. Venatu Invasion would be cool.
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    Welcome to TitanRO! I hope you enjoy your stay. Until this server was started, it had been some time since my last RO experiences as well, but I've certainly been enjoying my time here and will continue to do so for quite some time. The people here are awesome and fun so have no fear in that regard. Hope to see you in game!
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    imdog, thats totally irrelevant to the discussion. A naked trapper does ~20-24k damage per trap. I dont see any other class do that amount of damage without gear (Aside from Asura, but that takes all your SP and requires SP items to be used to farm something). Trapper are in my opinion, far too strong. They can solo about anything and almost everyone is using them to farm gear or leech chars. Why shall I make a party, if I can farm stuff, while lvling my alts. I really hope trappers get hit with a damage nerf. They have run rampant long enough.
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    Castle Breaks **Nuenberg** (Al de Baran 3) **Yesnelph** (Geffen 3) **Holy Shadow** (Payon 3) 18:17:45 RO Buddies **Fadhgridh** (Prontera 3) 17:06:19 Epiphany 17:13:58 SideQuest 17:21:06 Epiphany 17:37:59 North Legion 17:56:12 RO Buddies 18:01:20 North Legion 18:52:17 Evil Council 18:55:47 SideQuest Kill Counts **Nuenberg** (Al de Baran 3) 349 kills/deaths **Yesnelph** (Geffen 3) 148 kills/deaths **Holy Shadow** (Payon 3) 508 kills/deaths **Fadhgridh** (Prontera 3) 309 kills/deaths Top kills 159 kills: Rosenrot (RO Buddies) 88 kills: Aaron (RO Buddies) 84 kills: Magisight (AnomaIy) 81 kills: Not Ryuji (AnomaIy) 72 kills: Manadrift (Evil Council) Top deaths 46 deaths: BosseSin Deadliest skills 437 kills: Asura Strike 282 kills: Holy Cross 262 kills: Storm Gust 69 kills: Meteor Storm 68 kills: Land Mine Items used 37 Red Potion 283 Yellow Potion (220 brewed) 11907 White Potion (3149 brewed, 6426 BG reward) 5922 Blue Potion (867 brewed, 5010 BG reward) 77 Green Potion 3481 Condensed White Potion (3481 brewed) 421 Meat 188 Honey 4 Royal Jelly 100 Lemon 797 Strawberry 22 Fresh Fish 148 Butterfly Wing 106 Awakening Potion 296 Authoritative Badge (164 BG reward) 914 Yellow Gemstone 191 Red Gemstone 985 Blue Gemstone 3201 Trap 31 Bottle Grenade (31 BG reward) 360 Acid Bottle (360 BG reward) 234 Plant Bottle (234 BG reward) 23 Glistening Coat (23 BG reward) Highest single hit done 62,974 damage with an Asura Strike Highest total damage done (all WoE) 2,246,717 damage dealt: Rosenrot (RO Buddies) Highest total damage received (all WoE) 1,217,239 damage taken: Rosenrot (RO Buddies) Most emperium damage done 1,094 damage: Doggy (Epiphany) Most support skills used 1,147 casts: Kaishi Roku (Epiphany) 1,124 casts: Celestelle (Epiphany) 834 casts: Orphela (SideQuest) 812 casts: El Peco Loco (RO Buddies) 735 casts: Qualia (North Legion) Most healing done 208,080: Orphela (SideQuest) 201,076: VenusGospel (Evil Council) 111,553: Qualia (North Legion) 32,085: Sophus (RO Buddies) 28,403: Shiro Yusuke (Evil Council) Most healing to opposing guilds 10,734: Moon Light (Epiphany) Most support skills to opposing guilds 53: monkaS (RO Buddies) Most zeny spent (on skills) 45,000z: Cuzco (Kupo Club) Most SP used 64,885 SP: Orphela (SideQuest) Most spirit spheres used 814 spheres: monkaS (RO Buddies) Most ammo used 534: Ishida Quince (AnomaIy)
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    GR> WOE Looking for Knights Monks and Wizards especially please feel free to message above mentioned or me on Kauz#3410 or Kauz ingame
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    Nice to meet you as well! Your art is amazing!
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    Oooh that's some nice art! Welcome to the server! ❀
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    For future content updates we have planned: For September, we have planned: Thanatos Tower Hugel August 30: Abyss Lake + Noghalt Cooking Costume Egg 4 August 23: August 16: Gunslinger Ninja Taekwon / Linker / TKM August 9: August 2: Lighthalzen and Biolabs dungeon 2-2 Platinum skill quests (including Homunculus) July 26: Costume Egg 3 July 19: Juperos Dungeon Sign Quest / Geffenia Remove Umbala Dungeon Enable Buying Shops July 12: July 5: War of Emperium (first WoE July 7th) June 28: Einbroch + Einbech towns Einbech Dungeon Related Einbroch fields + Yuno fields Costume Egg 2 June 21: Battlegrounds
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    Ohhhhh. Best recruitment yet. ❀ Epiphany 😍