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    Something I'm really missing on this server right now are fun little ingame events. They aren't just fun but also give us players something to do besides endlessly grinding or WOE. We once talked a little about events in the german part of the discord and Steph mentioned that while you guys weren't against events, that you were missing a dedicated event GM. So I thought that it might help if we players share some event ideas? Hide & Seek Event Don't think that ones needs an explanation. MVP/Mini Boss/Champion Event Simple but fun events. Just have some MVPs, Mini Bopsses and Champion monsters spawn in a selected town and have the players kill them. Survival Event Have everyone create a Novice which will then be warped to a seperate arena. There you will spawn aggressive mobs and the last Novi standing will win (several rounds can be done) Novice Race A bit like the one above. Pick either a pretty linear or a maze like map an fill it with weak aggressive mobs. Then have everyone create a Novice. The first ones reaching the other end of the map or the center of the map will win. (just have everyone that dies respawn at the entrance) Teleport event Use a map that has spots which can only be reached by using teleport. Pick one of those spots and the first player randomly warping on it will win. PVP Event (Novices) Have a bunch of newly made level 1 Novices kill each other. The last Novi standing will be the winner (several rounds can be done) PVP Event A bit like the battlegrounds. Just use an Arena and when players die have them drop tokens. After a set amount of time the player with the most tokens wins. Headgear converter An event NPC that will allow you to convert normal headgears into costumes. The NPC will remain in town for a week or so and will request both zeny and some items. EXP Event Have an NPC that will ask for a set amount of zeny to be donated till the next maint. If enough zeny get donated have raised EXP for a week. Event Monsters Have monster spawn on every map that will drop special tokens which can be traded for different items (could be different consumables, costumes, convinience/quality-of-life like items etc.) Taming Event Use special pets like Earth Deleter, Dullahan, Loli Ruri, Leaf Cat, Mao Guai, Marionette, Wanderer, Whisper, Miyabi Doll, Medusa, Teddy Bear etc. Have either one of them or a mix of different ones spawn on a map and either have them drop their own tames or have a NPC hand out taming packs (one pack per person) to the players. Have the map only be active for a set amount of time and the items expire after the event. Just re-open in every now and then with different monsters each time. Item Collection and Hide & Seek Have novices get teleported to a special map with different monsters. Then there will be an announcement for different items that everyone will have to collect. After collecting the items they will need to find the GM on the same map or on a neighbouring map to hand over the items. The first few will be the winners (or have a set amount of time and everyone that finishes in time will get a reward) Special drop event Again have players create Novices which will then be warped to a map filled with special event monsters. Those monsters will then have a low chance to drop special items (could be tokens, costume eggs, gift boxes, obbs, opbs etc.) Have the map only open for a set amount of time. Quiz Event A simple Ragnarok related quiz that can be done in the main chat. Just ask questions related to the monsters, skills or NPCs ingame. The first correct answer will win. Prices for events could be gift boxes, old blue boxes, old purple boxes, taming sets, titan tokens, costume eggs or maybe a special event costume egg with costumes which can only be obtained through events. These are just a few simple ideas for quick events that can be done on short notice. Of course you could also add event quests with an actual story behind them or maybe even NPCs that will give you a quiz/puzzle you have to solve. The possibilities are endless and I'm sure a lot of players would be happy to join events or would be willing to help coming up with even more event ideas.
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    So this is probably going to get a lot of resistance, but hear me out completely here. Most of the cash shops items we all know are stupidly broken or fundamentally break the game. (hello WoE boxes, headgears/garments, quivers, bubblegum, battle manuals, etc.) There are, however, a few convenience ones I think could stand to be implemented without breaking the game. Simply, for pure convenience, and add more fun/weight to certain aspects of the game. The ones I focused on are items/buffs that are temporary in nature so they do not permanently affect anything. Nor do they offer you anything you can't already do in game. I've nerfed some of these in this proposal as I feel some of them may be too strong if just defaulted to the iRO standard. 1. Beelzebub Wing For those that don't know about these. Beelzebub Wing is basically just a fly wing that has unlimited uses and has zero weight. It's a temporary item, however, and lasts 30 days. I feel if we implemented these as a rare mvp drop on certain less desireable mvps (like white lady/osiris) or perhaps for use with Titan Tokens it could work. On iRO once opened they were account bound and could not be traded or dropped meaning 1 per account which balances them imo. Perhaps we could lower the time duration from 30 days to 14 days, but either way they don't do anything you can't already do besides free up some weight. Wouldn't affect WOE, and their biggest affect is in MVPing, which really is just saving a player 5 seconds or so to open their rodex and grab another 100 fly wings. You can't do anything with these that you otherwise couldn't do before, besides have a bit more convenience while MVPing. As someone who has played with and without one, I personally don't feel they break the game in any way, just a nice convenience. 2.) Halter 7 or 30 Day Leads Now these are a bit more debate-able as they do give you an inherent in game speed advantage over other players, at the cost of not being able to do anything while riding them. They provide a lot of strength and utility, and perhaps may take a bit away from Peco Riding classes. However, I feel with adjustments to their core mechanics they could work. Shortening the time they exist for one would help by itself. As with B.Wing suggestion above, they are usually account bound, but I suggest they be character bound once opened. A permanent one just kind of breaks the game, but a nice temporary convenience should be ok. there are ways to tune them if they are inherently too strong like extending their lock out on getting on/off etc. This one is more controversial, but I don't think they are all that bad, especially as a temporary thing. 3.) +10 Stat Food Buffs as Rewards from Battlegrounds Food buffs are actually pretty damn strong and make a big difference in WOE/MVPing. They do fundamentally change the game, so this one is more of an outlier out of my suggestions here. They are available in game, but usually you need cook book, and ingredients, etc. On restart they were more of a standard than a luxury like they should have been. But on here, I feel we could make them an expensive reward for Battlegrounds rewards to encourage players to play the mode more and give it more enticing reasons to play. 4.) Heavy Lifter Box (but noticeably nerfed) Heavy Lifter is not necessarily as big of a deal or need as it was on restart with 70% overweight, but it is a nice convenience. The issue it may have here is if it makes high str classes have inherently little adv over low STR ones. However, I feel with it nerfed in two key ways we could make it work and it would be a nice convenience addition: A.) Limit the cap of Gym Passes to 5. (1000 extra weight you can carry instead of 2000) B.) Have them actually wear off after a set amount of time (14-30 days?) 1000 extra weight is effectively only going to add around 700 more than someone can carry, a good amount, but still less than what they added on restart (1000 effective weight). And since they can wear off, it ensures that players would only use the rare drop(spend in titan tokens, battle grounds points, mvp drops, etc.) when they actually need to carry more weight rather than just defaulting to it and using it all the time. All of these can be nice convenience, but if their cost/availability is all expensive/limited/hard to get players would have to choose between maybe 1 of 2 at most rather than defaulting to all of them I think they could be a nice fun convenience for us all. I'm sure there are strong arguments against these and I'd love to hear other sides I haven't thought out or considered. so have at it
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    War of Emperium will begin on Saturday July 7th, 2018 at 5pm-7pm server time. (https://bit.ly/2MN1qL8) 10a - 12p in Los Angeles 12p - 2p in Chicago 1p - 3p in New York 2p - 4p in São Paulo 6p - 8p in London 7p - 9p in Central Europe 1a - 3a on Sunday in Manila Each guild area will have 1 castle open, castle #3, for a total of 4 castles open for WoE. After the first WoE, we will invite guild leaders to join a group discussion on discord to discuss WoE balance and the guild vs guild meta. These castles will remain in rotation for 2 months, after which their investment will be reset and a new castle will be in rotation for each zone. The 2 months of investment will allow guilds to invest in particular castles, should they value the drops from a specific castle. We hope this will allow guilds to work towards creating god items after a year or more of WoE. Our common treasure box drops: http://cp.titanro.net/?module=monster&action=view&id=1324 3 carat Diamond: 77.60% Yggdrasil Seed: 30.00% Yggdrasilberry: 25.00% Old Card Album: 10.00% Muffler[1]: 8.00% Shoes[1]: 8.00% Chain Mail[1]: 8.00% Buckler[1]: 8.00% See below for which castle is #3 in each zone: Luina #3 Nuernberg -- http://cp.titanro.net/?module=monster&action=view&id=1329 Britoniah #3 Yesnelph -- http://cp.titanro.net/?module=monster&action=view&id=1339 Balder #3 Holy Shadow -- http://cp.titanro.net/?module=monster&action=view&id=1349 Valkyrie Realm #3 Fadhgrindh -- http://cp.titanro.net/?module=monster&action=view&id=1359
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