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    I do enjoy rates as low as 5/5/3 and I knew what I was signing for when I started playing: if the server is not able to reach a critical mass of players to have a healthy economy and competition, my friends and I will go play elsewhere. What you seem to struggle to understand is that everything in a game works in systems and if one aspect (be it PvM, PvP, MvP, leveling, class balance, drop) happens to be defective, the whole system stop to function correctly. The 1x drop rate of MvP loots is fine if there are people killing bosses regularly and if they can sell what they get to other players. Currently we have very few people killing the very easy MvPs while the rest are almost never killed. The too rare MvP loots don't end up in shops since they are too much needed to gear your own characters, or future characters. The things you don't need eventually reach a shop, but always grossly overpriced. What will happen when real MvPs (the one not easily solo/duoable) comes in? Who will try to kill Randgris or Sniper C├ęcil, Satan Morroc, Beelzebub with such low chances to get a single valuable item when it cost a lot of time and effort? I remember I too, when I was 14, enjoyed to be the king of dead servers with very low population and rubbing high-end stuff in front of people's nose an calling them noobs for not being as devoted as me to the game. Then I grew up and realized I had spent 12 hours a day for months for nothing since I had no way to enjoy my hard earned stuff because nobody played PvP nor WoE... To continue on a personal note, Cool But Angry has 6 active players for the moment, all of us are leveling and gearing several WoE characters alongside our personal mains for our 10+ friends (playing elsewhere or other games) to come play with us. Imagine the amount of items we need before each is WoE-ready and then compare what is available in shops right now. It really change the perspective when you start reasoning as a guild and look at the bigger picture, beyond your personal "I can play 10h a day so I'm fine"-case. Every serious guild is doing the same right now and are in the same position, it will take ages before we can attract more players at this rates. Welcome to the age of pampered guest-players. This is right on topic, the rates of MvP drops cannot be discussed outside of the context of the current state of the server.
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    Monster fatigue (when the monster you're trying to mob train randomly stops and lose aggro) should be removed as it seriously impedes party leveling. It made sense in the Renewal philosophy to implement this skill since the goal was to make most of the content solo-able and to remove the need for a team to reach max level, a trend we can observe in most MMORPGS nowadays. But this is not 3rd class-Renewal and considering the EXP rates, we need party leveling (unless you're a trap hunter). Monster Fatigue makes mob train more difficult and sometimes impossible, lowering the efficiency of static parties (when your wizard waits in the middle of the map in a Bragi for the mobbers to bring monsters in your Storm Gust), not to mention that the lack of Soul Linker spirit for Bards and Dancers makes a walking party really, really slow. This feature is useless in the current state of the game and should be removed to allow new places to become viable again for party leveling. This is especially important for guilds who want to level WoE characters since most of the non-PvM builds are not viable for solo leveling.
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    The title says it all, trap damages needs a significant nerf. No class should be allowed to solo-one-shot most of the game content for only 77 z and 10 SP. They don't even have to get gears to deal absurd amount of damages. As someone suggested me, the nerf should focus on lowering significantly the weight of DEX in the damage formula and maybe increase a bit the importance of INT so we still have viable specialized trap build (with less DEX and more INT). The overall damages could be cut by at least 30%. This way they will remain viable for farming and leveling and be still be above the rest of the other classes for PvM, just a bit less absurd. I could also rant about their MvP potential and their PvP damages but I think we already had enough to conclude they are beyond broken right now.
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    Einbroch merchants (weapon dealers and tool dealers) are back from their vacation, ready to sell items again. In Battlegrounds, skills cost 0 zeny. This addresses Mammonite for now, and other skills later. BG-only items are usable in PvP arenas. This also applies the 0 zeny cost. Enabled Izlude airship. This airship is dangerous, and spawns monsters. The Gremlin and Beholder on the airship have had their equipment and card drops removed, to be added when we reach the Rachel content release. Added statistics tracking code for War of Emperium. Added missing einbroch/yuno maps to map of the week rotation. Fix hunter job change quest asking for renewal-based items instead of classic. Initial attempt on fixing the bug where one has to relog after completing a Battlegrounds round.
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    We are all aware this is not iRO and we're all glad to play on non-p2w server but don't pretend TitanRO doesn't need improvement. Nobody will play on a low-rate pserv with no population in 2018 because everybody here have already finished this game a hundred times since the early 2000's. Rates 1~3 were fun back in the days when you had 800~1500 active players on average a weekday afternoon, when you had to hocus-pocus your own MvP if you wanted any, and when the amount of loots collectively dropped by a 50 players guild was enough to supply for WoE and PvP. Your arguments reeks of bad faith and ignorance. We don't have this environment anymore and most server end up dying because the lack of a real economy and it will happen to Titan as well in a few months if the population does not increase significantly in the coming weeks. That's why people are here trying to balance things that are already messed up and deter guilds from joining. Your claim that "Tyrant is crying because the game is too difficult" and that's you're part of the "smart players" just show that you have no clues about how this game works and that you probably never played on a real (read populated, competitive) server. I have been MvPing since the start of the server with my guildmates and already killed several dozens of MvPs (not just Eddga/Garm/GTB) and all we got since then was a lame Gungir and a Ring[1]. We decided to stop for a while and focus on leveling since MVPing was not profitable (not in term of zenies, but in term of time invested). We also delayed our Hocus-Pocus parties to later time since there is no interest in wasting so many gemstones for nothing. Competition for MvP is non-existent except for the ones easily soloable by trap hunters and monks, MvP roams free on their map most of the time. I am yet to see a single real organized MvP party (apart from ours). This is not about class balance (even if trap hunters desserve a nerf) and how you MvP, but how to provide enough items to the market so that every individual player in need of a specific item does not have to kill the MvP by himself until he drops what he needs because it is unavailable in shops. < this is what is happening right now, and not only for MvP items. TL;DR MvPing is useless as it is right now and should be reworked along with BG and WoE in order to provide items in sufficient quantity to the market. Active population is too low.
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    So if i phrased it "lets raise drop chance to the same as origin, which has 7 times the player base" you would of reacted different? My god do you people cling to dumb things, i say ohh lets increase drop rate by X amount and i give and example. You don't like the server the example came from so you blow a gasket and try insulting me even though a good bit of people came from restart to here. I explained that the drop chance is much worse than what people were use to and you guys go absolutely crazy. Like charlie said you can't discuss anything with you people. Just like hunter trap dmg can't be discussed and bowling bash nerf can't be discussed. I get it i truly do, you no life it and park on this game 18 hours a day and want to feel special for that. You want to think hehehe i got these cards from farming for 36 hours, can't have someone getting a decent drop from an MVP which in your little mind is taking value away from your hours of parking. The problem is you can't seem to grasp the fact that this has nothing to do with you. It's not an attack on your biggest loser status. It is a hey MVPing is supposed to be profitable and it's not because of these reasons. You fall under the trap hunter section(0 resources required, all profit) except you happen to be a wizard. You cheese a couple bosses like eddga with stormgust devoting 0 resources and think its fine. When you play something that actually costs something to mvp on your opinion changes. This server has weird shit that makes monks not regen with fury, not regen for 5 min after gfist and a population that literally cannot supply enough SP items to properly gfist without paying absurd prices. Stop being a baby thinking wahh if people make money from mvping it will devalue my hours of farming. If you want your farming to be made completely pointless by the fact that you and the other 10 people like you will be the only ones playing keep it up. Keep being jackasses to people that present problems and try to get things fixed to actually keep people having fun/playing. So far this server has made anyone who enjoys a knight not want to play and now monks are about the same way. MVPing is a joke, you kill a boss 10+ times and have nothing to show for it. If you like trap hunter and wizard though i guess its just great.
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    Let me just say you are really really biased towards official servers, when you really only look at them in a vacuum rather than seeing the bigger picture. That's the problem in the bias in our discussions. Players like yourself and pope will immediately dismiss any mention of peoples experience on any server with p2w features as it "isn't anything like our server". But in reality you just have to look at it from all angles. You don't even seem to fully grasp the concept of how bubblegum/vip works on officials either what you are saying. Bubblegum is basically a standard for MVPing on official servers. It can be bought with ZENY from other players who use it as a pay to win feature (buy gum, sell to players, easy zeny). With how easy it is to get, it isn't an advantage or a pay to win feature in any way really. It becomes a must, and without it you get left in the dust vs other players. By all technicality its a buff and pay to win, but the reality was so much different. Any one with a brain used it because it was worth the investment. And that is all Tyrant is saying, buff the levels to that because he feels it would be good for the server. He also feels it wouldn't cause balance issues. I'm honestly really tired of the dismissal of experiences on restart. Restart WAS an abomination. We ALL know that, but that does not discredit all of someone's experiences. I, myself, have had a few people mindlessly dismiss my opinions simply because they feel restart was that different from ragnarok. It's still Ragnarok Online. Restart is still very much the same, and far too often I see stuff dismissed JUST because it was pay to win. You aren't wrong in that we aren't restart, and I don't think anyone is trying to make us JUST like restart, but that doesn't mean we can't take things from restart, or learn from it or other servers. You talk about how players have no skill or managing of resources, but he straight up says he doesn't want to no life the game. And that sentiment is a common theme amongst a lot of modern day RO players. There's a reason mid rate private servers thrive and low rates tend to struggle, Even origins was a small server until restart died. We need healthy discussion with actual arguments for why something would be or wouldn't be balanced. That does not mean "no you don't need it, there are ways to deal with it as is". That's not an argument. thats an opinion and offering a solution someone doesn't want. Let's talk about our view points and talk about why something could be good or not good for the game. That's not even something I'm seeing a lot of in this thread. Most people are just telling Tyrant he's inefficient and could be doing x, y, or z, but no one is actually talking about the effect that buffing MVP drop rate items WOULD have? I've seen this trend too much. We have no discussion really about anything. It's just "learn to adapt" rather than trying to find ways to improve the game or potentially make things more fun. As an RO purist, I understand the reluctance to make things easier, but the harder the game is, the less players we are going to have. The fact is, there are more casuals like Tyrant, then there are like me and you. And quite frankly, I enjoy playing with people. Even if they aren't as hardcore about RO as I am.
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    For future content updates we have planned: August 22: August 15: August 8: August 1: New client release July 25: HIT/FLEE rebalance July 18: July 11: July 4: Drop rate increase WoE castles rotation June 27: Costume Egg 11 June 20: June 13: June 6: May 30: May 23: May 16: Costume Egg 11 May 9: May 2: WoE castles rotation April 25: April 18: April 11: Costume Egg 10 April 4: March 28: March 21: Nameless Island March 14: March 7: Costume Egg 9 Costume box "OPB" February 28: February 21: February 14: February 7: Veins and Thor's Volcano Bounty board monster expansion Costume Egg 8 January 31: January 24: New novice grounds launch January 17: Revamp novice grounds January 10: Winter holiday event ends Increase MVP experience January 3: Bounty board daily experience bonus Add Battlegrounds-gained costumes December 27: December 20: December 13: December 6: Rachel town and Rachel Sanctuary Ice Dungeon Winter holiday event begins Costume Egg 7 November 29: November 22: November 15: November 8: Halloween event ends November 1: WoE castles rotation Community Costume Egg October 25: October 18: October 11: Rebirth / transcendent classes Odin's Temple October 4: Halloween event begins September 27: Thanatos Tower Kiel Dungeon Costume Egg 5 September 20: September 13: September 6: WoE castles rotation August 30: Abyss Lake + Noghalt Cooking Costume Egg 4 August 23: Mobile client Daily login rewards August 16: Gunslinger Ninja Taekwon / Linker / TKM August 9: August 2: Lighthalzen and Biolabs dungeon 2-2 Platinum skill quests (including Homunculus) July 26: Costume Egg 3 July 19: Juperos Dungeon Sign Quest / Geffenia Remove Umbala Dungeon Enable Buying Shops July 12: July 5: War of Emperium (first WoE July 7th) June 28: Einbroch + Einbech towns Einbech Dungeon Related Einbroch fields + Yuno fields Costume Egg 2 June 21: Battlegrounds
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