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    from mau / United whatever you know his name
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    Increase rate a little maybe? Things are so expensive that i have to hunt them myself, but grinding 10h/day for a week to get a card is just insane..
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    I agree a lot, especially with 4.) More Fun zeny Sinks. As for increasing the rate... I think the best would be: - All server 5x drop. - MVP 3x drop. Maybe for like... 3 months or something. And then we see what happens. I think most of the problems of the server relies on low pop. Increasing the rates and bringing the trans asap would bring more (and loyal) people to the server and heat up the market. Once you've done it, lower the rates to what it was before (although I think the MVP drops, hydra card, oridecon, etc should all be 3x).
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    EPIPHANY Good day, everyone! Just a brief background about our guild... Epiphany started out in Ragnarok Re:Start server (rip ) guild members come from all over the world and planet Mars we are a quite laid-back guild So, what is Epiphany up to? WoE: We participate in this exciting event in-game called War of Emperium. We're not the best but, we're in the process of learning more and developing our strategies Events: Our guild leader and core members try to host a few events in our discord channel. This is where members get to play some games and win some awesome stuff! MvP/PvM/ leveling: We have guild members that are keen with hunting MvPs. As for leveling, we organize parties in order to level up altogether Do you have any requirements? WoE Active - We need to get our dear guild leader-Kauzimir Putin dem castles Keeping up on our Discord channel - Our discord channel is active. Besides the fact that guild members are often fooling around in there, updates/guild announcements are always posted in our Discord. At least able to speak, even just a tiny bit, of English (we’re international here!) 🌍🌎🌏 We are very hopeful, excited, and determined about meeting new guild members and grow together as a team in Titan RO. If you have any questions, clarifications, and violent reactions, feel free to message Celestelle aka Goddess and Kauz aka Nub God on discord Celestelle#2017 Kauz#3410 *guild emblem credit: Konrad Cryptic
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    Great sig Lapaco.... yes shameless bump for Epi team!
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    where is swalleys original art work? it had 11 likes and is not copied from someone elses work?
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