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    Player stats and mechanics are entirely Renewal, except for the Heal formula and our custom matk boost Why do you want to mvp on a blacksmith specifically?
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    Weapon fortune sword. Starter armor is Poring, best in slot armor is Baby Leopard. Shield is Zealotus card, but that's a pretty tough one to get.
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    You can also go for baby leopard card in armor. And personally I'd go for fortune sword for weapon.
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    http://irowiki.org/~himeyasha/skill4/bsm.html?104NkFanedbnadraJl This is what I would suggest, and you have 1 point to spare. Maybe you could put the final point into repair weapon for some utility or even another point of vending. Iron tempering is worthless since you can find or buy iron very easily. Steel tempering on the other hand can be quite valuable and efficient. Enchanted Stone Craft might not be as necessary on this server since we have higher drop rates, but I definitely used it a ton on iRO. Research Oridecon is a must, that increases your chance to forge level 3 weapons, which are the best things you can make.
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    A racial carded Damascus will be better but you'd have to get one for every race. I would just use a VVVS Damascus
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    Race or size cards won't worth that much for the build in renewal system, you may want to use atk cards instead.
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    Double Dagger isn't bad. It's just that Katar has a higher damage ceiling. Katar is really expensive to get going though, since you need a Sidewinder Card and multiple gear sources of Critical Rate to make it good. If you were to choose to go Katar instead of Double Dagger I'd highly recommend you just remake your character. Stat resetting here is done one point at a time and is very expensive. It's meant to tweak builds, not overhaul them completely. For your current build I'd recommend pumping more Agi over anything else since it's usually best to just increase your ASPD over your weapon damage when playing on a server with Renewal mechanics. Your ideal main hand weapon would probably be a Very Very Very Strong Damascus, you can either buy it from vends or contact a forger with the available materials. For your offhand I'd use a Main Gauche [4] or Gladius [3] with either Andre or Zipper Bear Cards. You should make an Endow Sage at some point too, so you don't need 4 different elemental Damascus to hit mobs.
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