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    Hello Titan! I don't know if this is doable, but I think it would be a good idea if the Alchemists could only stay in the rank if they created potions in a certain period. For example, if an alchemist doesn't create any potions in a week or perhaps 15 days, he leaves the rank and opens a space for the next alchemist to enter the rank. When the alchemist that left the rank creates a potion, he goes back to the ranking with all of the points he had - no one should lose points. And he should continue to create potions to stay in the rank. I think that would be very helpful to those (including myself!) that doesn't have that much time to play or support of other characters / guilds to create potions. And it would also open spaces in the rank since *I think* some of the alchemists don't play anymore / are not playing on the server right now. Thank you! ~
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    I like both this idea and the current system. I like that this would focus the rankings more around "Who are the current top alchemists" and potentially encourage people to seek out these alchemists' potions. I also like keeping the rankings around as something like a "These are the master alchemists of our time" -- having a legendary alchemist in the ranking who has now retired from brewing seems like a good story. I bet we could do something like have a top 5 legendary alchemists rank, and a top 5 "active" alchemists rank.
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