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    Welcome to the Rachel sanctuary fundrasing yardsale! All funds rasied from sales will be used to open Rachel sanctuary, and if you don't find anything of interest I hope you could consider donating a coin to the sanctuary, even if it's only a few tickets if you have any offer please reply to this thread or pm "Celeste" in discord or any of my characters ingame (Celeste, Nala or Elara) This thread will be updated to reflect my current stock. Equipment Armor Stone buckler x4 Shoes [1] x4 Shoes [Verit] Boots [1] x3 Manteau [1] Goibne's greaves x2 morpheus Shawl x10 Lord's Clothes Chain Mail [peco peco] Clip [Mantis] x2 Evil wing Weapons Golden mace x3 Sword mace [1] +7 Sword mace [hydra] Encyclopedia x2 Soul Staff Healing Staff Evil bone wand Huuma blaze shuriken Katar of cold icicle Katar of raging blaze x2 Fireblend x2 Battle hook x9 Two handed axe [2] Damascus [2] x5 Cards Lunatic Nightmare terror Anolian x2 Metaling Sea-otter Furseal Goat x3 Obeaune x4 Munak x2 Poporing Creamy ETC Emperium Oraora x6 Gold x5 Elunium x188 Titan Token x40 Costumes
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    Commentated WoE video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/362843329
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    Castle Breaks **Eeyolbriggar** (Geffen 2) 18:20:38 Kupo Club Kill Counts **Eeyolbriggar** 269 kills/deaths Top kills 91 kills: Acid Bomb Is Balanced (Kupo Club) 30 kills: Shen Gaoren (Kupo Club) 27 kills: Wannabe Wizard (Kupo Club) 21 kills: Vindicator (Kupo Club) 20 kills: Charlie Loves U (Kupo Club) Top deaths 33 deaths: Clamps (Planet Express) Deadliest skills 94 kills: Acid Demonstration 44 kills: Asura Strike 32 kills: Meteor Storm 30 kills: Storm Gust 28 kills: Shield Chain Items used 487 White Potion (319 brewed, 120 BG reward) 846 Blue Potion (794 brewed, 22 BG reward) 4 Green Potion 1820 Condensed White Potion (1820 brewed) 1 Honey 0 Royal Jelly 0 Grape Juice 1 Lemon 9 Strawberry 0 Fresh Fish 0 Mastela Fruit 16 Butterfly Wing 8 Awakening Potion 36 Berserk Potion 4 Authoritative Badge (2 BG reward) 4 Speed Potion 0 Crystal Fragment 259 Yellow Gemstone 14 Red Gemstone 63 Blue Gemstone 0 Trap 262 Bottle Grenade (262 BG reward) 262 Acid Bottle (29 brewed, 233 BG reward) 0 Plant Bottle 15 Glistening Coat (15 BG reward) 61 Cobweb 5 Poison Bottle Highest single hit done 93973 damage with an Asura Strike Highest total damage done (all WoE) 986,646 damage: Acid Bomb Is Balanced (Kupo Club) 660,388 damage: Wannabe Wizard (Kupo Club) 544,391 damage: Shen Gaoren (Kupo Club) 482,454 damage: Vindicator (Kupo Club) 425,437 damage: KosMos (RO Buddies) Highest total damage received (all WoE) 381,084 damage: Domii (SideQuest) 379,063 damage: Clamps (Planet Express) 343,025 damage: monkaS (RO Buddies) 331,736 damage: Physolator (RO Buddies) 268,469 damage: Illicit (SideQuest) Most emperium damage done 364 damage: Strawberry Vodka (Kupo Club) Most support skills used 560 casts: Holy Kano (Kupo Club) 377 casts: Charlie Protects U (Kupo Club) 254 casts: Elyna (Kupo Club) 117 casts: monkaS (RO Buddies) 28 casts: Charlie Links U (Kupo Club) Most healing done 69,977: Holy Kano (Kupo Club) 64,570: Elyna (Kupo Club) 9,408: monkaS (RO Buddies) 1,831: Green Numbers (RO Buddies) 67: Charlie Loves U (Kupo Club) Most zeny spent (on skills) 715: Vindicator (Kupo Club) Most SP used 33,687: Wannabe Wizard (Kupo Club) Most ammo used 2750: Vindicator (Kupo Club)
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    See this earlier post for a description of Bounty Board Expansion: http://forum.titanro.net/index.php?/topic/201-bounty-boards-expansion/ We will likely use a modified list based on the original creator of the bounty board system, ZeroTigress. A list of their monsters suggested for bounty boards (and grouping by levels from 1-150) can be found at http://ragnarok.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:ZeroTigress/Bounty_Boards_(iRO)