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  1. Today's maintenance removes the July/August castle data and improves a few things with the new King of Emperium system. Removed payg_cas04 flags. Removed ownership of payg_cas04 on control panel view. Fixed KoE ending message -- should properly announce which guild won the event. Fixed KoE treasure spawning. Enabled KoE map for WoE stats tracking.
  2. King of Emperium For our September WoE rotation we are running the King of Emperium mode! King of Emperium plays similar to regular War of Emperium except faster paced, without the castle. For this map (guild_vs1) there are 4 random warp-in points around the outer edge of the map. How do I join? To join the King of Emperium battle, talk to The King NPC in Prontera or the Titan Hub area. When is King of Emperium? King of Emperium runs for 30 minutes on Saturday, from 18:15 to 18:45 server time. You can double check the King of Emperium start time in the Titan Guide. How do I win? What is the prize? The guild that owns the Emperium when King of Emperium ends will be the winner for the week. The winning guild will get access to: A private guild area in the Titan Hub with a Kafra and Tool Dealer. 5 Treasure Box per day, chosen randomly from all castles. Access to Prontera and Geffen guild dungeons. P.S.: There will be announcements 15 minutes and 5 minutes before KoE begins, and announcements 10 minutes and 5 minutes before KoE ends. This is our first time running King of Emperium, we hope you like it! We're eager to run KoE, and tweak the rewards / times as necessary. We plan to rotate which maps are used for KoE if it continues to be a popular WoE mode.
  3. Moscovia We are happy to announce that you can now travel to Moscovia from the Alberta docks for 10,000z. This brings some new maps to explore and monsters to fight. Moscovia is a small rustic town filled with unassuming people who greet you warmly. There are a number of quests (irowiki link) available in the area, as well as a field area and dungeon area with all-new monsters. In order to reach the dungeon area, you will first need to complete a quest to Find the Moving Island. Be cautious in the deepest part of the dungeon, as the boss Gopinich lurks there:
  4. Today's maintenance fixes a few miscellaneous issues: Fix a client crash related to the new client in Battlegrounds, which was causing people to get marked as a deserter. Fixed job level achievements: Job level 50 rewards an Old Purple Box Job level 70 rewards an Old Card Album Gunslinger ammo fixes Silver Bullet now always cost 5 zeny (some merchants sold for 15 zeny) Bloody Shell now always cost 10 zeny (some merchants sold for 30 zeny) Ammo crafting NPC in Alberta now takes either the new price or the old price bullets to make ammo cartridges.
  5. @D-NastyGood news! The job level achievements were bugged, and will be fixed with today's maintenance update.
  6. Wow, 70 before 99... that's unusual. Huge congrats on job 70!
  7. Today's maintenance is a client update only, no associated server restart required. There are two patches with this maintenance: Updated the navigation system to again include Nameless Island (missing since new client release on Maintenance #44) Fixed the skill window tabs for Soul Linker, Star Gladiator classes so they can access the "Etc." skill tab (for skills granted from cards like Teleport Clip, etc.)
  8. Today's maintenance fixes a few longstanding issues we've inherited with our code: Soul Destroyer damage behavior fixed to match renewal behavior. The MATK component is non-elemental, dealing full damage to any element target. The ATK component takes weapon element attribute. Previously both components were forced neutral. Fixed monsters sometimes dealing reduced MATK. Some MVPs especially would do less MATK damage than expected after they've been alive for a bit. Fixed Prontera hair dye NPC consuming Cobaltblue Dyestuffs and dyeing hair blue when choosing violet hair, and vice-versa. Removed unreleased dungeons from Dungeon Spotlight rotation. The script we use has unreleased dungeons in its rotation, like Brasilis or Nydhoggur. We no longer have to manually reroll these.
  9. This is fixed in test server and will go live in next maintenance. We are following the official behavior rather than copying what is on NovaRO for Soul Destroyer. The MATK portion is non-elemental (does full damage to any elements including Ghost and is unaffected by endow). The ATK portion takes the element of your weapon/endow.
  10. In today's maintenance we have a new client version, with our largest update since launch! This brings many improvements, but just to mention a few: Improved dye selections Better dye options for all classes. Increased number of dye choices to 260, up from 77. Stylist now costs 2 Titan Tokens to unlock, down from 10 Titan Tokens. Improved party menu You can use floating party member icons for easy targeting, and locking them in place works correctly. Fast fly wing / refresh Tired of waiting for the screen to fade in from black while fly winging around? Now you can teleport and instantly see the area where you land. Fast autofollow Autofollowing characters will now update their pathing 5x faster. Loot auras Dropped cards from monsters show a beam of light highlighting their location. Added overhead labels to ferry / airship / warper NPCs. Improved character select interface color contrast. Fixed issue with switching accounts. Fixed an issue with pathfinding through allies. New full installer available, with Windows uninstall support. TitanROSetup.exe Costume Egg 13 Costume Egg 13 is available for purchase through the Titan Guide for 10 Titan Tokens. It randomly contains one of the following costume items: Costume Sorcerer Hood Costume Ancient Gold Costume Bubble Headband Costume Antenna Ears Costume MVP Costume Black Frame Glasses Costume Master Of Water Costume Foxtail Costume Golden Bell Costume Happiness Wings Miscellaneous Updates Removed Lucifer's Lament item from Arrow Crafting option. Updated Guide NPCs locations Added support for navigation system in NPC dialog. Due to the large client update, there may be client-side issues with skill descriptions, quest descriptions, etc. Please report any issues you encounter.
  11. HIT/FLEE rebalance Today's maintenance updates the hit/flee values for monsters to account for our max level 99 system, as opposed to previous values which (especially for MVPs) were based on a max level 175 scale. We have switched to classic AGI/DEX for monsters, which has various nerfs and buffs on monsters -- the biggest effect is more attainable hit/flee for MVPs, but some monsters are also harder to hit or flee. As always, you can view the HIT/FLEE needed for various monsters by using the @mi (@monsterinfo) command followed by the monster's name or ID. Biggest nerfs: 1) Assassin Cross Eremes (MVP): 157 easier to HIT, 216 easier to FLEE 2) Gloom Under Night (MVP): 108 easier to HIT, 251 easier to FLEE 3) Sniper Shecil (MVP): 78 easier to HIT, 271 easier to FLEE 4) Bacsojin (MVP): 179 easier to HIT, 144 easier to FLEE 5) Ygnizem (MVP): 117 easier to HIT, 168 easier to FLEE Biggest buffs: 1) Anopheles: 140 harder to HIT, 14 harder to FLEE 2) Teddy Bear: 74 harder to HIT, 39 harder to FLEE 3) Zenorc: 59 harder to HIT, 48 harder to FLEE 4) Kraben: 92 harder to HIT, 7 harder to FLEE 5) Thanatos Despero (Miniboss): 71 harder to HIT, 24 harder to FLEE Save the Mandragora Some classes have to hunt materials in order to use certain skills. Many of these materials can be purchased, some must be obtained from killing monsters. Stems are time consuming but not interesting to obtain. We have reduced the requirement for brewing Alcohol from 5 Stems to 2 Stems.
  12. Today's maintenance brings a few miscellaneous updates: Corrected item drops from Christmas Cookie monster. It was incorrectly still dropping some items from winter holidays. Renamed Airship Representative to Warp Representative in the Titan Hub area. Warp options are now sorted alphabetically. The warper is less chatty, fewer screens before getting to the warp options. Removed payg_cas01 castle from May / June WoE rotation.
  13. The increase in drop rate combined with the spotlight drops nerf has the affect of increasing the drop rate of items below a 16.5% base drop rate (on spotlight maps/monsters), and decreasing the overall drop rate of items that have higher than 16.5% base drop rate. Basically, common items should feel about the same (with fewer 100% drop chances), and rare items should drop more often. For more detailed information about how the 3x->5x drop rate change interacts with the spotlight drops nerf, here is some example data: Imp spotlight (old system) Burning Hair - 100% Live Coal - 100% Electric Eel[2] - 1.50% Ice Fireworks - 1.20% Heart Breaker[1] - 0.60% Huuma Blaze Shuriken - 0.18% Imp Card - 0.06% Imp spotlight (new system) Burning Hair - 97.17% Live Coal - 94.37% Electric Eel[2] - 2.46% Ice Fireworks - 1.99% Heart Breaker[1] - 1.00% Huuma Blaze Shuriken - 0.30% Imp Card - 0.10% Quve spotlight (old system) Ectoplasm - 100% Piece of Black Cloth - 100% Fly Wing - 54.20% Poisonous Powder - 5.94% Rough Oridecon - 0.20% Quve Card - 0.06% Quve spotlight (new system) Ectoplasm - 97.89% Piece of Black Cloth - 97.89% Fly Wing - 65.13% Poisonous Powder - 9.56% Rough Oridecon - 0.20% Quve Card - 0.10%
  14. TitanRO now has 5x drop rates, up from 3x! We are still using a custom drop rate formula which is based on rolling 5 times to get the item from a given monster, rather than a direct multiplier. For rare drop rates they are equivalent, but item drop rates don't reach 100% with this method. We chose to increase the drop rates on Titan after seeing other servers with drop rates closer to the experience multipliers, some even with higher drop rate than experience. While we increased the overall drop rates, we nerfed the way that spotlights affect drop rate of items. Now it doubles the number of effective rolls at getting an item instead of doubling the chance. For some examples of how this changes things, see the followup post. July/August WoE rotation - Payon 4 For July/August, we are rotating to Sacred Altar, payg_cas04. This castle has linked guild dungeon access to both Payon and Aldebaran guild dungeons. For this castle we have not changed the flag-in point, which brings you to 2 rooms before the emp room.
  15. To celebrate Pride month and summer, our newest costume egg has plenty of fun, colorful options! In the Titan Guide you can buy Costume Egg #12 for 10 Titan Tokens, which contains one of the following at random: Costume Lush Rose Costume Dog Officer Costume Rainbow Costume Devoted Eyes Costume Valhalla Idol Costume Scratching Cat Costume Poring Muffler Costume Fan In Mouth Costume Watermelon Slice Costume Giant White Cat Miscellaneous Updates When you are protected by a Crusader's Devotion skill, you will now show status icons if you are affected by Autoguard/Shield Reflect.
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