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  1. Bard and Dancer Spirits

    You need to put points in music lessons to increase your movement speed, even under soul link status. https://irowiki.org/wiki/Music_Lessons
  2. http://forum.titanro.net/index.php?/topic/385-titanro-rebirth/ We've added all remaining 11.1, 11.2, and 11.3 items during the transcendent class release. We will later add episode 12 drops all together when most of the episode 12 content is available, and episode 13 drops likewise.
  3. WoE stats 2018-10-13

    Castle Breaks **Neuschwanstein** (Al de Baran 1) 18:03:26 RO Buddies 18:10:15 SideQuest 18:13:51 Mind Games 18:20:04 RO Buddies 18:25:04 Evil Council 18:32:37 SideQuest 18:51:44 Mind Games **Repherion** (Geffen 1) Kill Counts **Neuschwanstein** 275 kills/deaths **Repherion** 168 kills/deaths Top kills 61 kills: qmfnrkr (Mind Games) 54 kills: Aaron (RO Buddies) 51 kills: teh_Acidus (RO Buddies) 48 kills: HotPokket (RO Buddies) 30 kills: Magisight (AnomaIy) Top deaths 25 deaths: Noobies (SideQuest) Deadliest skills 107 kills: Storm Gust 83 kills: Asura Strike 61 kills: Final Strike 59 kills: Acid Demonstration 48 kills: Land Mine Items used 1813 White Potion (1361 brewed, 232 BG reward) 1389 Blue Potion (524 brewed, 239 BG reward) 11 Green Potion 2033 Condensed White Potion (2033 brewed) 27 Honey 24 Royal Jelly 0 Grape Juice 0 Lemon 11 Strawberry 0 Fresh Fish 53 Butterfly Wing 39 Awakening Potion 47 Berserk Potion 29 Authoritative Badge (11 BG reward) 21 Speed Potion 5 Crystal Fragment 113 Yellow Gemstone 23 Red Gemstone 122 Blue Gemstone 408 Trap 279 Bottle Grenade (279 BG reward) 279 Acid Bottle (279 BG reward) 0 Plant Bottle 3 Glistening Coat 6 Cobweb 0 Poison Bottle Highest single hit done 40054 damage with an Asura Strike Highest total damage done (all WoE) 973,542 damage: Magisight (AnomaIy) 950,315 damage: Darkana (SideQuest) 677,310 damage: Aaron (RO Buddies) 637,700 damage: teh_Acidus (RO Buddies) 387,633 damage: HotPokket (RO Buddies) Highest total damage received (all WoE) 998,418 damage: Maple (AnomaIy) 584,366 damage: Axe~ (SideQuest) 412,432 damage: Castaspella (Mind Games) 326,049 damage: Chaotica (Mind Games) 297,404 damage: Xabrina (Mind Games) Most emperium damage done 1249 damage: Maple (AnomaIy) Most support skills used 723 casts: Zoey (RO Buddies) 289 casts: Daughter (Mind Games) 168 casts: Axe~ (SideQuest) 152 casts: Camille Reignheart (SideQuest) 107 casts: El Peco Loco (RO Buddies) Most healing done 121,251: Zoey (RO Buddies) 79,421: Camille Reignheart (SideQuest) 77,503: Daughter (Mind Games) 5,700: BosseMonkie (SideQuest) Most SP used 38,458: Blizzard (RO Buddies) Most spirit spheres used 163: Elara (RO Buddies) Most ammo used 1167: Noobies (SideQuest)
  4. TitanRO Rebirth

    TitanRO Rebirth Rebirth is now available in TitanRO! Characters of 2-1 and 2-2 jobs who have reached 99/50 can transcend by speaking with the Valkyrie in Yuno, and be reborn as a High Novice. Progress through your first jobs as normal, then return to Valkyrie to become a transcendent class! High novices and first job transcendent classes can be recognized by their unique sprites: Odin Temple From Hugel, you can now travel to the island of Odin's Temple where you will find high level angels and demons to fight. Are you strong enough to face the Valkyries of Odin Temple? Mechanics Changes Hunter traps (Blast Mine, Claymore Trap, and Land Mine) now have a 0.8 second variable cast time, up from instant cast. Enchant Deadly Poison damage multiplier reduced from 400% to 300%. Enchant Deadly Poison no longer has a 50% penalty on Soul Destroyer and Sonic Blow. Item/Drop Changes Any remaining 11.1, 11.2, and 11.3 drops are added. Monsters now drop items from these episodes. Some examples of this are: Ballista from Dracula and Red Silk Seal from White Lady. Episode 12 and later items no longer drop from monsters. Some examples of this are: Rogue's Treasure and Eye of Dullahan no longer drop. Existing versions of these items are considered "legacy" and will remain otherwise unobtainable until we add the content back. Pocket Watch and Double Bound had dropped from Guild Dungeon monsters and have been removed. The owners have been compensated with an Old Purple Box. Miscellaneous Changes The Valkyrie no longer requires that you carry exactly 1,285,000z to rebirth. Hunter job change has moved to Hugel (no longer in Payon). Blacksmith job change has moved to Einbroch (no longer in Geffen).
  5. Help

    Register for a game account at the control panel: http://cp.titanro.net/
  6. WoE stats 2018-10-06

    Castle Breaks **Neuschwanstein** (Al de Baran 1) 18:09:28 Mind Games **Repherion** (Geffen 1) Kill Counts **Neuschwanstein** 314 kills/deaths **Repherion** 152 kills/deaths Top kills 77 kills: qmfnrkr (Mind Games) 51 kills: Shoryuken (Mind Games) 50 kills: Suspicious Robot (Mind Games) 34 kills: Doggy (RO Buddies) 33 kills: HotPokket (RO Buddies) Top deaths 25 deaths: Doggy (RO Buddies) Deadliest skills 180 kills: Asura Strike 77 kills: Final Strike 68 kills: Storm Gust 46 kills: Bowling Bash 34 kills: Land Mine Items used 2612 White Potion (372 brewed, 224 BG reward) 2203 Blue Potion (1545 brewed, 449 BG reward) 6 Green Potion 2408 Condensed White Potion (2408 brewed) 30 Honey 6 Royal Jelly 0 Grape Juice 0 Lemon 77 Strawberry 0 Fresh Fish 58 Butterfly Wing 37 Awakening Potion 62 Berserk Potion 42 Authoritative Badge (13 BG reward) 0 Speed Potion 2 Crystal Fragment 169 Yellow Gemstone 16 Red Gemstone 214 Blue Gemstone 1367 Trap 0 Bottle Grenade 0 Acid Bottle 0 Plant Bottle 0 Glistening Coat Highest single hit done 46512 damage with an Asura Strike Highest total damage done (all WoE) 1,293,533 damage: Suspicious Robot (Mind Games) 777,093 damage: qmfnrkr (Mind Games) 623,105 damage: HotPokket (RO Buddies) 592,429 damage: Darkana (SideQuest) 508,014 damage: Doggy (RO Buddies) Highest total damage received (all WoE) 1,422,188 damage: Doggy (RO Buddies) 376,554 damage: MagnumRubbers (Mind Games) 357,941 damage: Ron Bumblefoot (SideQuest) 343,501 damage: kicks by eung (SideQuest) 307,403 damage: BosseMonkie (SideQuest) Most emperium damage done 562 damage: Rebelo Sun (Mind Games) Most support skills used 659 casts: Green Numbers (RO Buddies) 554 casts: Myrandaa (Mind Games) 222 casts: monkaS (RO Buddies) 114 casts: FeelsDabMan (RO Buddies) 99 casts: El Peco Loco (RO Buddies) Most healing done 428,879: Myrandaa (Mind Games) 24,594: Elara (RO Buddies) 19,662: Green Numbers (RO Buddies) 14,454: eung* (SideQuest) 4,276: BosseMonkie (SideQuest) Most SP used 52,085: Suspicious Robot (Mind Games) Most spirit spheres used 460: OneShot (SideQuest) Most ammo used 474: Noobies (SideQuest)
  7. helppppp

    Based on this discussion https://rathena.org/board/topic/114303-ro-client-in-game-problem/ it can be caused by graphics settings, old windows version, or old graphics card. You can try different graphics option in setup.exe or try updating your graphics card driver.
  8. Regarding point #5, we're going to add a level-up box similar to how its described in jRO on this thread: https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/222588-jro-level-up-box/ I think it sounds similar to the one you described.
  9. Bullet item ID bug

    Both of them can be put into a cartridge, yes. One of the bullets is from pre-rebellion, one is from post-rebellion.
  10. Maintenance #13: Halloween

    Halloween is just around the corner (October 31st), and spooky ghosts and jack o' lanterns have made their way to town. For this year's Halloween event, we have the following: Spooky Prontera This spooky autumn-themed Prontera will be here through November 8. Pumpkin Hat Researcher Bring this researcher 20 Jack o Pumpkin and he'll reward you with an account-bound Mysterious Pumpkin Hat. This adds a chance to drop Pumpkin Pie from monster kills, and Pumpkin Pie heals 5% HP and SP. When the Halloween event is over, the Pumpkin Pie drop rate will be significantly lowered. Halloween Wizard Bring this Wizard some Fabric, Jack o Pumpkin, Worn Fabric, or Crushed Pumpkins and he will spawn Halloween Whispers and Halloween Dark Lords on another town. Halloween Whisper and Halloween Dark Lord drop trick Gift Boxes which cast random effects, from healing you 50% HP and SP to sending you back to your save point. Trick or Treater This Trick or Treater is invisible until you bump into him, and can be found at the following locations in Prontera: 151, 173 270, 350 234, 310 156, 321 156, 283 142, 214 134, 125 220, 72 Bring the Trick or Treater some Candy, Candy Cane, or Well-baked Cookie and he will provide you with a 30 minute buff of +5 to all stats and +15 flee. Added @refresh command with a 5 second cooldown. This command redraws characters and effects on your screen, refreshes your current position, and can be used to address various issues such as tiles showing song/dance effects after the song has ended, or unwalkable cells after using Ice Wall. Fixed baby class 2nd job exp tables.
  11. Can't jobchange to knight

    I assume you have resolved this job change issue.
  12. Ankle snare visual bug

    Not sure if this is still an issue as we've had many updates since then. Feel free to reopen if someone is still observing this.
  13. Pneuma bug?

    This has been fixed in Gepardshield updates.
  14. Rogue - Intimidate can't learn Blast Mine

    You can learn trap skills if you don't die in one hit.
  15. Fire Wall not working

    This has been fixed in Gepardshield updates.
  16. NPC Stylist

    Thanks for the report, this is tracked in https://github.com/TitanRO/Issues/issues/117 and will be fixed in the next major client release.
  17. Payon Field 11 Champion Monster

  18. Client Crash

    Outdated now, Gepard updates have likely fixed this issue.
  19. game crash byaland 4

    Outdated now, Gepard updates have likely fixed this issue.
  20. Quests

    This is a duplicate issue of https://github.com/TitanRO/Issues/issues/81, for now you can just hide those quests.
  21. Pet Bonuses

    Based on this post and other confusion, we updated the client to show the correct bonuses.
  22. Adoption

    Tracked in https://github.com/TitanRO/Issues/issues/132. If someone wants another baby character they can message me on forum or discord and I can perform this during the next maintenance, until we have an NPC to do it.
  23. Gepard shield outdated

    This is obsolete, antivirus blocked extraction of some files.