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  1. Great suggestion! We've made the change to allow the BG reward items from Battlegrounds usable in PVP rooms.
  2. Thanks for the helpful feedback about BG reward items, specifically alchemist bottles. After seeing the usage counts in 2 WoEs, we think that the item usage is at an acceptable level and will be keeping the rewards for now. Please feel free to open a new topic in the future as things change (such as may happen with transcendant classes).
  3. We intend to keep the current behavior for now; monsters will use emotions and stop walking, as well as reassess their target every few seconds, not just when they walk to their destination cell. Some monsters are easier to mob than others (faster monsters, with fewer emotion usages) and we believe this is part of what makes mobbing provide some small amount of challenge.
  4. We will be enabling natural regen after Asura, but keeping no regen during Fury (or during Soul Link status, Monks will regen SP during Fury status).
  5. I like the idea of a town invasion, because it can be automated and can occur several times a day for players in different time zones. Look forward to an invasion announcement in the next 2 weeks.
  6. Thanks for the constructive feedback regarding boss drop rates! For now we're going to keep the drop rates as they are, because we're considering long term balance, in terms of trans classes as well, such as Champions and Biochemists, and the availability of items on the server in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year from now.
  7. Thanks for the helpful feedback about trap damage. I believe that trap hunters would still be fun while doing less damage for the equipment/time/cost investment, and we're looking at ways to adjust the damage to be more balanced, but it will be a few weeks until we see any changes.
  8. Today's maintenance brings the Juperos Ruins dungeon and Geffenia maps, and removes Umbala Dungeon. Juperos Ruins was once a city of an ancient civilization that has since been buried underground. Scholars speculate that it may have been similar to Juno in the past. Geffenia is a legendary kingdom of elves that was lost to time. It is protected by the Orb of Vanar. Its capital used to be Geffen. Juperos Removed guns from Juperos monsters, they will be added back when Gunslingers are released on August 16. Notably, Vesper still drops Vesper Cores although trans classes are not yet available. Removing these items would remove most of the reason to hunt Vesper. Geffenia The Sign Quest is enabled, which grants The Sign accessory, and access to Geffenia dungeon. Engel and Metz ask you to wait 2 hours, instead of returning on a later day and hour based on the dropoff time. The Sign is account bound and able to be put in storage. Characters are limited to equipping 1 The Sign at a time -- if a second is equipped, one of them is removed. Incubus Gold Ring drop rate has been reduced from 14.26% to 4.93% to reduce the rate of zeny inflation. Incubus still drops Mastela Fruit at 38.59% and Diamond Ring at 4.43%. Umbala Umbala Dungeon has been removed. The portal from Umbala now goes directly to the Yggdrasil Tree. 10 Wooden Golems have been added to um_fild01 and um_fild04. Vending updates Enabled Buying Shops Merchants can get the purchasing skill and licenses for 200z each, in the Merchant Guild in Alberta. Non-merchants can get a purchase license from the black market in Morroc for 500z each. Autotraders now have a timeout period of 7 days. Autotrade is currently only available in Prontera, to encourage a central marketplace. More towns will be re-enabled over time. In Prontera, vending is only allowed on cells marked with a sign placeholder. Click on the placeholder to move to the cell. Miscellaneous updates Basic Skill is now required to sit, form parties, etc. This was leftover from our pre-release event where we disabled the requirements to form parties. Cleaned up WoE start/stop announcement that listed the unavailable castles as being unoccupied. Fixed Pet Egg descriptions to be accurate -- there is no Cordial / Loyal bonus, only Loyal.
  9. Castle Breaks **Nuenberg** (Al de Baran 3) **Yesnelph** (Geffen 3) **Holy Shadow** (Payon 3) 18:17:45 RO Buddies **Fadhgridh** (Prontera 3) 17:06:19 Epiphany 17:13:58 SideQuest 17:21:06 Epiphany 17:37:59 North Legion 17:56:12 RO Buddies 18:01:20 North Legion 18:52:17 Evil Council 18:55:47 SideQuest Kill Counts **Nuenberg** (Al de Baran 3) 349 kills/deaths **Yesnelph** (Geffen 3) 148 kills/deaths **Holy Shadow** (Payon 3) 508 kills/deaths **Fadhgridh** (Prontera 3) 309 kills/deaths Top kills 159 kills: Rosenrot (RO Buddies) 88 kills: Aaron (RO Buddies) 84 kills: Magisight (AnomaIy) 81 kills: Not Ryuji (AnomaIy) 72 kills: Manadrift (Evil Council) Top deaths 46 deaths: BosseSin Deadliest skills 437 kills: Asura Strike 282 kills: Holy Cross 262 kills: Storm Gust 69 kills: Meteor Storm 68 kills: Land Mine Items used 37 Red Potion 283 Yellow Potion (220 brewed) 11907 White Potion (3149 brewed, 6426 BG reward) 5922 Blue Potion (867 brewed, 5010 BG reward) 77 Green Potion 3481 Condensed White Potion (3481 brewed) 421 Meat 188 Honey 4 Royal Jelly 100 Lemon 797 Strawberry 22 Fresh Fish 148 Butterfly Wing 106 Awakening Potion 296 Authoritative Badge (164 BG reward) 914 Yellow Gemstone 191 Red Gemstone 985 Blue Gemstone 3201 Trap 31 Bottle Grenade (31 BG reward) 360 Acid Bottle (360 BG reward) 234 Plant Bottle (234 BG reward) 23 Glistening Coat (23 BG reward) Highest single hit done 62,974 damage with an Asura Strike Highest total damage done (all WoE) 2,246,717 damage dealt: Rosenrot (RO Buddies) Highest total damage received (all WoE) 1,217,239 damage taken: Rosenrot (RO Buddies) Most emperium damage done 1,094 damage: Doggy (Epiphany) Most support skills used 1,147 casts: Kaishi Roku (Epiphany) 1,124 casts: Celestelle (Epiphany) 834 casts: Orphela (SideQuest) 812 casts: El Peco Loco (RO Buddies) 735 casts: Qualia (North Legion) Most healing done 208,080: Orphela (SideQuest) 201,076: VenusGospel (Evil Council) 111,553: Qualia (North Legion) 32,085: Sophus (RO Buddies) 28,403: Shiro Yusuke (Evil Council) Most healing to opposing guilds 10,734: Moon Light (Epiphany) Most support skills to opposing guilds 53: monkaS (RO Buddies) Most zeny spent (on skills) 45,000z: Cuzco (Kupo Club) Most SP used 64,885 SP: Orphela (SideQuest) Most spirit spheres used 814 spheres: monkaS (RO Buddies) Most ammo used 534: Ishida Quince (AnomaIy)
  10. Please try to stay on the topic of MVP drop rate.
  11. Einbroch merchants (weapon dealers and tool dealers) are back from their vacation, ready to sell items again. In Battlegrounds, skills cost 0 zeny. This addresses Mammonite for now, and other skills later. BG-only items are usable in PvP arenas. This also applies the 0 zeny cost. Enabled Izlude airship. This airship is dangerous, and spawns monsters. The Gremlin and Beholder on the airship have had their equipment and card drops removed, to be added when we reach the Rachel content release. Added statistics tracking code for War of Emperium. Added missing einbroch/yuno maps to map of the week rotation. Fix hunter job change quest asking for renewal-based items instead of classic. Initial attempt on fixing the bug where one has to relog after completing a Battlegrounds round.
  12. Don't forget that Monk Spirit (Soul Link) grants SP regen dury fury state as one of its primary benefits.
  13. Trojal

    Pet Bonuses

    Yes, the item description ingame is wrong; I'm not sure where that extra bonus comes from, but we have the bonuses listed here (I didn't check in detail, but I assume these are correct): https://irowiki.org/wiki/Cute_Pet_System
  14. Trojal

    Pet Bonuses

    For Titan (based on kRO instead of iRO) it needs to get to Loyal for the bonus.
  15. Most of the code we use is based on and tested against kRO -- from what I know, the Fury and Asura SP regen mechanics on Titan are the same as what they have in the Korean official renewal servers.
  16. Art contest time! Our first Art Contest begins today! We are having a Loading Screen Contest for 2 weeks. Design a loading screen for TitanRO and your art can be featured in game! The top 5 designs will receive 10 Titan Tokens as a prize, so you can decide how you want to spend your reward -- at the stylist, costume box, or pure zeny profit The top 5 designs will be chosen by Trojal, and then we'll have a poll to decide the #1 winner! The top winner will receive a unique headgear in recognition of their creativity: Creative Convention Hat Details: Contest runs from 2018-07-09 to 2018-07-22, after which the top 5 entries will be chosen. Final images should be 640x480 .jpg format, 96-300 dpi bit depth. Top 5 winners receive 10 Titan Tokens, #1 winner receives a unique costume headgear. Each person can submit up to 3 entry images for the contest, but can only receive the prize of 10 Titan Tokens once.
  17. Trojal

    Client Crash

    If you're talking about this button, it's a known issue that it causes the client to crash; the login window is custom code that doesn't cover this case yet:
  18. Let's try to keep this on the topic of overall boss monster drop rate, and leave class balance to another discussion. Regardless of if we have solo hunters, solo monks, monk + priest duos, champion + high priest duos, parties with mental strength tank in safety wall and champion asura'ing with professor support... Are there others with thoughts on whether the default drop rate for MVPs is too low, or in a good spot?
  19. There's some WoE statistics about item consumption in here: to me it doesn't look like anyone went too overboard with glistening coats, but there were a lot of WoE whites and blues consumed.
  20. Castle Breaks **Nuenberg** (Al de Baran 3) 18:48:39 AnomaIy **Yesnelph** (Geffen 3) 17:04:32 SideQuest 17:29:12 Epiphany **Holy Shadow** (Payon 3) 17:16:13 Evil Council 17:35:04 RO Buddies 17:44:12 Evil Council 17:53:16 RO Buddies 18:00:45 Kupo Club 18:12:55 SideQuest **Fadhgridh** (Prontera 3) 17:18:01 Epiphany 17:33:45 AnomaIy 17:41:58 Evil Council 17:49:53 RO Buddies 17:58:13 Cool But Angry 18:52:24 RO Buddies Kill Counts **Nuenberg** (Al de Baran 3) 158 kills/deaths **Yesnelph** (Geffen 3) 424 kills/deaths **Holy Shadow** (Payon 3) 294 kills/deaths **Fadhgridh** (Prontera 3) 260 kills/deaths Top kills: 111 kills: **Rosenrot** (RO Buddies) 74 kills: **Aaron** (RO Buddies) 68 kills: **le grand jerome** (Cool But Angry) 48 kills: **Sangria** (SideQuest) 47 kills: **Rinnegan** (RO Buddies) Top Deaths: 28 deaths: **MagnumRubbers** (AnomaIy) Items used: 132 Yellow Potion (84 brewed) 9515 White Potion (2582 brewed, 4774 BG reward) 4177 Blue Potion (840 brewed, 3269 BG reward) 106 Green Potion 2812 Condensed White Potion (2812 brewed) 151 Meat 652 Honey 420 Royal Jelly 112 Lemon 201 Strawberry 566 Fresh Fish 117 Butterfly Wing 118 Awakening Potion 174 Authoritative Badge (62 BG reward) 198 Yellow Gemstone 21 Red Gemstone 697 Blue Gemstone 2166 Trap 117 Bottle Grenade (56 brewed, 61 BG reward) 586 Acid Bottle (333 brewed, 253 BG reward) 30 Plant Bottle (11 brewed, 19 BG reward) 23 Glistening Coat (4 brewed, 19 BG reward)
  21. It's 10 Tokens to permanently unlock all dyes for a character since Maintenance #4
  22. Please note that the localized times in our original post were off by 1 hour, WoE will still be 5pm-7pm Server Time (UTC), which is 6pm-8pm London time due to Daylight Saving Time. Currently the Staff guild owns the 4 castles. When WoE begins, we will release the 4 castles and monsters and boss monsters will spawn in all the castles. If nobody takes a castle by the end of WoE, the monsters will be killed and the Emperium will become free-for-all. The Emperium takes 1 damage per hit and can't be healed. In testing, it appears that costume headgears will be shown (not hidden) for this WoE. After WoE, all guild leaders (plus up to one co-leader) will be invited to a permanent #roundtable discussion channel in discord to talk about WoE balance, what went well, what went poorly, and ways to make WoE more fun. Any other questions regarding WoE, please let me know.
  23. Our first War of Emperium is Saturday, July 7, and this maintenance enables the WoE settings: Enabled castles aldeg_cas03, prtg_cas03, gefg_cas03, payg_cas03. All other castle flags and warps are removed to reduce possible mix-ups. Some Battlegrounds fixes/improvements: Disabled EMERGENCYCALL in Battlegrounds. This skill caused a crash earlier in the week, and I want to verify that the issue is fully resolved before re-enabling. Fixed initial team assignments in Battlegrounds that often warped one team in several minutes after the other. Fixed multiple IP check for Battlegrounds, now it accounts for members in queue, and not just those in battlegrounds waiting rooms. Battleground kill counts reduced: Team Deathmatch: 99->49 Triple Inferno: 80->40 Added a repair/storage NPC to the Battlegrounds waiting area. Plant type defense now takes 1 damage from Hunter traps. Enabled Yuno and Izlude airports/airship. Fixed Osiris loot table, now drops Assassin Dagger. Updated OBB, OPB, OCA drop lists for Einbroch content. Updated navigation window data for Einbroch content. Fixed 5 dimensional pets, now limited to 2 dimensions.
  24. This is getting a bit argumentative; let's see how WoE goes and discuss this again after WoE (either here, or in roundtable in discord)
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