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    Trap Box

    I'm more interested in ways to "nerf" trap hunters in ways that they can still be fun, but not quite as strong as they seem to be. This sounds like a buff, even if it doesn't directly affect their damage.
  2. Since I'm only reading this now, you've either Resent the validation email, or the account was deleted after 48 hours of not being validated.
  3. There's quite a lot of thought been given to the balance for these items already, but I hear the feedback. One thing to keep in mind is that the most competitive guilds will not allow their Creators to run out of glistening coats, bomb, or acid bottles in WoE, they'll farm enough before WoE to have more than enough supply for each Creator at WoE. As well, the Battlegrounds rewards are account-bound, so someone playing on that account had to individually spend time to earn enough materials for each War of Emperium; where with traditional bottles, a guild could organize a farming party with a group of players to supply a few WoEs worth of bottles for the guild. What if this time spent farming bottle materials was instead spent in Battlegrounds actively playing the creator character that they plan to bring to WoE? I suppose the goal for balance is that the Battlegrounds materials (WoE-only) take less time to earn than it would take to hunt + brew the items traditionally. This is because the items gathered from monsters (bomb + acid bottles) could be used for MVPing, where the WoE-only items are limited to one account, and limited to WoE. If we need to change something like this and are concerned about people having already stocked up, we can give an adjustment or refund for items already purchased. I think that removing WoE bottles completely is a very reasonable option, but it will take away one reason to do Battlegrounds, and it won't make the most competitive guilds any less equipped, it will instead increase the distance between the most prepared and the less-prepared guilds who don't regularly end up with a castle.
  4. The mail library we use has been updated, it should work now (it worked for me after updating). Our email sending provider (sparkpost) is updating their services this week and next.
  5. Please try to just include screenshots from this server, if you would..
  6. To answer your specific question, Pasana would be enough, yes. As for what we're going to do about trans skills, we haven't planned any specific changes yet -- server is only 5 weeks old and trans classes are coming in months.
  7. This update adds Einbroch, Einbech, and Einbech dungeon and the following quests and maps: Oridecon/Mineral Quest Uwe Kliene Quest Factory Quest Murder Quest Lovers Quest ein_dun01 ein_dun02 ein_fild06 ein_fild07 ein_fild08 ein_fild09 ein_fild10 yuno_fild05 yuno_fild07 yuno_fild08 yuno_fild09 yuno_fild11 yuno_fild12 (You may ask yourself, what about the other Einbroch and Yuno fields?) ein_fild03, ein_fild04 come with Lighthalzen update. ein_fild01, ein_fild02, ein_fild05, yuno_fild06, yuno_fild10 come with Hugel update. Added Costume Egg 2, available for 10 Titan Tokens in the Titan Guide. The costumes in this egg are: Costume Cat Ear Hat Costume Blue Frill Ribbon Costume Poring Letter Costume Sleeping Kitty Hat Costume Rabbit Ear Hat Costume Spare Card Costume Neko Mimi Kafra Costume Volume Low Twin Costume Bunny Headdress Costume Red Wing Hat Pantie Signing NPC -- You can sign Pantie[0] with your name on it, to give to a special someone, or keep for yourself. Look for the NPC Mokona in the center of Payon. For 100 Feather, 100 Iron and 100 Squid Ink, he will help you make a unique Pantie. Added countdown to WoE in Titan Guide: Updated Battlegrounds targetting, now displays default Battleground emblem over enemies heads: Updates: MVPs and minibosses start off dead after a maintenance, and will respawn after their normal timer. MVPs with a fixed spawn location will spawn a tomb, killed by Unknown. This is to avoid a free rotation of boss kills immediately after maintenance. Fix an error allowing BG/WoE-bound items to be traded between players. They are intended to be account bound. Enabled mineffect and hiding damage numbers in Battlegrounds. Cards can no longer be stolen. Joining a battleground in progress with @joinbg can be done 1 at a time instead of requiring 2 people in queue. Don't send standing or walking mob data for monsters that have 0 or less HP (related to ghost mobs left after death) Limit battlegrounds to 30v30 instead of 35v35.
  8. Trojal

    Ingame Events

    Spotlight map, monster, dungeon is a regular server event that helps bring players to new dungeons, or hunting monsters they wouldn't normally hunt. It also brings parties together for certain maps or dungeons. Champion Monsters are not quite like an event, but more of a server feature, that you can get Titan Token from them and use the Titan Token for cosmetic upgrades for your character. We will work on adding some events that are non-combat based, both in-game and on the forums. I'm opposed to temporarily increasing experience, drops, or spawning monsters unless there's some theme -- an announced/planned town invasion might be fun, but just spawning monsters on a map isn't very balanced.
  9. BG/WoE-bound foods are planned as a battleground reward, when cooking is available.
  10. Parties in dungeons like Majorurous will be active parties because it's hard to kill effectively there solo even if playing on a priest and killer. But in some place like Toy Factory there's little danger, so autofollow is safe.
  11. War of Emperium will begin on Saturday July 7th, 2018 at 5pm-7pm server time. (https://bit.ly/2MN1qL8) 10a - 12p in Los Angeles 12p - 2p in Chicago 1p - 3p in New York 2p - 4p in São Paulo 6p - 8p in London 7p - 9p in Central Europe 1a - 3a on Sunday in Manila Each guild area will have 1 castle open, castle #3, for a total of 4 castles open for WoE. After the first WoE, we will invite guild leaders to join a group discussion on discord to discuss WoE balance and the guild vs guild meta. These castles will remain in rotation for 2 months, after which their investment will be reset and a new castle will be in rotation for each zone. The 2 months of investment will allow guilds to invest in particular castles, should they value the drops from a specific castle. We hope this will allow guilds to work towards creating god items after a year or more of WoE. Our common treasure box drops: http://cp.titanro.net/?module=monster&action=view&id=1324 3 carat Diamond: 77.60% Yggdrasil Seed: 30.00% Yggdrasilberry: 25.00% Old Card Album: 10.00% Muffler[1]: 8.00% Shoes[1]: 8.00% Chain Mail[1]: 8.00% Buckler[1]: 8.00% See below for which castle is #3 in each zone: Luina #3 Nuernberg -- http://cp.titanro.net/?module=monster&action=view&id=1329 Britoniah #3 Yesnelph -- http://cp.titanro.net/?module=monster&action=view&id=1339 Balder #3 Holy Shadow -- http://cp.titanro.net/?module=monster&action=view&id=1349 Valkyrie Realm #3 Fadhgrindh -- http://cp.titanro.net/?module=monster&action=view&id=1359
  12. The battlegrounds queue is not currently working correctly, we are investigating. This is fixed. There was an error in the Battle Recruiter script, causing anyone who talked to her to cause all the battleground queues to reset.
  13. In this Maintenance, we added the Battleground system and enabled 5 battlegrounds modes -- @joinbg to queue for BG, @leavebg to leave the queue: Capture the Flag (minimum 10v10 up to 35v35) The objective of the Flavius Battle CTS is to score 3 points before your enemy, by capturing their Flag. To capture a flag, you need to take the Enemy Flag, and bring it to your base. If your base flag is captured, you need to kill the Flag carrier and take the flag back to your base. Also make sure to protect the Flag carrier on your team from your enemies. Reward: 9 badges for winner, 6 for non-winner Team Deathmatch (minimum 10v10 up to 35v35 Both teams start with 100 points. Killing a player costs the opposing team 1 point. Kill all the enemy players to reduce their points until they have none. Reward: 15 badges for winner, 9 for non-winner Domination (minimum 10v10 up to 35v35) There are three bases: North, Center, and South which teams can capture by holding their position on them. Each base will give you points for every 5 seconds of domination. The first team to reach 99 points wins the match. Reward: 9 badges for winner, 6 for non-winner Triple Inferno (minimum 7v7v7 up to 35v35v35) There are 3 teams in this Arena, all enemies of each other. Kill the enemy players, collect their skulls and bring them to the Sacrifice Totem to win points. You can collect your own team skulls and bring them to your Sacrifice Totem to avoid other teams to score. If you get killed, all your skulls will be dropped on to the floor, including your own skull. First Team to get 80 points wins the battle. Reward: 15 badges for winner, 9 for non-winner Free For All (10 players) The Free For All arena is a killfest between 10 players. There are no teams. The first player to reach 25 kills wins. Rewards are either Battleground-bound items, WoE-bound items, or Titan Tokens: Battleground-bound items: 100 White Potion: 1 Badge 50 Blue Potion: 1 Badge 40 Bottle Grenade: 1 Badge 40 Acid Bottle: 1 Badge 60 Plant Bottle: 1 Badge 60 Marine Sphere Bottle: 1 Badge 25 Glistening Coat: 1 Badge 50 Yellow Gemstone: 1 Badge 100 Red Gemstone: 1 Badge 200 Blue Gemstone: 1 Badge 10 Authoritative Badge: 1 Badge WoE-bound items: 40 White Potion: 4 Badges 20 Blue Potion: 4 Badges 20 Bottle Grenade: 4 Badges 20 Acid Bottle: 4 Badges 30 Plant Bottle: 4 Badges 30 Marine Sphere Bottle: 4 Badges 25 Glistening Coat: 8 Badges 10 Authoritative Badge: 4 Badges 1 Titan Token: 150 Badges Badges are character-bound. Battleground-bound and WoE-bound items can only be used on a Battleground or WoE map. They are account-bound and can be placed in storage. They can't be dropped, traded, vended, traded to NPCs, sold, or mailed. Added a 2 second delay to talking in #main and other channels, to prevent runaway spammers from flooding the chat window before they can be muted. Blocked the typing of more than 3 consecutive spaces " " in messages, to prevent scammers from impersonating invisible characters in chat rooms. Heal skill no longer has an added benefit from MATK, it's using Classic formula now. @monsterinfo and @iteminfo are no longer case sensitive. Changed mob death animation to be instantaneous to address "ghost mobs" hanging around after they die. In testing, this fixed MvP slaves sticking around after the MvP dies.
  14. Going to close this for now, we have a lot of good opinions on both sides of the discussion. Feel free to reopen in a few weeks, if we haven't made any adjustments by then and you still feel the same way!
  15. For now this isn't something we'd like to add. We're going to prioritize theming the control panel to match the main website, adding more widgets to the front page, and adding image/monster/player icons around the website where appropriate.
  16. Titan Tokens are pretty easily obtainable by everyone in enough time, I'd rather reserve these otherwise-unobtainable pet tames for either never, or rare event type rewards.
  17. Added this art forum: http://forum.titanro.net/index.php?/forum/34-art-corner/
  18. We know about this issue but haven't fixed it yet -- see https://github.com/TitanRO/Issues/issues/69 It's just the client showing this message, but HP/SP recovery works until overweight shows up at 70%.
  19. I think other users who encountered this and fixed, said it was their Antivirus messing with TitanRO. If you change the antivirus to allow this folder/files, you can delete tstat.dat to get all the patches again, if needed.
  20. In Maintenance #4, we updated the ATK/MATK of all monsters to their classic values instead of renewal. You'll notice some significant changes across many monsters -- for example: Wanderer does 552-732 damage, not 1695-1800 damage. Player MATK has been buffed. At the low ends characters will be doing a small amount more -- at the highest end, they can do upwards of 20% more damage compared to before. We feel that this is a good change to help balance MATK damage with ATK damage, because of how STR scales up the wATK of a weapon, but INT doesn't have the same formula for weapon MATK. Before MATK = MATK + wMATK After MATK = MATK + (wMATK * MATK / 125) The Stylist cost has been updated to 10 Titan Tokens to unlock his services forever for one character. If you have previously used the stylist for 2 Titan Tokens, then unlocking will cost you 8 Titan Tokens instead. This allows us to change and add dyes without costing players Titan Tokens. Added moderator permissions and display to #main chat. Moderator users have a + before their messages in #main, and have the ability to temporarily mute other users. Added a shop tracker to Control Panel. Go to http://cp.titanro.net/?module=vending to browse what’s currently being sold by players in game! Updated Control Panel item database to include Titan Tokens and Costumes. Enabled Mob and Item Database on Control Panel. Loot protection timer has been increased from 3 seconds -> 6 seconds. Bowling Bash should now always hit twice, even on diagonals. Official website launched, optimized for viewing on mobile or desktop. Re-enabled Gae Bolg quest's Assassin Bar in Morroc. The defense granted from armor upgrades was mistakenly using pre-renewal values. They've been updated to renewal values. This week's upcoming Maintenance will be an extended duration maintenance to allow us to perform maintenance on the database as well as the game servers. The Control Panel and the game service will both be affected during this database maintenance. Thursday night maintenance is expected to begin at Friday 7AM UTC (Friday midnight PDT) and last 1.5 hours to allow us to apply and verify these changes.
  21. For future content updates we have planned: August 22: August 15: August 8: August 1: New client release July 25: HIT/FLEE rebalance July 18: July 11: July 4: Drop rate increase WoE castles rotation June 27: Costume Egg 11 June 20: June 13: June 6: May 30: May 23: May 16: Costume Egg 11 May 9: May 2: WoE castles rotation April 25: April 18: April 11: Costume Egg 10 April 4: March 28: March 21: Nameless Island March 14: March 7: Costume Egg 9 Costume box "OPB" February 28: February 21: February 14: February 7: Veins and Thor's Volcano Bounty board monster expansion Costume Egg 8 January 31: January 24: New novice grounds launch January 17: Revamp novice grounds January 10: Winter holiday event ends Increase MVP experience January 3: Bounty board daily experience bonus Add Battlegrounds-gained costumes December 27: December 20: December 13: December 6: Rachel town and Rachel Sanctuary Ice Dungeon Winter holiday event begins Costume Egg 7 November 29: November 22: November 15: November 8: Halloween event ends November 1: WoE castles rotation Community Costume Egg October 25: October 18: October 11: Rebirth / transcendent classes Odin's Temple October 4: Halloween event begins September 27: Thanatos Tower Kiel Dungeon Costume Egg 5 September 20: September 13: September 6: WoE castles rotation August 30: Abyss Lake + Noghalt Cooking Costume Egg 4 August 23: Mobile client Daily login rewards August 16: Gunslinger Ninja Taekwon / Linker / TKM August 9: August 2: Lighthalzen and Biolabs dungeon 2-2 Platinum skill quests (including Homunculus) July 26: Costume Egg 3 July 19: Juperos Dungeon Sign Quest / Geffenia Remove Umbala Dungeon Enable Buying Shops July 12: July 5: War of Emperium (first WoE July 7th) June 28: Einbroch + Einbech towns Einbech Dungeon Related Einbroch fields + Yuno fields Costume Egg 2 June 21: Battlegrounds
  22. We're looking at changing the MATK formula to give more benefit to INT-based builds. The depth of these changes is great, but a bit too much to cover all at once, feel free to bring it back up after we figure out what we're doing with MATK.
  23. We'll be clearing walkways where people can't place shops, but not looking into a designated market (yet) -- https://github.com/TitanRO/Issues/issues/119
  24. Trojal

    Wander Man

    We're looking at changing ATK values, tracked in https://github.com/TitanRO/Issues/issues/116
  25. Trojal

    Named Monsters

    I think the champion mobs fulfill this "interesting monster that is similar but slightly stronger" niche for now.
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