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  1. Many of these headgears are best in slot for WoE. We're considering a system that allows these to be obtainable by quest for a limited period of time, and the item itself would have a rental period as well.
  2. Trojal

    Titan Costume OPB

    Once we have 50-100 costumes in the server, and some costume eggs are unavailable, then we'll look into adding this.
  3. We're still working on improving the website and new player experience.
  4. Trojal

    Novice Items

    The initial proposal is a bit much to start with; for now we like our Criatura Academy rewarding people with a few storage and warp tickets across a variety of the Quest NPCs.
  5. Already covered in the other eden gears topic, we won't have it until well into trans, and then will have it primarily as a way for new players to catch up to established players.
  6. We're looking at adding a Titan Token cost and cooldown to guild leader change
  7. This kinda seems unnecessary after thinking about it
  8. We'll re-evaluate in a year, also based on seeing what Revo-Classic officials do.
  9. Trojal

    Client Download

    We don't currently have a lite client installer planned, but will likely implement this when/if we add a torrent version for the client files.
  10. We're looking at improving MATK calculations, but not any Rogue skills specifically.
  11. We'll be theming the control panel to match forum, after the main site is updated.
  12. Trojal

    Grand Cross

    We're considering changing how MATK is calculated, but not currently looking at improving Grand Cross specifically.
  13. Added https://github.com/TitanRO/Issues/issues/120 to track adding an NPC to convert headgears to costume headgears. The other issues are covered by other suggestions, I think.
  14. Filed https://github.com/TitanRO/Issues/issues/119 to track restricting shop placement to sidewalks only at some point.
  15. Trojal

    Maintenance #3

    We're aware that with most of the dyes, mounted characters are showing a black PecoPeco, this will be fixed with a client patch in the next few days. The patch is now available.
  16. Fixed ASPD for dual wielding. Krongast NPC (used in Blacksmith Job Change Quest) moved to a better pre-Einbroch location (Izlude 66/212). Fixed quest log for Blacksmith Job Change Quest to use pre-Einbroch locations. Fixed Acolyte Training Quest to correctly accept Decayed Nail. Comodo Gambling and Kachua NPC have been disabled. Stylist NPC added at Prontera 146/235 northwest of fountain. You can change your mind within 15 minutes of using NPC. Has 77 different dyes. Costs 2 Titan Tokens. Removed Battle Hook from Abysmal Knight drops. Bounty Board monster kill count reduced from 150 to 100. Reduced EXP given from bounty boards to 50% for each monster kill. If a Bounty Board monster is in the Spotlight, the Bounty Board will use its base EXP value. (see more detailed post here) Land Mine now splits damage equally if it triggers on multiple targets. Added Stone to Event Poring; can now complete the Criatura Thief Guide Quest (if below level 13 and a novice). Fixed Criatura Adept Adventurer quest log NAVI link to point to proper NPC location. Updated size modifiers and element table to Renewal instead of Classic. Fixed moc_fild03 bottom portal only working on one side. Updated #main, #trade, #party colors. Add #ru in-game chat. Rename #tl to #ph. Fixed monsters sometimes losing their MATK value. Follow up on this: Additional maintenance to fix monsters not applying movespeed up / down changes.
  17. Yes we're adding code to block these libraries from the RO client as they're reported, but it takes 3-5 days to get an update for Gepard shield to block them.
  18. Please welcome our 3 new #main mods, @Sadie, @Lumen, and @xTheFlips. Applications are still open to having one more.
  19. Yeah you were right about your Razer product. Your headphones software is trying to draw onto Ragnarok Online. Found a list of software that's crashing other games as well, which includes the Razer Kraken and ManOWar headsets; is there an option to disable this software overlay, and still have sound? MSI Nahimic (NahimicMSIDevProps.dll, Nahimic2DevProps.dll) Razer Kraken and ManOWar headsets (0ManOWarDevProps.dll, 0Kraken71ChromaDevProps.dll, 0Kraken0502DevProps.dll) Sonic Studio 2 (ASUS machines) (SS2OSD.dll, SS2DevProps.dll) Steel Series headsets (SSAudioOSD.dll, SSAudioDevProps.dll)
  20. In consideration of the longevity of the server and so that we can add more bounty boards over time, we will be changing the bounty boards in maintenance #3 on Thursday June 7th: Fewer kills per turn in: lower level bounty boards especially make more sense with fewer kills, to avoid wasting the exp rewards, with max 1 level gain per turn in. makes multiclient/autofollow players spend more time traveling to and from the boards compared to before. Spotlight monster bounties will grant experience on their base, not spotlighted experience. as we unlock new dungeons, monsters, and bounty boards to the server, we want to keep the experience gain to a reasonable level. Adjusting exp reward to compensate for the lower turn in rate.
  21. If you enter game and type !crash, your game will crash. Can you send me that crash report?
  22. We are looking to recruit 4 volunteer ingame moderators for #main and other chat channels. We are looking to initially have 4 moderators across a variety of different timezones to help keep #main a positive or neutral space to chat. The moderators won't have a GM character, but will be promoted in Discord to a moderator group with access to a channel where they can chat with other moderators. Ideally they can resolve issues by talking to players who are being out of control or breaking the Social rules of the server (since that's what the GM does anyways). If issues escalate, they can /savechat conversations and we can handle longer term solutions (removal of privileges) as needed. If you're interested, please message Trojal in forums or in Discord that you're interested, and what timezone you're in.
  23. I like the idea of updating the bounty boards to add more areas, or one for each town. But while reading the list of updated monsters, I get to thinking... "so should there be a bounty board for every monster in the game?" and I don't know the answer to that. Is it just "for every monster that isn't in the top XX% of xp/hp ratios" for some value of XX? Or is there some other defining characteristic of monsters/maps that makes it so they should have a bounty board?
  24. Code: 50 and Code: 20 are errors that some program is modifying the RO Client memory. It's known that the following impact it and should be disabled: Mumble ingame overlay Steelseries Audio drivers Plays.tv Some nvidia ingame overlay thing can cause issues too, but I don't know what it's called.
  25. I can't look into the quest variables for your character because you have deleted the character. I will close this issue for now, please make a new one if it happens again.
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