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  1. Can you give me one of the character names so I can look into this? Is the ring not able to be equipped? It should enable some wedding skills in the extra skills menu when it's equipped as an accessory.
  2. Trojal

    Buying Stores

    We will get buying shops, most likely around Lighthalzen release (probably the update after LHZ). I'd like to make a big deal about it, and explain how they work in detail so everyone has a chance to use them.
  3. You might be at the wrong house on this map. There are two houses for Rogue job change on this map:
  4. I'd recommend also checking divine-pride's database to see if it agrees, irowiki is sometimes out of sync with the actual monster stats vs ingame, where divine-pride gets its data updated more frequently. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/monster/1106/desert-wolf Divine-pride has Desert Wolf in Renewal ATK listed at 736 - 1,007. In Renewal Desert Wolf is level 103, in Titan it's 27. Subtract 76 from ATK and that's where you get our value of 660-931.
  5. Maintenance #2 addresses the following issues: Fixed Moved Monster Taming NPC location in Izlude. Fixed marriage: Tuxedo can be equipped. Supernovice can wear Wedding Dress. Change Spotlights to a 3-day rotation. Titan Guide's [Current Events] now shows when spotlights will change. Added Lutie Kafra with Storage. Removed Juperos monsters from Juno Bounty Board. Made Criatura Hat non-refinable. Fixed Novice Poring Card + Criatura Hat combo. Updated Gepard to work better with Wine for Mac/linux users. Fixed Concentration Potion; was giving same ASPD as Awakening. Medicine Bowl price has been corrected (lowered). Hunter Job Change Quest item sets have been corrected. Geek Glasses now sold in Alberta.
  6. I've never heard of anyone trying to code this. I was able to confirm that the client sends the walk request packet and the server rejects it if it is outside of the visible range. There's a server-side limitation on the pathfinding algorithm so that it doesn't run too long, but with simplified pathfinding that we're using it shouldn't be a huge problem if we increased the maximum length, just a small computational increase. It's also possible that the client cannot handle walking to a cell that is outside of the default range, but this hasn't been tested.
  7. Do you mean you don't like these ones?
  8. If someone can reproduce GepardShield not starting in Wine, I have an updated version of GepardShield to try out. Please message me directly on forum or discord.
  9. If possible, can you grab an ingame replay of this ?
  10. For now it seems these quests aren't deleted and you can hide them with the eye icon. We're tracking this issue in https://github.com/TitanRO/Issues/issues/81 and will delete them during a maintenance after we update the jobchange scripts.
  11. It sounds like you're saying if we make this change, you can stock up on bounty boards and speed through early 2nd job levels. This would be the same behavior for post transcending as well and we're hoping to avoid everyone going trans and turning in boards for instant high level.
  12. Avira antivirus is having problems with GepardShield. What other users have said works is to: add an exception for the entire folder reinstall all the files then run the patcher and it should get the game patched with updated gepard.dll and dinput.dll.
  13. We had a 10 minute maintenance today to fix the following: Little Poring can now be tamed. MVPs no longer drop items not available in this episode. One Giant Axe had dropped and this was replaced with an OPB for that user. Max guild size adjusted from 76 => 56, Guild Extension adjusted accordingly. Ranged monsters who had their drop tables edited for the current episode now are using ranged attack ranges. (Cruiser, Orc Archer, Firelock Soldier) The Titan Token Shop has been added to the Titan Guide. Currently you can exchange 10 Titan Tokens for Costume Egg 1; the contents can be viewed in game. Storm Gust now pushes monsters in random directions rather than primarily to the top right of the map. @time command has been added to show the server time. Added @showexp option to Titan Guide's [Login Settings] option.
  14. @LordGansIf the GepardShield loads and sits waiting, then you may have to change your graphics option for RO in the OpenSetup.exe -- you should use DirectX instead of the graphics card in that menu.
  15. We have launched! We now also have a Ratemyserver listing -- please leave us a review if you'd like: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=detailedlistserver&serid=20204&itv=6&url_sname=TitanRO
  16. Our client info is located at sclientinfo.xml in tdata.grf. The server's IP address is
  17. One user in Discord today was having the same issue with getting the client to run in Wine, and then found a solution... but didn't quite say what the fix was. I know, not super useful, but let me try to figure out what changes/settings are required for that.
  18. The server has been reset, and the control panel is now open for registration: http://cp.titanro.net/ You can follow the launch countdown here: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/launch?iso=20180525T08&p0=1440&msg=TitanRO+Launch&font=sanserif&csz=1 and you will be able to log in to create characters and parties 1 hour before the launch.
  19. Trojal

    Server Rules

    Rule 1: If you believe something may be morally suspect don't do it. It will most likely result in account suspension. Even if it is not here. General Gameplay Do not intentionally kill steal Do not intentionally mob train other users Do not debuff other players without their permission. Use of packet injection to heal, target monsters, or use skills is prohibited. Exploiting bugs or mechanics to disconnect other users is prohibited Use of Auto Pot is prohibited Botting in any way is prohibited Use of No Delay is prohibited Economic Activity Scamming players with NPC bought goods is prohibited Scamming players with items with similar sprites is prohibited Do not engage in duplication of items or zeny Do not engage in RMT activities with players OR websites WoE WoE Emblems must have visible color for at least 50% of the emblem sprite Strongly encouraged to set emblems before WoE Starts Refrain from switching emblems during WoE Do not debuff other players Outside the castles without their permission. Social Do not impersonate other users, guilds, or staff. Do not use character names, guild names, party names, homunculus names, shop names, chat names, or pets to harass other users. (Ex: Trojal is a Loser') Do not make rude comments on the subject of looks, race, gender, sexual identity, or sexual preference Do not sexually harass other users. Do not threaten other players with real life harm. Public calls for someone to be banned regardless of what they have done shall be considered harassment of that user. This will incur the normal harassment punishment pattern. If you wish to report something you must do so privately to the GM team. Art We ask that users refrain from using art created by other users without permission The exchange of art for real money is not to be advertised on the forum Support Please do not tell the GMs to hurry up. Although restorations can be frustrating, please attempt to treat the GM team with human respect and empathy. They should be doing their best to assist you. Client Edits Any Client edit except those that do the following are prohibited. What this means is we are not going to ban you if you use one of the ones below. We do not recommend that you ever edit your client. This can result in game client instability and we cannot assist you if you do so. You may need to reinstall the game to make the client playable again. Graphical Edits that help with the display of skill outlines Ex Gutter Lines, Overlays that show skill splash Zone Graphical Edits that are purely Cosmetic in Nature Ex. Big Card Edits (Please note replacing monster or player sprites can be viewed as giving players an unfair advantage and may result in account suspension) Informational Client Edits that help with tracking buff timers Creation of Mini Map files for maps that do not have them. Certain Edits that help with client performance Ex. Remove Shake, Remove Hallucination Use of Keyboard/AHK Macros is allowed as long as they do not automate gameplay If you believe that something should be allowed please let Trojal know and we will consider it.
  20. Trojal


    Chatted with Gepard today and got ROExt added as an exception to GepardShield! Also it's added to clients in a patch, and the dinput.dll will be loaded by GepardShield. If someones wants to write some instructions at some point how it helps, that'd be great.
  21. Added an EXP Viewer to the client, patch to get it; it's in the client folder in EXP Viewer folder. Limited consumables to 2 per second (updated to 5 per second), to balance spammability for people in different pings to the server -- the exact values will be revisited before WoE is released. Added comically large card sprites. Added a PvP warper to most towns. Updated channels, added language-specific channels by default. Increased Anubis MATK to hit reasonably hard with Dark Soul Strike. Allow autotrade in towns only. Add middle Prontera Kafra NPC. Add Stat Regretter NPC. Switch to Re:Start EXP tables. Limit Elu/Ori, Rough Elu/Ori drop rates similar to Re:Start drop rates. Remove bowling bash gutterlines. Add 43 more maps that can be memo for warp portal. Update character deletion timer -- was 24 hours, now 30 minutes.
  22. Three changes for traps today: They do proper renewal-style damage: Damage = [DEX × (3 + Base_Lv ÷ 85) × (1.1 + INT ÷ 35)] × Skill_Lv ± 10%. The damage is split among all the targets hit by a trap. Reduced trap aftercast delay from 1s to 0.5s. Also: Added TitanRO overlay to screenshots. Removed some more NPCs in Criatura (cooking, and those directing to them). Removed Nightmare pyramids warper. Reduce Asura aftercast block from 10 seconds to 3 seconds. MVPs can't be trapped in icewall anymore. Reduced gutterline width, next update will remove gutterlines completely.
  23. TitanRO will launch on May 25 at 8am UTC. All beta accounts and characters will be deleted on May 24. 1 hour before launch, the server will open to allow people to create characters and organize parties -- temporarily removing Basic Skill requirement. We will place all characters in the old Novice Grounds. 12 hours before launch, the Control Panel will allow account creation. 8am UTC is: 1am in San Francisco 4am in New York 5am in Rio de Janeiro 9AM in London 10am in Vienna 11am in Moscow 4pm in Singapore 6pm in Sydney Link to countdown: https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/launch?iso=20180525T08&p0=1440&msg=TitanRO+Launch&font=sanserif&csz=1
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