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  1. Set up a separate Test Server so that we can continue to do development work while not impacting the open beta test. In the future we will be able to test out changes and our upgrade processes before a major update. Updated the client and GepardShield files, to add minimize/close buttons to client, and fix some issues with the tip box menu. Fixed up some Criatura issues: Fixed crashing at Attribute Expert. Updated savepoint of characters after they leave the initial island. Removed baselevel requirement for the merchant job NPC. (hopefully) fixed archer job NPC getting stuck chat window. Improved some spelling/typo issues in Criatura. Removed cooking NPCs (added in episode 10.3) Removed old novice grounds NPCs from "Criatura Garden" area. Enabled same sex marriage settings. Fixed Byalan Kafra for merchant job change quest.
  2. Closing this, since we have iRO aspd formula now. People can reopen another thread if they want to propose switching from iRO aspd to something else.
  3. @Saegyshas implemented the old Morroc maps and their spawns; no more Satan Morroc and Continental guard for now. Also he has fixed Alberta NPC locations to get them updated for the new docks -- no more swimming NPCs hopefully. @teh_Popehas cleaned up some Criatura academy NPCs, removing the ninja/gunslinger job references, and enchanting NPCs. Increased mob MATK to be more dangerous (similar to Re:Start, but still different -- will explain more details in a blog post at some point). #main channel defaults to on. Updated translations for the News tab, and removed signboards for eden warpers that we don't have.
  4. Trojal

    Rogue error

    Fixed in the latest patch, run patcher to get the update.
  5. Thanks for providing the details! We've also got this tracked in github at https://github.com/TitanRO/Issues/issues/38
  6. Hi all, I have some mediocre news for those of you who are excited about Eden group equipment quests. We want to implement them, but after trans classes. The items rewarded from the eden group quests are pretty strong compared to what you can normally buy ingame. So we'd like to implement it after trans classes, as a future way to help people gear new characters or catch up to the established ones. We want the server to last, so we don't want people to have too easy of a time to get great gear, sorry.
  7. Trojal


    Fixed in https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/2042/commits/9d159e4215d42dbbd0f1d4c330421b5f27ac28f7
  8. Hunter and Blacksmith job changes have moved back to Payon / Geffen, because Hugel and Einbroch maps are not yet available. Fixed mobs not using all their skills. Fixed too-low emperium HP. Patches: Fixed Criatura 1st floor and 2nd floor maps. Removed language filter. Fixed "private_airplane" related resource errors. Updated client translation files. Removed monster chatting.
  9. I've uploaded a new version (same place) that was compressed with windows zip creator instead of 7zip, which should be more compatible.
  10. The only symbols available now for character names (and party names I think) is just A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and space. What would you like to see added? Personally, I'd like _ added.
  11. Here's the beta client! : https://storage.googleapis.com/titanro.net/TitanROBeta.zip -- I believe this will not change much for the launch client, everything should be able to be updated through the included patcher. For beta, we changed a few things: Registration is handled through the Control Panel. You have to confirm the email address -- I don't want your email address, but if you forget your password I want you to be able to reset it yourself. Rates are 5x exp, 3x quest exp, 3x drops, 1x miniboss cards, mvp cards, and mvp items. iRO aspd formula is implemented. Maps and quests outside of episode 8 have been removed. Jobchangers for non 2-1 / 2-2 / supernovice are also removed. (Hunter and Blacksmith job change quests are disabled for now until we finish moving them out of Hugel/Einbroch). Party system reworked -- max 12 in a party, and everyone receives +25% bonus experience per party member (beyond the first) on screen when a monster dies. PIN code is no longer required when logging in. ... And a lot of other small changes. Things that would help for testing in beta: Generally using the client and reporting crashes or stability issues. Testing the party system, seeing if it works as you expect it to based on the explanation, and reporting how it feels to you. There are going to be a number of issues with gibberish text on the client for a bit as we work to resolve the translation issues. If you see any non-obvious translation issues, like on particular items or skills, please let us know. Between beta and launch on May 25th we will be resetting the database and likely removing all registered game accounts.
  12. Trojal

    Server Info

    Client Download Server Type TitanRO is Revo-Classic, combining the Classic gameplay and feel of RO with the stat and skill system of Renewal. We are a progression server, with 2-1/2-2 classes, Extended classes, Transcendent classes, and up to Odin Temple currently unlocked. Rates Base and job experience: 5x Quest experience: 3x Drop rate: 3x Card drop rate: 3x Miniboss drop rate: 3x Miniboss card drop rate: 1x MVP drop rate: 1x MVP card drop rate: 1x Release Date TitanRO launched on May 25, 2018. Revo Classic Features Classic Max level: 99/50 and 99/70 for Transcended classes. Monster drops, levels, hp and experience values Experience and drop system: No penalty based on your level like in Renewal. Experience table Fixed cast time component of renewal skills has been removed, replaced with variable cast times. Renewal Stat system: This allows more variety in builds, instead of most builds within a job following the same stat progression. Skill system: The skills from Classic remain largely unchanged, except for a few which got rebalanced to work with the Renewal stat system. Item stats: While we don’t drop any Renewal exclusive items, the items do use the Renewal stats to be in line with the stat system that goes with it. Titan Features iRO ASPD Formula The original kRO ASPD formula does not scale well with Agi and ASPD bonuses. We decided to use the iRO formula to make the gameplay feel faster and thus smoother. Limited Stat Reset Our stat reset system allows you to reset a few points every week at a zeny cost. Stylist NPC Deep down we all know that RO is just a fashion game and that the official servers lack the color options to bring out the look that you so desperately want for your character, so we fixed that. Spotlight Monsters/Maps Every 3 days a set of random maps and monsters are randomly chosen to give bonus experience and drop rates. WoE dates/times War of Emperium is once weekly on Saturdays, 17:00 - 19:00 UTC (link) WoE card boost Some basic WoE cards have their drop rates doubled, to make gearing for WoE less of a grind: Thara Frog Card, Hydra Card, Marc Card. Bot shield We have licensed Gepard Shield anticheat to prevent botting and nodelay client modifications. Active party boost When in a party, you will receive bonus experience for each party member present on screen when a monster is killed. Champion Monsters (link) You will find some Champion monsters as you explore Rune-Midgard, providing an extra challenge for extra rewards. Quality of Life Improvements Channel chat system including #main, #trade, #support, #map, #party and ability to create your own channels. @guildhp command to see guild member's HP bars outside of party. Hunting boards are available to get extra exp when killing the same monster repeatedly. (link) Heal skill reverted to classic formula based on Int + Level rather than MATK. (link) Using a 2018 client version with features like one click identifying and hotlinking items to chat. Available @commands: @monsterinfo / @iteminfo @whosells @autotrade @autoloot (melee range -- link) @guildhp @noks @whereis @whodrops
  13. I've updated the forum theme to default to Titan RO theme. There may be some display issues where text or background colors are wrong; please grab a screenshot and let me know if you see it. You can switch back to the blue and white theme if you want, use the Theme button at the bottom of the screen. Also switched the forum domain name from ragnarok-server.com to forum.titanro.net. Seems better.
  14. https://github.com/TitanRO/Issues/issues/3
  15. https://github.com/TitanRO/Issues/issues/12
  16. Access date fixed. Moved guild storage issue to https://github.com/TitanRO/Issues/issues/17
  17. Enabled the @join / @channel commands that let people join, leave, create, manage, or change the color of chat channels (such as #main, #trade, #support, #map, ...) Updated the Guild screen to properly show the last login date of guild members. Created a public issue tracker in Github to better track issues and their fixes. Created a wiki website for adding custom information regarding TitanRO. This will be more publicized when it has some content. Contact me if you'd like to contribute to the wiki, accounts are manually created for now. Created the beta client, still needs to be updated with anticheat and built-in RCX/SRH support.
  18. After some headache dealing with math, the formula that fits the data from Re:Start is: Damage = [DEX × (3 + Base_Lv ÷ 85) × (1.1 + INT ÷ 35)] × Skill_Lv ± 10% + (Trap_Research_Lv × 40)
  19. lvl 1 claymore vs mantis, with the same stats. Re:Start tRO:
  20. Monsters weren't hitting as hard as they were supposed to. The database was showing the correct values, but the monsters were actually subtracting their level and strength from the values in @mi/@monsterinfo. Now monsters hit for their listed amounts.
  21. Fixed! The mob database was showing the right values (with @mi / @monsterinfo) but the actual damage calculation wasn't using those values. Now, every monster will be doing additional damage per hit equal to their level + strength (renewal formula). Also during this I verified that we're using correct values for MATK.
  22. I've figured this out! There's some other error present, instead of this issue. This issue is that revo-classic mobs have their level set to classic setting, and the level affects their ATK and MATK. So if Creamy were level 23 (on renewal) instead of level 16 (revo-classic/classic), it would be doing +7 damage per hit, which sets its attack values in the database correctly. But in testing, mobs are still not always doing their minimum attack damage against a character with 1+0 def. So there's something else strange going on.
  23. Not quite sure how deep this goes, but it looks like irowiki and private server databases are using values that are different from official stats for physical attack and magic attack. From renewal server: versus TitanRO: it seems TitanRO stats are mostly the same as irowiki db: http://db.irowiki.org/db/monster-info/1018/ versus the official stats: http://ro.gnjoy.com/guide/runemidgarts/popup/monsterview.asp?monsterID=CREAMY
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