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  1. I remember you, of course. Welcome
  2. Modified party share experience: Anyone on screen when a mob gets killed by party gets full (100%) exp for the monster -- with the idea that maybe this will encourage people to party as a group or as small groups. Everyone offscreen in party gets the shared experience they would normally get. Also added the iRO style +20% experience per party member, as opposed to +25% experience per attacker of the monster. This has the side effect of always giving the killing character full experience even in an even share party. I'm sure there are some other bugs or issues with this, and they can be addressed as they come up. Added Glasses[1] and (removed Glasses[1]) Sunglasses[1] to Old Violet Box drops at low rate (equivalent to Windhawk, Slotted Survivor's Rod, Bloody Shackle Ball, etc.) Doubled the following card drop rates: Raydric Card (removed), Thara Frog Card, Hydra Card, Marc Card.
  3. Updated the damage delay from one full attack to half of an attack. So the damage is dealt/taken halfway through an attack animation, rather than at the start or end. Adjusted homunculus hunger rates to get hungry 3x as fast (also can gain intimacy at a corresponding rate). Fixed an error in the mob of the week script that was giving -97% experience instead of +100% for mob of the week Slightly reduced the flinch time for getting hit by attacks (80% to 60%). Removed the Hallucination (wavy screen) effect. Updated shop NPCs in Izlude and Morroc. Though it looks like Morroc has the same shop NPCs outside the pyramids and in the city itself, which seems odd, but maybe correct. Fixed an error in the death logs that was missing the monster ID when a player died to a monster.
  4. There was a Tool Dealer missing. Also while looking into this, found that there were some shop NPCs in Morroc missing as well, so I added them.
  5. Hey yeah, it worked before. I wonder if I uploaded a wrong map at some point. Criatura map is new and they've changed the layout a few times -- the unwalkable tiles are because one of the versions of the map has warps from the center hallway to the side rooms instead of just walkable.
  6. I've set up a super basic control panel; you can check it out at http://cp.ragnarok-server.com/?module=server&action=info if you're into the server stats, but I've disabled new registrations on there for now. I upgraded the database server, doubling the CPU and memory available. I've also turned on logging for any DB transaction that takes longer than 1 second, to monitor for any issues that might cause a problem in the future. And lastly, I've added a logging system for kills, which will enable tracking MvP kills and deaths, PvP or WoE kills and deaths, and regular monster kills/deaths. I think it makes for some interesting stats to see what maps are the most deadly, or which monster is killed the most.
  7. Upon logging in, you'll now be shown your current played time on that character. Also, worked on the script for the guidebook item. Currently the item doesn't exist, but you can send a whisper to "NPC:VG" with any message to test it out. It shows your played time, as well as lets you toggle autoloot by default, shows you the current map/monster/dungeon of the week, lets you bwing for 1000z, or opens the shop search interface. More options will be added over time, and I will add a guidebook item to everyone's inventory at some point as well.
  8. Implemented party endless share system, eliminating a maximum level range for "even share" party option. The party can always be set to even share, and will apply an exp penalty to the lower level characters if there's more than 15 levels difference. For example, with this system, a level 99 can join a level 80 party and keep share on, but an exp penalty will apply to members more than 15 levels below the highest on a map. After 30 level difference, it's more than a 99% experience penalty: every 1 million exp earned by a level 99 will only be 10,000 for a level 69 in the same party on the map. As an example, for every 1,000,000 experience gained, the share table is as follows: level difference exp gain exp penalty 1 1000000 0% ... ... ... 15 1000000 0% 16 251256 74.87% 17 199600 80.04% 18 158478 84.15% 19 125944 87.41% 20 100000 90.00% 21 79365 92.06% 22 63291 93.67% 23 50000 95.00% 24 39840 96.02% 25 31645 96.84% 26 25125 97.49% 27 19960 98.00% 28 15847 98.42% 29 12594 98.74% 30 10000 99.00% 31 7936 99.21% 32 6329 99.37% 33 5000 99.50% 34 3984 99.60% 35 3164 99.68% 36 2512 99.75% 37 1996 99.80% 38 1584 99.84% 39 1259 99.87% 40 1000 99.90% 41 793 99.92% 42 632 99.94% 43 500 99.95% 44 398 99.96% 45 316 99.97% 46 251 99.97% 47 199 99.98% 48 158 99.98% 49 125 99.99% 50 100 99.99% 51 79 99.99% 52 63 99.99% 53 50 100.00% 54 39 100.00% 55 31 100.00% 56 25 100.00% 57 19 100.00% 58 15 100.00% 59 12 100.00% 60 10 100.00% 61 7 100.00% 62 6 100.00% 63 5 100.00% 64 3 100.00% 65 3 100.00% 66 2 100.00% 67 1 100.00% 68 1 100.00% 69 1 100.00% 70 1 100.00% 71 0 100.00% ... ... ... 98 0 100.00%
  9. I've "nerfed" the autoloot command, now it enables a different type of autoloot. Items will drop to the ground, and when you start picking up items, your character will continue to pick up items in the area.
  10. Trojal

    Attack speed

    I checked the potion cooldown thing; it looks like it just resets the animation to whenever you logged back in, but the timer was correct for me.
  11. (low priority) Doram are missing the Soul Attack Skill, as well as all the ones at the bottom of their skill tree:
  12. Trojal

    Doram ASPD

    Scar of Tarou had the wrong prerequisite, fixed now. But also, we probably start with Doram anyways, so I'm not going to prioritize these fixes. There are also a bunch of skills missing; Soul Attack, and all these at the end are missing: Going to start a new thread about the missing skills.
  13. Trojal

    Attack speed

    I do want to look at... hit/flee and see if it makes sense, and check that magic damage is still reasonable. Oh yeah, that's another thing. Weapons have an ATK and a MATK value in renewal, so better staff weapons actually add more MATK instead of in pre-renewal mechanics where it's just slightly more int points. Arc Wand pre-renewal: ATK 60, INT + 3, MATK + 15% Rod pre-renewal: ATK 15, MATK + 15% Arc Wand renewal: ATK 60, INT + 3, MATK 95 Rod renewal: ATK 15, MATK 30
  14. Trojal

    Attack speed

    Whoa, that's a lot of posts. I changed the mechanics to hybrid renewal/pre-renewal mechanics, with renewal stats and pre-renewal monsters. It's a nicer system for stats because it's more forgiving, but there's some stuff like wearing a shield reduces aspd. I'm not sure how aspd compares between the two systems, but it seems pretty okay even if the number is lower. And str, dex, int don't have these big "cliffs" where getting to the next 10 str/dex adds a huge boost to damage; every point counts. For your awakening potion cooldown, I'll bet it's just the circle is restarting and not the whole timer (but I'll check) -- I'm thinking like you have 5 minutes left on awakening, then log out and in and the circle shows "full" at 5 minutes. Then you relog at 2.5 minutes when the circle is at half, and it starts a new circle with "full" at 2.5 minute? But I'll check.
  15. Trojal

    Doram ASPD

    Doram attack speed was fixed by switching to Renewal mechanics. RIP 190 aspd I bet the skill tree also works now for them, but I haven't tested it yet.
  16. I think we'll probably go with hybrid mechanics like Re:Start, so try it out again now (Just updated the server to hybrid mechanics tonight).
  17. I updated the server to use some renewal, some pre-renewal mechanics: Renewal: Stats Cast times Element table Equipment stats Mob skills Pre-renewal: Mob spawns Mob stats/exp Mob drops NPCs/Quests Exp table Please leave a comment if you notice anything strange because of these hybrid mechanics.
  18. Criatura combination kit is supposed to allow crafting of some weird stuff (red pots, fly wings, four leaf clover, etc) but it's not supported in the server yet.
  19. Yeah it's right; cast time in pre-renewal sucks because it's all dex based and has no effect from int. It's 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 sec cast times for SG. I checked it out with a timer and different dex values.
  20. Added the items from Criatura Academy. Ninja/Gunslinger/Taekwon Manuals Novice guns/shuriken Criatura Hat Criatura Hair Coupon Beginner Item Book Combination Kit Old Equipment Box some food items Combination kit crafting is not enabled yet, but I'm going to track that separately (might just remove the NPC until it's ready)
  21. The client asks for a password, but there was no email address entered when registering? Use "a@a.com" for now, it's the default email address in the database!
  22. I'm in the process of switching to use the Criatura Academy at the north end of Izlude instead of the novice grounds. Many of the NPCs are not working correctly yet, but the warps should be good.
  23. Fixed the Izlude NPC locations (Sailor, guide, shop entrance, ..) for the renewal Izlude map (larger walkways and dock area). Let me know if you notice some broken warps. Adjusted the max party size to 24. I didn't test it yet, so the client may have issues supporting it. Limited Taekwon Kihop bonus to 11 party members, which would be the normal limit for a party size of 12. reverted to max 12
  24. Ragnarok Renewal has a pretty big Eden Group quest line, which has hunting board quests to kill monsters for exp, and quests to get some class-appropriate equipment. Anyone have experience with Eden Group quests and know if it's worth modifying to fit with a pre-renewal server experience? Because the hunting boards go up to level 150, for example, so they'd need to be modified.
  25. Fixed! Previous NPC locations are updated for the bigger Izlude map.
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