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  1. Added the following @commands: @autoloot @iteminfo @mobinfo @whodrops @who @uptime @whereis Added map/monster/dungeon of the week scripts. There is a rotating map, 3 monsters, and dungeon of the week that have increased spawn rates, drop rates, and exp. Added an announce script that will announce the current "* of the week" every hour.
  2. I'll make it able to zoom out further for the next client version (a client change requires updating the GepardShield files too).
  3. Trojal


    You can edit the data.grf it's fine, just not gepard.grf (which prevents modifying any class sprites).
  4. Hydro is just a pretty strong miniboss from Abyss Lake; there are 3 spawns. It's like how the Valkyrie miniboss in Odin Temple is as tough as an MVP too.
  5. Looks like the quest description is using the kRO description, but I think the NPCs are asking for something different.
  6. Seems like the job change here is following the "Others" guide and wants 5 Cyfar and a Phracon instead. Wildcat Joe in Einbroch wants 5 Cyfar and a Phracon, and then Cougar also wants 5 Cyfar and a Phracon.
  7. Which job change items were you collecting? Were there other places for it?
  8. That's something to figure out still, if we should do progressive release of content or not (and what content). For now I guess I'll keep it as it is, but I prefer to switch to pre- Satan Morroc for the next client version (alpha client).
  9. Working as intended! I just tested and my second branch spawned an Incarnation of Morroc But seems correct overall.
  10. Ninja job change NPCs should be working but it's based on kRO job change instead of iRO (if there are differences). Which step/NPC are you looking for? Do you have a link to a guide you were looking at?
  11. Trojal


    I've identified the culprit! It's the manner.txt file in data.grf. You can't say or read *ass*, *cum*, *damn* and 8 other phrases. It's too bad there's no patcher set up yet. But, if you're comfortable fiddling with .grf files, you can delete the manner.txt from data.grf.
  12. Do you mean increase the scrollwheel zoom (the client is currently modded to +50% but I could increase it for a later client version), or resize the client window? You should be able to resize the client window using the "blue ghost" Setup.exe which is in Korean in the pre-alpha client.
  13. If you've killed at least 6 monsters in the test (over multiple runs), Raulel (gef_tower 102/24) offers you to bring a Worn Out Scroll instead of taking the test. Looks like it should be working, but you have to kill at least 6 monsters first.
  14. Izlude is a bit messed up; the server has NPCs for old (small docks) Izlude, but I packaged the client with the new (big docks) Izlude. I'll have to go through the NPCs later, but I'd like to use the new Izlude.
  15. Trojal


    I have a feeling this is client side manner.txt configuration. I'll try to get a patch out for the pre alpha client, but it's not something I can just fix on the server.
  16. Trojal

    No BGM?

    The pre alpha client has the BGMs removed to cut down on download size. The alpha client will have BGM, but I have to remember to put them back.
  17. Also for what it's worth, I will be traveling until Feb 18th, so there will not be changes to the server in the meantime, but I welcome and would appreciate discussions about these ideas.
  18. Edit: Please see this FAQ post for updated plans: Currently the server is in a pre-alpha phase, meaning everything and anything may change. Pre-alpha will continue for at least another 2 weeks, and may continue longer depending on the level of community interest. Some of the ideas I have for the server are: 3x or 5x experience rates To try to increase active parties, significantly increased party share experience, but experience shared only for people on screen of the dying monster. Increased party size (12 -> 24) and guild size (56 -> 76) removed Pre-renewal mechanics (or some hybrid like restart servers) Progressive release of classes (no trans available to start) -- maybe progressive release of content/areas. GepardShield anticheat to block botting, WPE, nodelay. Rotating map, monster, and dungeon of the week with increased spawn rate, experience, and drop rates for the map, dungeon floors, or particular monster. Edit: added the following: 3x hunger rate for homunculus to discourage AFK leveling, and to get active players to Loyal faster. I plan to use custom maps for a main town/vending area. I would be interested in adapting something like Eden Group for pre-renewal, but it might be a lot of work to adjust the rewards/levels. I plan to slowly introduce end-game instances and memorial dungeons, such as Old Glast Heim, Infinite Space, or Sarah and Fenrir. Something like one per few weeks, to ensure that they're working correctly, and to help maintain interest in them as they release. Probably have 1 hour for WoE instead of 2 hours, and not sure about which day of the week/times yet. removed
  19. I've enabled @go command so people can warp themselves to town(s).
  20. He's Bruce, not Harold. His script says he'll only talk to Novices (and Doram are technically Summoner), so I temporarily brainwashed him into talking to anyone. Fixed!
  21. Trojal


    I fixed the warp portal from Prontera Field 8. The Kafra that puts you underwater at least allows you to keep walking across the bridge, but taking the portal got me stuck. The issue is the client has the "new" Izlude (bigger walkways) but the server is configured to use the old coordinates. I personally prefer the look of the new Izlude.
  22. Trojal


    I'm currently playing on iRO Re:Start server, but am quickly losing faith in WarpPortal's ability to successfully run a server (inability to address bots, strong cash shop items, duping issues, and others). I have experience running low rate private servers before, and am interested in starting one again, should there be enough interest. So I took the first few steps: got a server running on Hercules emulator, got a client configured, set up an anti-cheat software (Gepard Shield), and got a forum up and running!
  23. Trojal

    Doram ASPD

    Bug: Dorams seem to have 190 aspd at level 1
  24. Beta client coming soon. Disclaimer: The server is currently in alpha and this process will change. To connect, download the RAGNAROK SERVER client (1.8GB). This is a self-extracting RAR file. Extract this to its own directory. Also download the RAGNAROK SERVER patcher (3.8MB) to the same folder. Launch RSPatcher.exe. To create an account (for now), type in the desired account name with _F or _M at the end. There's a security code check. Enter a 4 digit pin three times. If you get disconnected on first login after creating your character, breathe. Don't panic. Don't use the _F or _M after the first login. You can message everyone on the server by sending a message to "#main":
  25. Trojal


    Welcome to a discussion area for RAGNAROK SERVER, the not-yet-named private server I'm working on. Introduce yourself, say hi, join us!
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