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  1. Castle Breaks **Nuenberg** (Al de Baran 3) 17:05:36 Epiphany 17:26:03 RO Buddies 17:29:35 SideQuest 18:08:56 North Legion 18:18:23 SideQuest 18:39:41 RO Buddies 18:55:55 Epiphany **Yesnelph** (Geffen 3) **Holy Shadow** (Payon 3) 17:08:52 Epiphany 17:14:41 SideQuest 17:23:13 RO Buddies 17:42:40 Evil Council 18:46:47 Mind Games 18:49:36 SideQuest 18:57:46 RO Buddies **Fadhgridh** (Prontera 3) 17:07:10 AnomaIy 17:18:39 RO Buddies 17:25:19 SideQuest 17:58:01 Evil Council 18:46:34 Epiphany 18:53:55 Evil Council 18:56:04 Mind Games Kill Counts **Nuenberg** 86 kills/deaths **Yesnelph** 916 kills/deaths **Holy Shadow** 51 kills/deaths **Fadhgridh** 29 kills/deaths Top kills 115 kills: Magisight (AnomaIy) 89 kills: Sparkle Wiz (AnomaIy) 72 kills: Shoryuken (AnomaIy) 54 kills: Boilermaker (Epiphany) 52 kills: Baby Fist (AnomaIy) Top deaths 41 deaths: Bruce LeeRoy (AnomaIy) Deadliest skills 521 kills: Asura Strike 174 kills: Storm Gust 110 kills: Holy Cross 90 kills: Meteor Storm 44 kills: Bowling Bash Items used 8957 White Potion (5640 brewed, 2657 BG reward) 6431 Blue Potion (2481 brewed, 3280 BG reward) 60 Green Potion 4852 Condensed White Potion (4852 brewed) 0 Meat 94 Honey 32 Royal Jelly 42 Strawberry 83 Fresh Fish 123 Butterfly Wing 93 Awakening Potion 132 Berserk Potion 171 Authoritative Badge (79 BG reward) 232 Speed Potion 1241 Yellow Gemstone 184 Red Gemstone 602 Blue Gemstone 851 Trap 29 Bottle Grenade (29 BG reward) 733 Acid Bottle (223 brewed, 510 BG reward) 37 Plant Bottle (37 BG reward) 15 Glistening Coat (15 BG reward) Highest single hit done 95626 damage with an Asura Strike Highest total damage done (all WoE) 4,529,255 damage: Sparkle Wiz (AnomaIy) 3,903,398 damage: Magisight (AnomaIy) 1,855,385 damage: Blizzard (RO Buddies) 936,981 damage: Teacup (Epiphany) 807,311 damage: Ser Bogart III (RO Buddies) Highest total damage received (all WoE) 1,023,569 damage: Suisader (Epiphany) 1,013,490 damage: LordSwalley (Epiphany) 753,871 damage: Ser Bogart III (RO Buddies) 642,500 damage: Noah (Epiphany) 629,110 damage: monkaS (RO Buddies) Most emperium damage done 1222 damage: Entreri (Evil Council) Most support skills used 2278 casts: Cheeks (AnomaIy) 743 casts: Noah (Epiphany) 664 casts: ComminInHot (AnomaIy) 223 casts: Celestelle (Epiphany) 203 casts: Suisader (Epiphany) Most healing done 260,791: Noah (Epiphany) 47,700: Cheeks (AnomaIy) 19,554: Camille Reignheart (SideQuest) 8,272: VenusGospel (Evil Council) 6,409: Shiro Yusuke (Evil Council) Most zeny spent (on skills) 346,500z: Warr (SideQuest) Most SP used 78,604: Sparkle Wiz (AnomaIy) Most spirit spheres used 727: Baby Fist (AnomaIy) Most ammo used 386: Arjuna (Epiphany)
  2. Today's maintenance addresses some stability issues caused by Battlegrounds code, as well as addressing other much needed miscellaneous fixes. Battlegrounds are re-enabled. We will be monitoring closely for issues. Queuing for Battlegrounds should no longer have a chance to cause the server to crash. Closing a vend or shop should no longer cause the client to become "stuck". Fixed an issue where guild skills could be stuck in permanent cooldown. Removed Ahlspiess and some Gunslinger items from monster drop lists. Client correctly shows overweight at 70% instead of 50%. Sea Otter Card now correctly increases the heal rate of Sushi.
  3. http://forum.titanro.net/index.php?/topic/329-bg-disabled-until-friday/
  4. We apologize for the instability this week. It is due to some errors in the custom battlegrounds code internal memory management that has a low chance to cause a crash. For the time being, we have disabled battlegrounds and expect BG to be available after maintenance on late Thursday night (Friday 7AM server time). Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to fix this issue properly.
  5. Trojal

    SKIDROW.DLL error

    It looks like your antivirus blocked the extracting of binkw32.dll (which plays animations/video files) and you replaced the un-extracted binkw32.dll with a different one from somewhere else on the internet or on your computer. Normally the Titan client doesn't have a dependency on SKIDROW.dll -- try re-extracting the TitanRO zip file and see if you can get the included binkw32.dll allowed by the antivirus.
  6. Castle Breaks **Nuenberg** (Al de Baran 3) 18:04:17 AnomaIy 18:07:17 RO Buddies 18:09:24 AnomaIy 18:12:00 RO Buddies 18:13:54 AnomaIy 18:15:52 RO Buddies 18:18:43 AnomaIy 18:20:47 RO Buddies 18:50:22 North Legion 18:59:18 RO Buddies **Yesnelph** (Geffen 3) 17:10:24 SideQuest 17:30:10 Epiphany 17:52:00 AnomaIy 18:25:19 Mind Games 18:48:58 AnomaIy **Holy Shadow** (Payon 3) 17:07:07 SideQuest 17:42:45 North Legion 17:51:59 SideQuest 18:00:27 North Legion 18:55:10 Evil Council 18:59:10 AnomaIy **Fadhgridh** (Prontera 3) 17:13:02 SideQuest 17:21:30 Epiphany 17:28:05 SideQuest 17:36:31 Epiphany 17:44:14 SideQuest 18:16:16 Epiphany 18:48:32 SideQuest 18:55:38 Epiphany Kill Counts **Nuenberg** 837 kills/deaths **Yesnelph** 247 kills/deaths **Holy Shadow** 10 kills/deaths **Fadhgridh** 111 kills/deaths Top kills 82 kills: Shoryuken (AnomaIy) 81 kills: Aaron (RO Buddies) 59 kills: Magisight (AnomaIy) 55 kills: midnight (AnomaIy) 51 kills: ~God Mode~ (Epiphany) Top deaths 30 deaths: ~God Mode~ (Epiphany) Deadliest skills 501 kills: Asura Strike 254 kills: Storm Gust 127 kills: Meteor Storm 113 kills: Holy Cross 101 kills: Bowling Bash Items used 11566 White Potion (3146 brewed, 6566 BG reward) 7073 Blue Potion (2229 brewed, 4465 BG reward) 64 Green Potion 7686 Condensed White Potion (7686 brewed) 2 Meat 231 Honey 1 Royal Jelly 350 Strawberry 241 Fresh Fish 132 Butterfly Wing 103 Awakening Potion 82 Berserk Potion 160 Authoritative Badge (97 BG reward) 189 Speed Potion 1250 Yellow Gemstone 210 Red Gemstone 846 Blue Gemstone 892 Trap 54 Bottle Grenade (54 BG reward) 743 Acid Bottle (116 brewed, 627 BG reward) 21 Plant Bottle (21 BG reward) 8 Glistening Coat (8 BG reward) Highest single hit done 61838 damage with an Asura Strike Highest total damage done (all WoE) 3,780,204 damage: Aaron (RO Buddies) 1,826,601 damage: Magisight (AnomaIy) 1,324,680 damage: i_am_Mistik (North Legion) 1,062,462 damage: Cladeus (SideQuest) 966,948 damage: Maureen (Epiphany) Highest total damage received (all WoE) 778,502 damage: El Peco Loco (RO Buddies) 693,546 damage: ~God Mode~ (Epiphany) 691,904 damage: Big Russian Boss (North Legion) 656,655 damage: Glute Implant Epidemic (RO Buddies) 641,638 damage: Suisader (Epiphany) Most emperium damage done 2544 damage: Sulutz (Epiphany) Most support skills used 1064 casts: Qualia (North Legion) 968 casts: Fullmetal (RO Buddies) 954 casts: Noah (Epiphany) 780 casts: Chaos Heals (RO Buddies) 543 casts: El Peco Loco (RO Buddies) Most healing done 380,703: Qualia (North Legion) 91,209: Noah (Epiphany) 79,020: Fullmetal (RO Buddies) 5,148: Chaos Heals (RO Buddies) 3,579: snowpriest (AnomaIy) Most zeny spent (on skills) 275,000z: Densetsu (RO Buddies) Most SP used 69,414: Noah (Epiphany) Most spirit spheres used 726: monkaS (RO Buddies) Most ammo used 540: Kezhade (RO Buddies)
  7. Today's content update brings the city of Lighthalzen and its surrounding fields, the Somatology Laboratory, and platinum skills, including Homunculus. The following maps are now available: lhz_fild01 lhz_fild02 lhz_fild03 ein_fild03 ein_fild04 (1 north of Einbroch -- good for Geographers!) lhz_dun01 lhz_dun02 lhz_dun03 The quest to purchase Speed Potions is available in Lighthalzen, with some changes: You can purchase up to 10 Speed Potions at a time from the NPC, instead of max 3. You can click on the final NPC location instead of having to walk through him. Homunculus have an autofeeding option, to allow them to consume their desired food automatically when they become hungry. The included AI files allow for manual control with alt+click to move or attack a target, and shift+alt+click to queue up a move or attack. Alt + R opens the Homunculus statistics window. Alt + T enables passive mode for the Homunculus. We have added Loading Screens from our Loading Screen contest! Congratulations to our winners! Due to player requests, we have removed Triple Inferno battleground mode and replaced it with Stone Control: Take the stones in the middle of the battlefield and place them at your base. Each stone will give points to your team over time. First team to reach 99 points wins the game. Team Stones can also be captured by the enemy team, so protect them well! Due to suggestions to make MvPing feel more consistently rewarding, boss monsters now have a 35% chance to drop a Titan Token. We have fixed the issue where mobs would instantly "de-stack" after losing their target, and also players are now able to occupy the same cell. Today's update also includes some miscellaneous updates: With Somatology Laboratory items being available, we re-enabled drops for the following: Evil Snake Lord - Hellfire RSX - Dagger of Counter Chimera - Great Axe Bloody Knight - Katzbalger Mini Demon - Ahlspiess Bloody Murderer - Ginnungagap Updated drop tables for OBB, OPB, OCA. Updated drop tables for some champion monsters. Fly wing / Teleport skill is enabled in Lighthalzen map. Refunded Sweet Milks used by players, due to the bug where Savage Babe was unable to be tamed. Fixed a bug around Rogue Slyness / Gangster's Paradise skill. Doubled vendor spot vertical density in Prontera, so we can fit twice as many vendors in the same space.
  8. Trojal


    Thanks for the link! It looks like they replaced the adoption system with the "Family division" NPC at the "Government office" in Prontera: https://www.midgard-community.com/forums/topic/1495-kro-december-14th-2016-maintenance/. So we'll have to add this in with a command like @adopt, or an NPC.
  9. Trojal


    It seems like kRO removed the ability to adopt characters at some point. So we'll have to add this in with a command like @adopt, or an NPC.
  10. This has been discussed privately with the original poster, but thank you for bringing it to our attention that it is affecting you as well. Since it's affecting multiple users it will increase its impact. Filed https://github.com/TitanRO/Issues/issues/155 to track it.
  11. Huge congratulations to @Reficulfor winning the Loading Screen contest! And a big thank you to all who entered a loading screen! We will be handing out prizes in the next few days. Look for the new loading screens after Thursday night maintenance!
  12. Castle Breaks **Nuenberg** (Al de Baran 3) 17:10:37 North Legion 17:35:33 AnomaIy 17:38:46 SideQuest 17:57:49 Epiphany **Yesnelph** (Geffen 3) 17:12:09 AnomaIy 17:15:12 SideQuest 17:17:26 AnomaIy 17:20:02 RO Buddies 17:23:22 AnomaIy 17:26:14 RO Buddies 17:28:32 AnomaIy 17:31:11 RO Buddies 17:32:56 AnomaIy 17:54:05 SideQuest 18:34:20 RO Buddies 18:37:57 SideQuest 18:53:36 RO Buddies **Holy Shadow** (Payon 3) 17:23:34 SideQuest 18:16:58 North Legion 18:27:46 Kupo Club 18:32:08 North Legion 18:37:21 RO Buddies 18:47:49 Evil Council 18:56:36 North Legion **Fadhgridh** (Prontera 3) 17:22:52 Evil Council 17:27:07 North Legion 17:41:15 Epiphany 17:54:12 AnomaIy 18:22:18 Mind Games 18:55:16 AnomaIy 18:59:37 Epiphany Kill Counts **Nuenberg** 119 kills/deaths **Yesnelph** 435 kills/deaths **Holy Shadow** 155 kills/deaths **Fadhgridh** 444 kills/deaths Top kills 120 kills: Rosenrot (RO Buddies) 91 kills: Aaron (RO Buddies) 52 kills: Not Ryuji (AnomaIy) 50 kills: monkaS (RO Buddies) 44 kills: Shoryuken (AnomaIy) Top deaths 29 deaths: Rosenrot (RO Buddies) Deadliest skills 492 kills: Asura Strike 211 kills: Storm Gust 180 kills: Holy Cross 99 kills: Bowling Bash 31 kills: Meteor Storm Items used 26815 White Potion (8832 brewed, 14988 BG reward) 13579 Blue Potion (3402 brewed, 9866 BG reward) 151 Green Potion 12766 Condensed White Potion (12766 brewed) 183 Meat 1174 Honey 257 Royal Jelly 383 Strawberry 370 Fresh Fish 369 Butterfly Wing 156 Awakening Potion 288 Berserk Potion 391 Authoritative Badge (241 BG reward) 2982 Yellow Gemstone 435 Red Gemstone 2212 Blue Gemstone 3301 Trap 95 Bottle Grenade (95 BG reward) 2244 Acid Bottle (329 brewed, 1915 BG reward) 209 Plant Bottle (209 BG reward) 140 Glistening Coat (140 BG reward) Highest single hit done 39,640 damage with an Asura Strike Highest total damage done (all WoE) 3,829,027 damage dealt: Aaron (RO Buddies) Highest total damage received (all WoE) 1,051,241 damage taken: Doggy (Epiphany) Most emperium damage done 1633 damage: AeroRu Most support skills used 795 casts: Noah (Epiphany) 687 casts: mesti (Epiphany) 553 casts: El Peco Loco (RO Buddies) 395 casts: Cheeks (AnomaIy) 372 casts: Fullmetal (RO Buddies) Most healing done 108,662: Noah (Epiphany) 87,101: Qualia (North Legion) 20,569 Moon Light (Epiphany) 7,521: Fullmetal (RO Buddies) 5,106: Shiro Yusuke (Evil Council) Most zeny spent (on skills) 341,000z: Warr (SideQuest) Most SP used 55,253: Noah (Epiphany) Most spirit spheres used 845: monkaS (RO Buddies) Most ammo used 380: Lapaco (Epiphany)
  13. This week's maintenance brings Costume Egg 3 (10 Titan Tokens) and Name Change Coupon (50 Titan Tokens) to the Titan Guide. With the addition of Costume Egg 3 we have also discontinued Costume Egg 1. Costume Egg 3 has a 1 in 10 chance of each of: Costume Shaving Foam Costume Warm Cat Muffler Costume Red Under Rimmed Glasses Costume Robo Eye Costume Wind Guide Costume Rune Circlet Costume Chicken Hat Costume Dokebi Wig Costume Heroic Backpack Costume Test Subject Aura This maintenance also brings: Monks regen SP naturally after using Asura. Re-added Juperos monsters to Yuno bounty board. Added a Kill Tracker to Titan Guide for those who want to check how many monsters they've killed in the past 1, 3, and 7 days. Fixed Sweet Milk taming item for Savage Babe (it was always failing). Updated navigation system to include Juperos monsters. Allowed Titan Token purchasable in Buying Shops. (This update is incomplete. We will finish it mid-week without a maintenance)
  14. We are using code that I wrote that should prevent players from landing in regular warp portals; which map have you noticed it in? It probably doesn't account for portals with a script such as in clock tower, and would need to be updated if that's the case; please let me know.
  15. 1. Which loading screen(s) do you like the most? "War of Emperium" "Valkyrie" "3 characters" "Priest" "Cards"
  16. Thanks for the entries! We'll post a poll for voting on the top 5 entries soon.
  17. Castle Breaks **Nuenberg** (Al de Baran 3) 18:02:31 Evil Council 18:05:12 RO Buddies **Yesnelph** (Geffen 3) **Holy Shadow** (Payon 3) 17:29:51 Evil Council 17:41:25 Epiphany 17:43:49 SideQuest 18:01:44 North Legion 18:26:05 AnomaIy 18:48:02 North Legion **Fadhgridh** (Prontera 3) 17:33:04 Epiphany 17:47:44 North Legion 18:06:51 SideQuest 18:43:54 Mind Games 18:50:18 AnomaIy Kill Counts **Nuenberg** 516 kills/deaths **Yesnelph** 177 kills/deaths **Holy Shadow** 226 kills/deaths **Fadhgridh** 269 kills/deaths Top kills 96 kills: Rosenrot (RO Buddies) 80 kills: Magisight (AnomaIy) 65 kills: Depression (Epiphany) 55 kills: Aero (North Legion) 55 kills: HEHABUCTb (North Legion) Top deaths 42 deaths: Bruce LeeRoy (AnomaIy) Deadliest skills 403 kills: Asura Strike 226 kills: Holy Cross 223 kills: Storm Gust 82 kills: Meteor Storm 57 kills: Bowling Bash Items used 12946 White Potion (4222 brewed, 7662 BG reward) 6077 Blue Potion (1371 brewed, 4610 BG reward) 61 Green Potion 5667 Condensed White Potion (5667 brewed) 76 Meat 495 Honey 145 Royal Jelly 56 Strawberry 88 Fresh Fish 193 Butterfly Wing 69 Awakening Potion 185 Authoritative Badge (116 BG reward) 1655 Yellow Gemstone 141 Red Gemstone 1193 Blue Gemstone 2013 Trap 85 Bottle Grenade (85 BG reward) 1356 Acid Bottle (1356 BG reward) 133 Plant Bottle (133 BG reward) 134 Glistening Coat (134 BG reward) Highest single hit done 59,468 damage with an Asura Strike Highest total damage done (all WoE) 2,065,696 damage dealt: Aaron (RO Buddies) Highest total damage received (all WoE) 943,557: Doggy (Epiphany) Most emperium damage done 853 damage: AeroRu (North Legion) Most support skills used 1073 casts: Celestelle (Epiphany) 680 casts: El Peco Loco (RO Buddies) 489 casts: ComminInHot (AnomaIy) 458 casts: Camille Reignheart (SideQuest) 369 casts: Suisader (Epiphany) Most healing done 92,962: Camille Reignheart (SideQuest) 66,402: VenusGospel (Evil Council) 58,482: MissVanjie (RO Buddies) 24,540: Qualia (North Legion) 20,277: Celestelle (Epiphany) Most zeny spent (on skills) 332,000z: Warr (SideQuest) Most SP used 48,914: Aaron (RO Buddies) Most spirit spheres used 798: monkaS (RO Buddies) Most ammo used 338: Shadowfox (Evil Council)
  18. Closing this for now, we'll have answers about Transcendent class skills closer to trans release.
  19. With the addition of buying shops in this week's maintenance, we added a timeout to autotrade and autotrade is (temporarily) only available in Prontera, to encourage establishing a central marketplace that's not just 100+ shops scattered around Payon.
  20. Yeah! Our first art contest (Loading Screen Contest) is ongoing!
  21. We've updated Mammonite to be free in Battlegrounds. We're considering attack speed potions in BG shop, but leaning towards not adding them for now, to avoid extra menu and storage items.
  22. We'll have to wait and see about 3rd classes balance in Revo-Classic. Moving this thread to Completed section for now.
  23. We're planning to add a variety of other items to Battlegrounds as content is added -- food items, speed potions, and possibly condensed white potions. We want to avoid rewards that can be used in PvM content, because we want to limit battlegrounds reward items to PvP or cosmetic content.
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