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  1. Old RO player ready to get addicted again

  2. hallo

    Bark.Insert other media
  3. Launch Event Screenshots

    My VOD https://www.twitch.tv/videos/265283474
  4. Launch Event Screenshots

    Sweet It will be done.
  5. What punctuation do you want in names?

    Don't like the idea, makes PMing people awkward
  6. Heya

    Surprised to see you again Lapaco. Sup. (Pears the Stalker)
  7. Welcome!

    Hiya, Student, Graphic Designer, Gamer. From the Uk. Looking for a server to call home. Lets hope this is the one yeah IGN's : Pearice, iPears, iBeast, Hylerhynze. (Restart Ban Sucks Ey) :*