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  1. It would be great if the gunslinger skill tree will be updated as well. IMO the changes in Spread Shot could make slingers effective in parties.
  2. Thanks for the insightful answers! Although I have some additional questions: > With the fixed cast-time of skills disabled in this server, could a cast-time lower than 1.5 sec be achieved? > Would this skill be viable for PvP/WoE?
  3. > How is this affected by the server-exclusive MATK computation? > How does this skill behave when used by a bow-type Stalker? > How does this skill fare in this revo-classic server? > Would there be changes/reversions on how this skill works? Should/Would this skill be made great [again]?
  4. That's some good news. Would replace my entry with something else!
  5. http://db.irowiki.org/db/item-info/19679/ http://db.irowiki.org/db/item-info/31250/
  6. I have tried multiple times to convert the cheaper bullets into cartridges, but the NPC in Alberta doesn't seem to recognize them. Or am I talking to a wrong NPC?
  7. But can it be bundled into a cartridge by any means?
  8. I noticed the bullets i bought from different NPCs failed to stack, and that they don't share the same definition. The one on the left was bought from Alberta (the other was from Einbroch), and the bullet cartridge NPC doesn't seem to recognize it, therefore didn't convert it.
  9. Doesn't seem too bad since both are good skills (assuming you're building around ASPD). Also, crit will be enabled on CA in the next patch(?), so consider that not wasted!
  10. The skills are aligned with the pre-Rebellion skill-tree and definitions, although I'm not entirely sure if it would be adjusted sooner or later, or will ever be adjusted at all. I'd love to try the updated skills though. Spread Shot seems nice, and the coin skills being more accessible looks great. EDIT: The in-game skill-tree window is currently bugged (it shows the newest requirement for each skill when you hover the mouse over an icon, when in reality it follows the old skill-tree)
  11. I see. Fair enough (but TA not getting crit kinda made me sad tbh). Still, thank you for the great update on CA!
  12. Because as of now, only Double Attack can crit. Please extend the love to Triple Attack and Chain Action!
  13. I am mostly pertaining to the renewal features that are yet to be implemented, especially the 3rd classes. I should've made that point clear, my bad!
  14. Before anything else, I do acknowledge the point of playing in a Revo-Classic server. I do know that by default, the progression from Classic to Renewal system should be expected. But who knows? Let's hear your thoughts on this matter! I for one believe that the server will be just as perfect and competitive in a generally Pre-Renewal setting.
  15. Notice the job EXP required to get to the next level (from Job Lv.8 to 9). According to the classic job EXP chart (for extended classes), I only need 799 and not 36,000 J.EXP points to get to the next level. Looking forward for the fix!
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