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  1. +1 i understand the logic stated before that their damage wont ever really get much better because they don’t scale but the gap is just gigantic currently. would be cool to see a nerf now and then reverted when trans comes out because traps will be a lot worse by comparison to trans power level no character should do as much damage as they do completely gearless.
  2. See, here’s a real post with valid points we can discuss. No one is pretending this server is perfect lol but keep misconstruing what I say. I’m saying that poorly articulated threads begging for large changes that will significantly impact the server are not beneficial. On to your points: This server may never get to 500+ or whatever you consider to be an adequate population. I believe a lot of people don’t enjoy drop rates as low as 3x and I can’t fault them for that. Everyone has their preferences. But this server has been advertised as 5/5/3 with 1x MVP drops since the beginning. Everyone knows what they’re signing up for when they download the server. We shouldn’t just cater to demands of higher rates because that person finds it more fun. No one’s forcing you to play a low rate server like this. Your next point was that some items are not currently in shops/accessible so you feel like you’ll never get it unless you hunt it yourself? Which items specifically have you been unable to buy in shops? Maybe these items could be looked at instead of buffing every drop off every MVP threefold.
  3. LOL every post just makes you and your point look more ridiculous. The restart comment had nothing to do with the gum or any balance related to drop chances. It just shows that you came from restart within 2 sentences, and it explains it all. On restart, sp items were in the cash shop. There is no balance on a server with infinite free consumables. This 1 cash shop item alone fundamentally changes the entire server and invalidates your opinion in my eyes when your argument is centered around the cost of SP items. MVPing isn't just "supposed" to be profitable. It CAN be profitable if done right, and the factor is you. You could be a better/smarter/more efficient player and cut your costs substantially, but you make a choice to be bad/dumb/inefficient. I've MVPed with monk, wiz, and hunter on this server and have 0 complaints about profits. It's up to the player to evaluate their costs and expected returns from a given MVP and decide what class/method would be best for farming it. But you're arguing that you want to run around and kill MVPs that take upwards of 16 fists and spamming blues to do this many fists should be profitable? Are you going to try and solo ifrit with nearly 8M health and complain you didn't make your money back? If we increase rates so that monks can be profitable spamming blues, do bombers in trans then complain about MVPs being unprofitable when they spam acid bomb? Should we increase rates again so that every bomber can run around and make all their Z back from the bombs? This is what you are advocating for. If I told you right now I was spamming Acid Terror on MVPs on my alch and I wasn't making money, how would you respond? I wish I could sit around for 18 hours a day and play, but bills don't pay themselves. I'm calling you a bad player because you wouldn't make a thread like this and articulate your argument in such a childish manner if you weren't. I'm being a "jackass" because threads crying for changes because the game is too hard are ridiculous. When you are struggling with something in-game, you should try to think outside the box for ways to play better, or ask for advice. Crying on the forums that the game is too hard and the server is going to die if my changes aren't implemented accomplishes nothing. This is a true non-profit low rate server. You know back in the day on official servers, there was no kafra shop? No gum, no VIP, just 1x rates on everything? That's the idea of this server, but they've increased the rates on normal monsters because you're right, we don't have 18 hours a day to no life grind shit. MVPs ought to have some prestige attached to them. It feels good when an MVP you've been killing finally drops what you've been wanting, and you use it or sell it and know that there may not be many other people with this item. They should be hard/costly to kill for the average player (you) and the smart players will use the tools they have available to farm them more efficiently.
  4. When a post begins with "I feel that the drop chance on mvp items is way too low for this server and they should be increased to ATLEAST the level of restart with VIP and bubble gum buff." there is no basis for a healthy back and forth. This guy was just a p2w player who has no idea of how to properly manage resources and play the game. So what can we discuss? Restart was an abomination of a server, and your experiences there should have 0 impact on the way we discuss this server. The more detached everyone gets from their time on restart, the better the discussions and server will become. This is not restart 2.0.
  5. I didn’t really address your topic because there’s nothing worth discussing. This is just a complaint thread that a bad player is struggling to make money while spamming consumables on MVPs. What a shocker. The rest of us making money from MVPs (playing monk) don’t need to make threads because we’re just playing the game and being smart. If you had made a thread asking for advice because you were struggling, people would be a lot less apprehensive, and I might have showed you a few tips. But instead, you think the system is heavily flawed because YOU are struggling. It’s hard to have a decent conversation about game balance when you clearly know so little about this game. If you actually believe this server “literally went out of its way to ruin” things then this probably isn’t the server for you. You seem to be pretty fond of the rates/population on Origins though.
  6. Monk isn't the only class that can MVP. In fact, it's usually one of the least cost efficient killers (if you're spamming SP items) You're making a choice to play monk AND buy/use blue potions to kill MVPs with a few fists. You could use the Inn, marry yourself/give SP, sit down between fists, or Absorb off a monster on the map. Instead you choose to use a lot of consumables to go faster, and now you're complaining about being profitable? Trapper still takes 30+ traps sometimes to kill an MVP and this means being in combat with the MVP for much longer than a couple fists (way more time/opportunities to fuck up). On mobby maps, other monsters can easily get in the way and slow this process down further. I'm not trying to justify trapper damage (I also strongly advocate that they do way too much damage) but I will say there is still a lot of finesse trapping some MVPs and you'd be surprised if you think trapping is completely braindead. Wiz can also kill a lot of MVPs for free but it will take a while. But they usually have the cleanest experience MVPing because they can kite most MVPs with quag and they deal AOE damage that helps with any excess shit around the MVP that single target killers have to deal with. Don't complain that you're spending too much when you choose to play monk in the most expensive way. There's a reason monks usually beat comp on MVPs because they can spend a lot to kill it faster. I can't spam consumables on my wiz to go any faster; neither can a trapper. On the topic of Footskins from Eddga I have 8 myself so even if I'm the only person on the server with them (which I highly doubt) there's way more than 2. Eddga has a 2.5% drop from dying and another skin can drop from MVP @ 3.5%. You don't need Trojal to figure this out. Also, please don't ever mention costs if you're MVPing solo. MVPs are the hardest things in the game to kill currently, and you expect it to be easy/profitable while doing solo? This game is an MMO for a reason, maybe spend less time complaining and more time making friends.
  7. almost 1 month later, hope this can be fixed at some point
  8. @autopick doesn't work while the character is in skill delay. Not only does your character not continuously loot items, you cannot loot ANYTHING after the first item until you move. I hadn't noticed this on most of my characters because the delays weren't as lengthy, but on my wizard it is extremely inconvenient. This is amplified by the fact that wizard is primarily an AOE killer. After killing a large mob with SG, LOV, etc., I have to wait ~5 seconds to pick up my loot. If there are monsters remaining that are frozen and need a 2nd SG, without autopick I would be able to pick up some loot for 4-5 seconds before casting the next SG. Now I cannot loot at all (if I choose to use autopick) and by the time the delay is over, I will need to SG again and won't be looting for another 5s after that. I don't know if this is a bug or intended, but I hope it can be changed because standing around for 5s to begin picking up my loot feels very punishing when most other classes aren't affected by this.
  9. My suggestion is to add an expiration timer to @autotrade shops. The last server I played on had this (set at 48 hours) and it felt good. I think 3-7 days may be better, but the exact time limit isn't as important as just having one, in my opinion. The expiration would help the market/shops feeling fresh. Currently I've seen some shops every day since what seems like a couple days after the server opened with no changes. With forced shop resets, people will usually be more inclined to try and update their prices/inventories. Also, I fear some of these shops are created by players who no longer play. This just clutters Payon with extra shops that will never disappear.
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