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    Nifelheim is open, the bungee jump didn't worked for me but since umbala dungeon wasn't available (you port directly to Trunk of Yggdrasil ) I walked through the fields to get to the main town to kill herozoists for the holy threads quest.
  2. In theory if you follow the instructions from the link Stephcake provided, It could work on Ubuntu or any distro, I tried on Slackware 14.2 32-bit, and after downloading the required version from: https://www.winehq.org/announce/1.7.55 and installing it using tools/wineinstall it worked even without winetricks, but I recommend you follow all the steps, remember wineskin is only for Mac. The only issue I found so far is that you need to minimize and maximize your client window on each loading screen otherwise it will only show the loading image. PD: I think you need to download kernel dev or something similar to be able to compile (make, Install, configure) wine. or maybe you could try searching for a .deb/.apt for the 1.7.55 version but since Ubuntu is an up to date distro It could not have the required old libs in order to run.
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