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  1. In order to add another avenue that can potentially bring more people to this server, adding the TitanRO AndRO APK to the Google Play Store can make this server discoverable by people randomly searching for a Ragnarok game / server especially since some other servers have been doing it for a long time now. More ways to advertise the server the better seeing as this server's population dropped the last time I've posted from the average of 100 down to only 50 as of this posting.
  2. Well, I hope you could at least please pass on these suggestions to the developer then. And among these suggestions I think the TitanRO guidebook is something that you can work in since it's specific for this server. I'd like all the features myself and aside from the important crashing bugfixes, I chose these specific features as the minimum base level of features needed to at least play the game casually. Like for example, aside from fancy UIs of PC, mobile character creation almost contain the minimal barebones needed to get the same PC experience. It just needs that "rotate character" preview and it will be functionally the same as PC without the pretty fluff of aesthetics. And most importantly it is probably relatively easier to implement too I assume which is one the main benefits of these suggestions in my opinion. If I'd rank the most necessary features of my suggestions it's having a Map Indicator because some quest are unplayable without it. Followed by WOE effects because this game heavily features skills it stands to reason to at least provide a way to have an indication that said skills are in use. Probably the next would be the rotate character preview but only because it is the only thing missing to make that section of the game complete functionally speaking. The mobile app may just be the most convenient thing to persuade newcomers to try the game at least nowdays because of surge of mobile popularity. People who may not be interested in investing time in the game due to having limited access to PC can do so at the comfort of their own smartphones whenever and wherever. I think its important to look into this now more than ever at least in my opinion.
  3. Here are my suggestions based on what I've observed so far when using the mobile version 234 as a main way of playing. - Enable rotate camera when creating a new character. - Make the TitanRO Guidebook usable when sitting as it takes slightly more effort to sit and stand in mobile compared to PC. - Enable basic chat commands like /sit and /stand and other basic functionality found in PC. - Enable a way to get rid of the Cash Shop icon especially since it is not even used in this server. - Enable Map Indicators as some quest require you to find locations on the minimap. - Add at least basic simplified WOE effects to let players know on what is even happening more clearly.
  4. Here are the bugs I've encountered so far as someone attempting to use the mobile version 234 as a main way of playing. - TitanRO Guide book has a bug when viewing the number of killed monster when you never ever yet killed any monster. - The Injured Swordsman that auto speaks with you at the beginning of the game prevents you from moving after you closed the dialogue until you relog. - The Izlude bridges are missing. - The Play Dead "death" sprite is not showing and instead your character just stands when using it. - Taming crashes the game with the error "Fatal Error OpenGL error: GL_INVALID_VALUE" - Can't sell from other player's "autobuy" merchants. (Not tested if I can buy from player merchants since I don't have enough zenny)
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