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  1. 0.5% (or less..) for vanberk card is so boring. I saw just 1 time for 1 hour gaming for my agi hunter (50% auto attack). What about 4x ? :)
  2. Hi. Yea, may be really strange fury state, I looked at this hit from Atroce too. But it is ubnormal, i think. I have valk with Alice, but Parity with two-handed is more comfortable with mvp and I hope more helpful from death blow.) Charlie, what you think about party for Thanatos? I need his cape for crit set and can try to tank him with alice and land protector.
  3. Wind armor and land protector.. and this shit)
  4. Давай, у меня LK 98 и прист 97 есть. Я сейчас Сага качаю для Land Protector, пока 50 какой-то, могу поводить толпу по bounty мобам, с этих квестов вся экспа) Пиши на On1y-hardcore
  5. Привет, поигрывают.) Но кроме себя я никого не знаю. У тебя что за профа и какой лвл?
  6. Or need team for Thanatos )
  7. Hello guys, What about some fun improvements, like MVP event in town, where we don't lose our exp. (It will be nice to try all of them, but meeting with some of them looks like suicide) We have a lots of trash cards from monsters, it will be good to change them for something useful, may be 20 card for OCA, or 100 cards for random MVP card? 😎 What about new game staff from monsters? like this https://ratemyserver.net/item_db.php?item_id=1189&small=1&back=1 And.. thx for this server.
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