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  1. Every class benefit from a teleport clip, speed pots, peco hairband and resurection tokens... This is not a nerf toward trap hunters at all. wtf? They die a lot because they're used to MvP (rez trap trap die - rez trap trap die...) Once again, the problem is not their ability to MvP, but the fact they can solo every map, and one shot pretty much all the monsters of the game at no cost. Their leveling speed is absurd, they don't need gears and they have an almost infinite sustain.
  2. Can we have some sort of official answer by the admins? Server maintenance is tomorrow...
  3. no stuff solo-trap-boys in suicide watch!
  4. I do enjoy rates as low as 5/5/3 and I knew what I was signing for when I started playing: if the server is not able to reach a critical mass of players to have a healthy economy and competition, my friends and I will go play elsewhere. What you seem to struggle to understand is that everything in a game works in systems and if one aspect (be it PvM, PvP, MvP, leveling, class balance, drop) happens to be defective, the whole system stop to function correctly. The 1x drop rate of MvP loots is fine if there are people killing bosses regularly and if they can sell what they get to other players. Currently we have very few people killing the very easy MvPs while the rest are almost never killed. The too rare MvP loots don't end up in shops since they are too much needed to gear your own characters, or future characters. The things you don't need eventually reach a shop, but always grossly overpriced. What will happen when real MvPs (the one not easily solo/duoable) comes in? Who will try to kill Randgris or Sniper Cécil, Satan Morroc, Beelzebub with such low chances to get a single valuable item when it cost a lot of time and effort? I remember I too, when I was 14, enjoyed to be the king of dead servers with very low population and rubbing high-end stuff in front of people's nose an calling them noobs for not being as devoted as me to the game. Then I grew up and realized I had spent 12 hours a day for months for nothing since I had no way to enjoy my hard earned stuff because nobody played PvP nor WoE... To continue on a personal note, Cool But Angry has 6 active players for the moment, all of us are leveling and gearing several WoE characters alongside our personal mains for our 10+ friends (playing elsewhere or other games) to come play with us. Imagine the amount of items we need before each is WoE-ready and then compare what is available in shops right now. It really change the perspective when you start reasoning as a guild and look at the bigger picture, beyond your personal "I can play 10h a day so I'm fine"-case. Every serious guild is doing the same right now and are in the same position, it will take ages before we can attract more players at this rates. Welcome to the age of pampered guest-players. This is right on topic, the rates of MvP drops cannot be discussed outside of the context of the current state of the server.
  5. We are all aware this is not iRO and we're all glad to play on non-p2w server but don't pretend TitanRO doesn't need improvement. Nobody will play on a low-rate pserv with no population in 2018 because everybody here have already finished this game a hundred times since the early 2000's. Rates 1~3 were fun back in the days when you had 800~1500 active players on average a weekday afternoon, when you had to hocus-pocus your own MvP if you wanted any, and when the amount of loots collectively dropped by a 50 players guild was enough to supply for WoE and PvP. Your arguments reeks of bad faith and ignorance. We don't have this environment anymore and most server end up dying because the lack of a real economy and it will happen to Titan as well in a few months if the population does not increase significantly in the coming weeks. That's why people are here trying to balance things that are already messed up and deter guilds from joining. Your claim that "Tyrant is crying because the game is too difficult" and that's you're part of the "smart players" just show that you have no clues about how this game works and that you probably never played on a real (read populated, competitive) server. I have been MvPing since the start of the server with my guildmates and already killed several dozens of MvPs (not just Eddga/Garm/GTB) and all we got since then was a lame Gungir and a Ring[1]. We decided to stop for a while and focus on leveling since MVPing was not profitable (not in term of zenies, but in term of time invested). We also delayed our Hocus-Pocus parties to later time since there is no interest in wasting so many gemstones for nothing. Competition for MvP is non-existent except for the ones easily soloable by trap hunters and monks, MvP roams free on their map most of the time. I am yet to see a single real organized MvP party (apart from ours). This is not about class balance (even if trap hunters desserve a nerf) and how you MvP, but how to provide enough items to the market so that every individual player in need of a specific item does not have to kill the MvP by himself until he drops what he needs because it is unavailable in shops. < this is what is happening right now, and not only for MvP items. TL;DR MvPing is useless as it is right now and should be reworked along with BG and WoE in order to provide items in sufficient quantity to the market. Active population is too low.
  6. Monster fatigue (when the monster you're trying to mob train randomly stops and lose aggro) should be removed as it seriously impedes party leveling. It made sense in the Renewal philosophy to implement this skill since the goal was to make most of the content solo-able and to remove the need for a team to reach max level, a trend we can observe in most MMORPGS nowadays. But this is not 3rd class-Renewal and considering the EXP rates, we need party leveling (unless you're a trap hunter). Monster Fatigue makes mob train more difficult and sometimes impossible, lowering the efficiency of static parties (when your wizard waits in the middle of the map in a Bragi for the mobbers to bring monsters in your Storm Gust), not to mention that the lack of Soul Linker spirit for Bards and Dancers makes a walking party really, really slow. This feature is useless in the current state of the game and should be removed to allow new places to become viable again for party leveling. This is especially important for guilds who want to level WoE characters since most of the non-PvM builds are not viable for solo leveling.
  7. The title says it all, trap damages needs a significant nerf. No class should be allowed to solo-one-shot most of the game content for only 77 z and 10 SP. They don't even have to get gears to deal absurd amount of damages. As someone suggested me, the nerf should focus on lowering significantly the weight of DEX in the damage formula and maybe increase a bit the importance of INT so we still have viable specialized trap build (with less DEX and more INT). The overall damages could be cut by at least 30%. This way they will remain viable for farming and leveling and be still be above the rest of the other classes for PvM, just a bit less absurd. I could also rant about their MvP potential and their PvP damages but I think we already had enough to conclude they are beyond broken right now.
  8. [citation needed] People struggle to launch two or three BG game in a day to get their WoE pots and somehow alchemists who need 4 Coats per person every 10 min or every death have stockpiled more than needed... Do we play on the same server?
  9. SabatonCBA

    Trap Box

    Reduced trap weight would allow hunters to carry more consumables along with their traps for longer/more effective exp and drop sessions. Considering the insane amount of damages of traps, they don't need further advantages over other classes.
  10. SabatonCBA

    Trap Box

    Not a good idea until trap damages are nerfed
  11. This is my double-atk crit build (Note that the Hair Brush stats are not accounted for so CRIT is 88+6*2 = 100) This is with AGI BLESS lvl 10, Gloria, Awakening Pot and nothing else. 185 ASPD 100 Crit no QPet, no scarce/expensive cards
  12. I'm fine with this except for the MvP/Mini-Boss summoning event. MvP and their items are supposed to be scarce and hard to obtain, don't flood the server with them
  13. Why exactly do you think SP are a problem on Titan? People just spam SP items like they did on REstart. Strawberries are cheap and guilds are stockpiling blue pots for WoE already. (You could have dropped thousands of honey/Royal Jellies during the Vitata + Anthell Spotlight, and hundred of strawberries at wolves during the snake spotlight in less than an hour, then multiply that by the number of your guildmembers...) I don't know why you think it is so different than REstart, knights will still reign supreme in WoE and PvP even with that damage adjustment. SP pools and consumption have never been a factor.
  14. Once again, knights are fine, they have a lot of utility, tankiness and damages. The SP cost of bowling bash is fair and I don't understand how it could be an argument considering how fast and easy it is to drop SP consumables, and I'm not even talking about dropping as a whole guild. And why would only the knights be impacted by the lack of SP consumables?! Your arguments does not make any sense. The nerf to BB damages is marginal and is meant to balance classes so everyone can contribute their fair share to the general game.
  15. Right, I should not have attacked your poorly built knight. Still not a single argument for reverting a small nerf on the most OP skill of the game in its current state but nonsense about Gravity, gutter lines not being a problem, and whataboutism. There is no compromise to reach but balancing the game. Keep the nerf
  16. Gutter lines were a bug in the code and a problem for the gameplay, it has been fixed and it's a QoL improvement. Now BB still does ton of damages and needs a nerf. Nobody here is trying to "hide some truth" in a great conspiracy against Knights. Yeah so let's buff one guild over others three weeks before WoE starts! Gravity has shat on its playerbase feedback for 15 years, how do you this is an argument? How desperate are you to have a 20% damage buff on your poorly built knight? This thread should be closed already
  17. Nerf is absolutely necessary. BB is still the highest DPS source and it's an AoE, stop complaining. We don't want a knight-only WoE where other classes are bullied by peco-fast F1-spammers that deal sustained highest physical melee AoE DPS with no drawbacks. Knight leveling is fine for both vit and agi, on par or above other classes. Arguments against the nerf are BS. Am I the only one to find weird that the guild asking for a buff to BB damages is also the guild with twice the number of high level knights than other guilds? Is it an "ulterior motive?" http://cp.titanro.net/?module=ranking&action=character&jobclass=7
  18. Cool But Angry sort de sa trop longue retraite: CBA est un collectif restreint de joueurs vétérans qui partagent le goût de la compétition et du PvP depuis les débuts de RO. Nous recrutons des joueurs francophones pour repeupler nos rangs après une longue période d'inactivité. Etant donnée le manque d'information sur la roadmap du serveur et ne pouvant prévoir son niveau d'activité à venir, le projet à long terme de la guilde n'est pas encore défini, nous nous contenterons pour le moment de monter collectivement et efficacement nos persos principaux. Par le passé nous étions focalisés sur le PvP, les tournois de RWC et le contenu PvM haut-niveau (High-End MvP, Endless Tower...) mais cet été sera surtout consacré au leveling et à drop, comme tout le monde. Notre objectif à court terme est de pouvoir rassembler de manière régulière (plusieurs soirs par semaine) la totalité des membres du collectif pour pouvoir former une team dans des donjons haut-niveau et pouvoir farm (lvl et stuff) rapidement. Aucun de nous ne prévoit de grind des heures en solo comme dans notre tendre enfance. Le but est de passer le moins de temps à jouer en solo et à traverser les étapes les plus chiantes du jeu (leveling-drop-quêtes) en profitant de la synergie et de l'efficacité du groupe pour atteindre un rendement maximal en un minimum de temps de jeu. Plus qu'une guilde classique, CBA est avant tout un EFFORT COLLECTIF animé par la rage de vaincre les faibles et d'humilier le peu de joueurs restants. Prérequis: Savoir cliquer sur des mobs et builder son perso Être à l'heure et régulier Être utile au groupe (personne ne se fera carry) Vouloir s'extraire de la médiocrité Être présent en soirée (GMT+2) plusieurs fois dans la semaine Suffisamment mature pour communiquer en vocal comme un adulte Si vous pensez avoir ces prérequis ô combien élitistes, postulez par MP
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