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  1. Nubcake

    Real slackers

    Emperium was dropped yesterday. Guild is up, PM me on discord or here for invites
  2. 14 days and 1m is pretty good I think. If you change more than that.. There is something wrong.
  3. Nubcake


    Whenever I get my emp I do my guild
  4. Seems like a reasonable answer. While I am used of getting like 2 lvl if I get 200% exp , I am for slowing the process by only gaining 1 lvl even when more than 100% exp
  5. Nubcake

    Loot Protection

    +1 maybe not 40 sec but 20 sec give you enough time
  6. Meet you in game! Try to survive the wait!
  7. Welcome to the server buddy. See you at opening!
  8. Sup nutty, good to find you here, hoping this time the server won't mysteriously die!
  9. Yo Rika. Glad to see you here!
  10. Guild: Real Slackers Leader: Nubcake Co-leader:**** Guild Hometown: *** Language: English What is Real Slackers? Real Slackers is a guild make few years ago by someone named Kaal in ArchaicRO. After a while, i took over guild leading spot and since then, i've been making this guild on the server i played on. This guild is of course an international guild but as i said earlier, english is the language to use. Real Slackers is of course a WoE guild but MvP, BG, parties and social is just as important. Guild is not yet made as teh server is not up yet ! Feel free to pm me for more info and stuff! Any class and level is accepted and any RO experience too Only thing are: -do not have any alt in other guilds -Do not break the rules -Respect ANYONE, guild mate and other guild member too. -Do participate in guild event. c'mon, its fun time! ~Nubcake, Real Slackers leader! **To be updated soon** Pm me on Discord or forum for more infos
  11. Hey nubcake here, will start soon to okay here. Will make sinx and make my guild if woe hour is good for me. Make like 7 years I play, French Canadian blablabla Real slackers will be up and running. Hope to have fun here!
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