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  1. Edit 01/02 Goibne's spaulders Angel Wing Greaves [1] Necklace (unslotted) Ulle's Cap two handed sword [hydra + hydra] Hatii claw [hydra] Spectral Spear Specialty jur [4] Marina card coco card Increased quantity of ETC-items
  2. Welcome to the Rachel sanctuary fundrasing yardsale! Celeste's Yardsale! if you have any offer please reply to this thread or pm "Celeste" in discord or any of my characters ingame (Celeste, Nala or Elara) This thread will be updated to reflect my current stock. Equipment Armor Stone buckler x4 Shoes [1] x4 Shoes [Verit] Boots [1] x3 Manteau [1] Goibne's greaves x2 Goibne's spaulders morpheus Shawl x7 Lord's Clothes Chain Mail [peco peco] Evil wing Angel Wing Ring [1] Greaves [1] Necklace (unslotted) Ulle's Cap Weapons Golden mace x3 Sword mace [1] +7 Sword mace [hydra] Encyclopedia Healing Staff two handed sword [hydra + hydra] Evil bone wand Huuma blaze shuriken Katar of cold icicle Katar of raging blaze x2 Fireblend x2 Battle hook x9 Two handed axe [2] Damascus [2] x5 Hatii claw [1] Hatii claw [hydra] Spectral Spear x2 Specialty jur [4] Fortune sword x2 Cards Lunatic Nightmare terror Anolian x2 Metaling Sea-otter Furseal Goat x3 Obeaune x4 Munak x2 Poporing Creamy coco Marina ETC Emperium Oraora x9 Gold x7 Elunium x260 Titan Token x150 Costumes
  3. http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=item_db&item_id=5379 http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=item_db&item_id=5377
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