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  1. Glad to hear this. I read Trojal's chat about 3 pending Gepard update and I was hoping it would work on the recent Wine versions. 3.8 is one of the ones I tried before and it didn't have the messed up fonts so that would be a welcome change. The only problem back then was the original "Failed to connect" issue so I'm glad that you're able to log in.
  2. I've managed to get PlayOnLinux to work minus some few weird things here and there. Using 1.7.55 on a 32 bit wine prefix should work. A few things to note are to use "Emulate Virtual Desktop" in the configuration, then use use TitanRO's OpenSetup to set it to that resolution and enable fullscreen to simulate a pseudo windowed mode. I've tested the DLLs listed in Sam's guide extensively, both by installing it through winetricks exclusively, installing the POL components that match exclusively and mix&matching but I didn't see much difference compared to before I installed them. Some few problems I've encountered so far: Messed up fonts As in no anti-alisiasing and sometimes just straight up boxes in place of letters. You can still read all the things that matter and you get used to it eventually but it's there. I've tried using POL's microsoft fonts, which slightly makes it better but not really, and winetrick's does the same but never really solves it. Recently though I've been thinking it might be caused by my fontconfig so I'm not sure. Progressively increasing stuttering everytime you move maps Yep, not sure why it's happening yet. Everytime I move maps, it's like frame rate drops and it sticks. When I first start the client it's silky smooth like I've never played Ragnarok this smooth. A couple of map changes and the client goes into this nauseating stuttering mode. I have to restart the client. Simply doing character select doesn't work. Most of the time it's fine since I stay on the same map to grind so I just have to restart when I enter that map and I can stay there for a long time with no frame drop. But when doing quests where you enter/exit lots of buildings and maps and warp lots of times, it's annoying. Fly wing doesn't seem to affect this so it's not too bad. No RODEX Panel I just noticed this recently but apparently everyone has a RODEX panel. I don't. The arrow under the info window doesn't appear. Not sure what I'm missing. So far that's all the isues I've encountered. If the client doesn't run on PlayOnLinux, you'll have to open Debug and see the errors it's spitting out. Usually you'll just have to install some 32bit libraries here and there to get them sorted out. Another is if the debug outputs something about Freetype2, you'll have to delete the libz*.so files in $HOME/.PlayOnLinux/wine/linux-x86/1.7.55/lib.
  3. I give up ;_;. I think you're right about it being related to Gepard. I've tried at least 7 wine versions, all at least silver on winedb but I couldn't get any to work. Closest I've got was really that, Failed to connect, No Gepard. I saw the chat about wine on discord but I'm not sure how to interpret it either. S/he said I don't know how Wineskins work on mac so I'm not sure what to make of it. I've messaged the person though, hopefully it's still working on his/her side.
  4. Yeah got that too. Actually found the ip from the grf an hour ago too and compared to wireshark and it looks like it's connecting to the right ip. I'm just randomly trying other wine versions now.
  5. On a related note, is it possible to know what's the server the client is supposed to be trying to connect to? I'm not getting any errors from wine anymore so I'm probably good on that side. I think I remember an issue regarding private servers needing to change iptables or whatchamacallit and/or some DNS related issues back then to get wine to work.
  6. Ah, that's good to hear. I'll try to get on the discord too to watch out for it. Thanks!
  7. Hi friends. I'm trying to get TitanRO to run on linux. I'm using Playonlinux/wine and I can pretty much get to the login screen. Every time I enter my password, it waits for a bit then says "Failed to Connect to server". The patcher works so it's just the client that can't connect. Currently, instead of saying the "Failed to connect to Server" bit, it just says "Disconnected from Server". I tried playing using a virtualbox instead but there was that issue that it can't detect my graphics card so I'm pretty much out of luck there. Anyone can point me to the right direction?
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