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  1. Indeed. We are always recruiting.
  2. eclairero.wikia.com/wiki/Deviling_Wing eclairero.wikia.com/wiki/Angeling_Wing I also think these are animated to flap either as you walk or in idle...I've only seen them in some videos, so I'm not 100% certain.
  3. Love the character name. Welcome!
  4. I've had this happen to me four times: Furious Penomena, Solid Mandragora, Thief Mushroom (not a champion mob, but still), and Soldier Skeleton Ringleader.
  5. I second Jerry. Welcome to the server!
  6. Trans classes will release at some point in the future, though I am not sure of the exact date. *It seems I did not type fast enough
  7. Shiro Yusuke


    Welcome to TitanRO! I hope you enjoy your stay. Until this server was started, it had been some time since my last RO experiences as well, but I've certainly been enjoying my time here and will continue to do so for quite some time. The people here are awesome and fun so have no fear in that regard. Hope to see you in game!
  8. Yup. That part requires lucky teleports. Glad you made it through! Happy leveling!
  9. Heal Bomb until TU. Yes, SP is going to be an issue for a while (until Magnificat as Priest), but be patient. It gets better. Hopefully you level up relatively quickly so you get your SP back. Another way to conserve SP is to figure out how many heals it takes to kill an enemy and change the heal level (with the mouse wheel if you have one) to a lower level to finish it off when it's low on HP. I remember it taking 3 Heal 10s and 1 Heal 3 to kill Firelocks at some point in my adventuring. Holy Light is used for small, annoying things that can't be hurt with Heal/TU, at least until Soul Linkers come. I'm one that likes having all options available to himself. Also, something I forgot to mention about Firelocks: They cannot hit you through Pneuma with their regular attacks BUT THEY CAN hit you with skills if they are within 4 squares of you EVEN IF you have Pneuma up. Always try to stay 5 or more squares away, even with Pneuma, just in case.
  10. Once you get to Firelocks, everything is fine (in my opinion). It can be rough, but if you treat it as an "I'm hunting for an Apple of Archer or some Skeleton Soldier Cards to sell," it's a bit easier.
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