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  1. I bought 5000 Bloody Shells from the shop in alberta_in, named Trading Merchant. I then went right outside of that building, in Alberta, to an NPC named Magazine Dealer Kenny, and attempted to turn them into magazines. No matter what I try, it doesnt work. I have tried just doing 1 at a time, equipping them, unequiping them, relogging, removing all other bullets, checking that I wasnt overweight, etc. No matter what, he always says that I dont have enough.
  2. Although I signed up quite some time ago, I never really got around to playing until now, but I leveled up a rogue today, and find myself a bit uncertain about how I should go about this. To note, I dont plan to PvP with him, nor try to MvP or anything, just general grinding of mobs. Anyway, I cant decide if I should go bow or dagger, and the problem is compounded by the fact that I dont even know what equipment is in the game right now compared to, say iRO. I had planned to just go dagger, but without knowing what is out there, it is hard to tell if I will even find anything better than my Eden dagger. I am not even 100% sure that Stalker is out, should I make it far enough to reroll and continue. Can someone that knows the server much better than I point me in the right direction, please? Thank you.
  3. I can confirm that with the GepardShield files that Trojal supplied, the client will run in the latest (wine 3.8) version. With that latest wine version, the Rodex icon miniaturization is fixed, and the lowered framerate when switching zones is significantly lessened. On 1.7.51, it would start to become annoying on the eye due to the stutter (almost like super slow screen refresh) after 3-4 change of zones, and become unbearable after 10+. I switched between Izlude and the field next to it 10 times with the newer version, and although it didnt seem as smooth as when I first logged in, it was significantly better than just 2-3 zone changes from before.
  4. Also, I have a rodex, as far as I can tell. If you slowly move your mouse down below the info window, you will see it turn from an arrow over the info window, to a little pointer hand just below it, and eventually back to a pointer. If you click when it is the pointer finger, it brings up a dropdown menu with a bunch of impossibly small icons which I obviously cant make out. But it does seem to be there. Edit: To note, the icons are useless. If you mouse over the empty spaces where full sized buttons SHOULD be, you will see the description text pop up, and those invisible spaces are clickable for opening the status window, equipment, etc.
  5. I finally got it to work as well, but with 1.7.51 on 32 bit. I havent played around too much with it, but I am not seeing any messed up fonts as of yet. However, this might have to do with some tweaking I have been doing trying to get it to work at all, which included installing internet explorer 6.0 on it, which in turn ends up installing a ton of stuff, including a lot of font packages.
  6. I tried using Wineskin on Linux, and doing everything in the guide, and then using the same Wine version without success. My PlayOnLinux is all sorts of screwed after some failed tinkering last year, so I cannot speak for that.
  7. Ran Wireshark with that IP address targeted, and the client does attempt to make contact with the server. Strange.
  8. Alright, thanks. I will see if I can see attempts at communication at that IP.
  9. I have also been trying to get it to work on Linux without success. Normally on private servers there would be a clientinfo.xml in the data folder, but it is missing here. That might be an issue, but then again they might just have that in the grf files, so who knows. I have already tried removing all my firewalls to see if it would connect, but no luck. The strange part is that I have tried watching the packets in Wireshark, but I dont seem to find any, so I am not even sure if it is trying to connect.
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