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  1. Trap damage nerf

  2. Remove Monster Fatigue

  3. Trap Box

    To go a bit further : traps, in my mind, need some really hard nerf. It one shots nearly everybody in BG mode, wtf To decrease its weight would be completely insane. Atleast, this would make hunters a bit less powerful in those modes, cuz they'd have in the end less consumables on 'em, so less endurance, despite the fact they can mail thousands of traps ofc :'(
  4. [FR] - Cool But Angry - R> Francophones

    You're welcome man <3
  5. What about Assumptio ?

    Up! Is an answer possible? <3
  6. What about Assumptio ?

    Just a quick message : what do you guys plan about this skill ? Renewal version is pretty weak, to use an euphemism, especially on a server which proposes 99/70 as a maximum level brink. What comes to my mind is Thor : if Blazzers or Kahos can blast 4k damages in one blow, what's gonna happen when a Kasa will cast fire breath ? Will Pasana be enough ? Same questions for high-end PvE with physical sources of damages, of course.
  7. [FR] - Cool But Angry - R> Francophones

    Up <3