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  1. Central community area/map

    Just reiterating various suggestions that have been made on Discord the other day (some of which have already been made by Charlie in another post, so credit to him as well): Since we don't really have a main town, it would be nice to have a general map/area for the community to hang out in and meet other people. This could either be a different map (like the Eden Group maps for example) or an existing town with enough space (Prontera? Juno?). These suggestions have been made to give people reason to use such an area: Move all the Hunting Boards there - this way people can easily recruit for parties in said area by putting up chats (as well as still using #party) and use it as a meeting point Add a universal Tool Dealer - with all the commonly needed items that don't already exist in each town (like Berserk Potions, Fire Arrows and Blue Gems for example), to save people some time; adding SP items has also been suggested Add a Kafra - not sure about being able to save there, but at least storage and cart rental seems fine; possibly akin to the Airship Rep in Juno that warps to all Rune-Midgard cities for higher fees depending on distance Add guild banners - these could be rented by guild leaders for a fee for a certain amount of days (maybe a week at a time?) to promote their guild. Imagine a little banner with the guild emblem, and when you click it you get info about the guild; optionally: one NPC with a list of all the guilds who paid for the service, with pre-defined tags (WoE, PvM, Social, etc) so people can easily search for one that fits them. Having it timed keeps it to active guilds only and the fee could be a small zeny sink (can't be too high to keep up for a new guild though!) Moving existing custom NPCs there - like the Stylist and Stat/Skill Reset NPCs, as well as whatever else might be around Maybe having some way to view the currently available costumes better than in the Token Shop? Add a general help/info NPC - with stuff like Discord, forums, wiki and support mentioned
  2. bug on mobile version v2

    The link I gave you has the newest version, install that one and see how it goes
  3. bug on mobile version v2

    Are you using the latest version of the app? https://rink.hockeyapp.net/apps/f5a61910feb84e0e89ab2187629df256 And if so, when did the crashes start?
  4. There are definitely a bunch of people not playing much at the moment because they're waiting for trans, at least speaking for my own guild. That's partly why the market might be a bit stale at the moment, but everyone being out grinding again should help revitalise that
  5. Thanks for writing up the suggestions!
  6. Bugs in Mobile Version 234

    Thanks! We'll forward those to the AndRO dev and hopefully get them fixed with time
  7. My Mobile Features Suggestions

    We'd love to have all of that and more on the mobile client, but sadly that's not up to us; the person developing AndRO is completely independent from us and has only adapted a version that works for our server. The biggest priority right now is to make it more stable, seeing how many people seem to have trouble with it crashing (for example because of DA crits). If it were up to me, I'd add features like mail, bank, achievements, attendance rewards and navi, since those are all things you currently can't use at all on mobile. (Then again, it was never meant to be the only way people play the game, from its inception, afaik)
  8. [SideQuest] is recruiting for PvM and WoE!

    SQ is still looking for members ❤
  9. Playing on Linux Distro

    It says Mac, but maybe this is still of some help? http://wiki.titanro.net/view/Playing_On_Mac If not, probably better to ask on Discord; can't think of anyone playing on Linux off the top of my head.
  10. Android app crash/auto closed

    Are you playing a character capable of double attack crit?
  11. It's not clear we'll be implementing 3rd jobs at all. 1. They're a very divisive topic; some people like them, others can't stand them. 2. We're waiting to see how the official Revo-Classic servers handle them, if they implement them at all.
  12. You do realise most of the server's mechanics are already Renewal, right? There's nothing to change; Revo-Classic is its own thing, really.
  13. Cannot delete character asking for DOB

    I tried that earlier and it didn't work. It doesn't accept anything that's not 6 digit date format.
  14. Greetings

    Welcome! I sure hope you're out there looking for gold in the Rhine
  15. Taekwon Mission

    Before or after the last patch where champions and minibosses were taken out, Shiro?