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  1. Hello!

    Welcome! Feel free to hop on Discord with any questions you might have, there's usually someone around to answer
  2. Unlimited Guild Titles

    Are people still interested in this?
  3. My suggestions to improve the server's appeal to casual players

    A bunch of these have now been addressed through the hub area; the level up box is still in the works.
  4. Balance Changes re: Stat Foods as BG Rewards

    +5 foods have been implemented in BG.
  5. Orphanage

    This might be added in the future, but for now anyone who wants a baby character without having to adopt it can just message Trojal and it will be done during the next maintenance.
  6. Ingame Events

    We now have both combat (invasion) and non-combat (disguise/cluckers) events running during every weekend.
  7. New @noks, @refresh and more

    @refresh bas been added in a recent patch; for better item info, http://cp.titanro.net/?module=item can be used.
  8. Hey Everyone!

    Welcome! To avoid any confusion, most mechanics are actually Renewal - you can find the specifics here: http://wiki.titanro.net/view/Introduction_to_TitanRO#Custom_Mechanics
  9. Is there...

    I would have said Eden, but it seems people are off travelling for Thanksgiving and the like (I'm typing this at the airport before the journey home...). There were definitely a bunch of people there before I left on my holiday last week But I've also noticed that people on this server generally don't seem to hang out a lot and prefer being out and about on different maps while chatting on #main or Discord.
  10. [SideQuest] is recruiting for PvM and WoE!

    Still recruiting ❤
  11. Yo.

    Welcome! WoE is mostly 3 guilds at the moment, so there's always fights going on (since there are 2 castles). PvP is mostly done in the form of Battlegrounds, which recently got a Happy Hour to lower team requirements and make them run more they're pretty fun imo, we have like... 4 or 5 different modes? As for end game leveling, that can be done through boards, but parties generally give way more exp/h (like pretty much anywhere else, really). Depending on how well the party is set up, people sometimes don't hand thwir boards in and just stay, especially in areas where 1. It takes several minutes to get back and 2. When the map/monster/dungeon is spotlighted. It's basically "do we get more exp killing stuff in the time it takes to go back to the board and come back here? Ok, let's not go back then" I'd definitely recommend joining a guild, since that's where a lot of the parties are happening. Enjoy your stay! ❤
  12. Hullo :3

    Make sure to check out the recruitment section if you're looking for guilds to play with
  13. Hullo :3

    Welcome! Feel free to poke us on Discord if you need any help
  14. [SideQuest] is recruiting for PvM and WoE!

    Sure, just hop onto our Discord