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  1. A simple question

    It'll be announced very soon though
  2. A simple question

    We will have trans, yes.
  3. Sprites

    We don't have those, but we do have a Stylist that can change your clothing dye after unlocking the service with Titan Tokens
  4. Assistance with getting installation.

    Unzip it and run the patcher as admin
  5. Hello

  6. weapon/s

    Player stats and mechanics are entirely Renewal, except for the Heal formula and our custom matk boost Why do you want to mvp on a blacksmith specifically?
  7. WoE Video Collection Thread!

    Here's a central place to post all your WoE videos (or stream VoDs if they'll be available permanently). Go post your stuff, people ❤
  8. Fullforge Build

    You can also go for baby leopard card in armor. And personally I'd go for fortune sword for weapon.
  9. I can't play more than 5 minutes

    Are you running any overlays? http://wiki.titanro.net/view/Troubleshooting#Code:_50_or_30_Memory_integrity_test_failed.21
  10. All you have to do is download and extract the client Depending on what antivirus you're using, you might have to set an exception for the folder (because they detect our anti-cheat shield as a virus, go figure). Also: you'll probably want to run the client as admin for it to patch without problems. Feel free to ask on our Discord if there are any problems, that'll get you faster answers than on the forums
  11. Maintenance #8: Costume Egg 3

    They drop from champion monsters.
  12. [SideQuest] is recruiting for PvM and WoE!

    Like I said on Discord - more of everything is good
  13. [SideQuest] is recruiting for PvM and WoE!

  14. Questions on 3rd class and stuff

    Part of the problem with 3rds on officials is also the op cash shop gears that come with them; that at least is something we can easily change.
  15. [SideQuest] is recruiting for PvM and WoE!

    Bump bump Still recruiting for WoE!