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  1. Renshin


    Holy moly! I can't remember how long it's ago since we've first met, but really good to see you here man! Would be lots of fun to play with you again Thanks!
  2. Renshin


    Hey everyone! I've been pushed here through a friend, and I can say I haven't played RO for a long while but boy, it still triggers me to have that curiousity to play on a new server! Been on Trojal's past server before, and I can remember good things from it. I've played on dozens of servers, mainly low-rates. Servers I've played on such as EternityRO, EuphRO, CelestiaRO, Pure-RO, ElariaRO, DutchRO, and many other that I'm forgetting haha. Always been playing low-rates cause I like the pace of progression, the grinding and just taking my time rather than being instant 99 and easy getting all items and stuff. I've always leaded a guild to my knowledge, such as Euphoria, Liberty (good old old old days) and Horizon. PVM guilds, as I'm not really into WoE although PVP and BG can be fun. Just registered to lurk the forums a lil' and see how things pan out. Excited to play, although be it casually, RO again and I'll be sure to keep checking in how the development is progressing. Might try and call up all my good old RO friends, guildies and more to play here! Cheers, Renshin / Alex
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