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  1. Sure. Here. 0002 displays the ankle snare bug. 0003 is the one where your character goes in circles. Just found out it gets "reset" when you get hit. To be clear, I clicked the Fin item on the ground only once in the replay. RagnarokReplay_0002.rrf RagnarokReplay_0003.rrf
  2. Not sure if this is intended, but I hope not. Monsters go in circles while ankle snared, so it's hard to place another trap directly in front of a monster. Also it makes it harder to discern if the monster's breaking free or not. And just to add, your character also does the same thing when trying to pick up items on the ground while another monster is in front of you. Kinda like it tries to find the path to the items but goes on a loop because a monster's in the way.
  3. Buying the following items: Wind of Verdure Cat's Eye Rough Wind Green Live Porcupine Quill Great Nature PM me in-game to discuss the prices. Was hoping that it'd be under gemstone->arrow prices. Thanks. IGN: AAAAA
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