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  1. We discussed this on Discord a bit, I'd like to go into detail on my suggestion for increasing rare drops only (related to point 5). If we had 5x drop rates, that would bring a ton of Zeny to the server (Sleeper spotlight all day every day, minus increased spawns) and probably wouldn't do much for people's will to hunt rares (since Zeny farming is so easy). So I'd suggest reverse logarithmic growth for drop rates instead, which wouldn't do much to common items, but would make rares easier to farm. E.g. new drop rate = old drop rate in percent * (((ln(100)/7)+1) - (ln(old drop rate)/7)) That would turn 50% into 54.96%, but 0.03% into 0.06%. Incubus drop table would become: Mastela Fruit 43.84% - White Herb 92.13% - Incubus Horn 0.06% Ring[1] 0.06% - Gold Ring 7.05% - Diamond Ring 6.40% White Herb 57.37% - Incubus Card 0.06% (for comparison, this is what it is now) Mastela Fruit 38.59% - White Herb 90.89% - Incubus Horn 0.03% Ring[1] 0.03% - Gold Ring 4.93% - Diamond Ring 4.43% White Herb 52.54% - Incubus Card 0.03% Thoughts?
  2. At some point during the Thief guide quest for novices in Criatura Academy around iz_ac02 62/134, one of the teachers (Vicente or Verkhasel) tasks you with stealing a Stone from one of the (special, stationary) caged Porings around, given a Thief Manual. I tried this for quite a bit yesterday, then moved on - it doesn't appear to be possible to steal from these mobs. As the NPC lets you respawn all Porings, "already stolen" is not the problem here. Maybe the map's set to noloot - Steal should always fail on those maps.
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