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  1. [WildOn] PVM/WoE Guild is recruiting!

  2. Forger Service (retired)

    I always love how nicely formatted your posts are! I'd like to craft some elemental two-handed axes for my Smith at some point. I'll definitely get in touch when I've gathered the materials!
  3. I cant Log in the My Account

    Also, if you continue having issues, please post about it over in "Pesticide Warehouse". Thanks!
  4. Follow me on instagram

    Hope it worked out for you! Nice to see a familiar face from RE:Start here
  5. Logout

    Did you continually get disconnected? Was your internet connection fine? Were there any, more specific errors displayed? More details would be helpful! Thanks
  6. Captain Carocc won't give a quest.

    Hmm, he should be giving you the quest. (At work right now so can't check the replay.) What base level were you when you left the island? Also we made a guide for Criatura that people have found helpful: http://wiki.titanro.net/view/Criatura_Academy
  7. Can't wait!

    Welcome! Hope you're having a great time on the server!
  8. HEY!

    Welcome to the game! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the game
  9. [WildOn] PVM/WoE Guild is recruiting!

    Actively recruiting! We have a number of spots available, but they're filling up fast ;).
  10. [WildOn] PVM/WoE Guild is recruiting!

    We found an Emp and now are officially a guild here on Titan! Get in touch with us today; there's definitely a spot with your name on it ;).
  11. Let's rock one more time!

    Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you ingame!
  12. Panda Family is ready to adventure xD

    Welcome to the server! Nice to meet you too!
  13. Can't wait!

    Nice to meet you too! Looking forward to seeing you ingame!
  14. The Boiiiii

    Welcome to the server! Look forward to seeing you ingame
  15. Initial Novice Quests Repeatable(exploitable)

    I believe you're no longer able to get back to the ship as your save point is changed to Izlude once you leave the island. So this shouldn't be an issue any longer!