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  1. Hello! The cartridge NPC can be found in Alberta almost right in front of the Alberta Tool Shop. I'll also add that the Cartridge dealer NPC will only exchange Bullets bought from the Gunslinger hideout ( in einbroch ) Hope this helps!
  2. Hello fellow gunslinger. I know the cause of this problem and I am here to help. It seems like the bullet merchants have different types of item IDs. What this means is that the merchant you bought the bloody shells from simply has a different item ID than the bullets required for the Magazine dealer to turn into magazines. Example this bullet is the right bullet that the magazine dealer requires to turn into magazines ( These bullets can be found at einbroch gunslinger hideout ) While these bullets are the ones you seem to have bought from the Alberta merchant. Hopefully, this clears some confusion and helps you along the way.
  3. Just a couple last few samples of pictures from Restart just to make sure. Thought I'd test on Restart to see how my damage was without archer skeleton
  4. Can confirm with screenshots taken from Restart Below is our server
  5. Archer Skeleton card isn't boosting the damage of Desperado. The IRO WIki says its a ranged attack but Archer Skeleton card doesn't seem to be boosting its damage at all. Please check
  6. On the iRO wiki, it states that this skill is only supposed to consume 1 coin per use yet it uses 4 instead. Please fix https://irowiki.org/wiki/Last_Stand
  7. GameBoyAdvance


    Anubis doesn't seem to be casting these spells -Dark strike -Thunderstorm -Jupitel Thunder --Fatal Wound -Curse attack At that note, it does still seem to cast -Sonic blow -Firewall Stood around one using safety wall. Poor thing could hardly fight back
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