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  1. there is only one MVP card as far as I know on the server, and its randgris card. otherwise no cards exist. the idea to exchange card > oca has actually been done on other servers. I think my boy Shagaru actually said on another server they used a points system meaning shit cards you could exchange in for points and then those points add up over time to get an OCA. So maybe a shit card like poring/poison spore are only worth 5 points and you need 100 to get an OCA, etc. Getting an MVP card exchange would be a joke tho lol. MVP cards are game breaking and should be near impossible to acquire because of that. I have always been ok with MVP cards being 0.01 or 0.02. As for the items those come out in later episodes. We will eventually get them most likely, but some we maybe never get since they were added in after the renewal update. (not sure if we will update past renewal.) There will be better gear coming out in the future tho. Not sure when Krasnaya was implemented.
  2. Posting this as more of a general discussion because even I'm not sure what direction we could go, but I have come to the personal conclusion that the stat reset is a little too unforgiving in its current state given that we are a revo-classic server. I originally believed the system that we had (the same one as on RE:start) to be pretty ideal as it allowed only for minor adjustments and no abuse for brewers/forgers. However, its clear after having met multiple people who have struggled with learning Revo-Classic and the mechanics that they often find out too late to reset without spending weeks + millions of zeny to reset or more often have to reset their entire character. I think its time consider lightening up on the reset system in some ways. I'm not sure exactly how we can do this because there are obvious issues that can arise such as resets for brewers/forger resets. To start off I guess I can say I think my personal feelings are that we can allow for more full stat resets at a higher cost (in the millions of zeny) with the caveat that an alchemist/forger cannot hit the ranked the ladder, only in the case of a full reset. (not sure if this can be coded) But I figure its the easy solution. Sure a player can still reset to a brewer and have one, but without the ability to have ranked potions they get significantly less value out of their supplies. I feel its a good compromise that would allow us to have more forgiving stat reset.
  3. Title says it all. kRO recently did an update where I'm pretty sure(could be remembering wrong) they buffed ME along with a bunch of other abilities. i know those were mostly done for renewal, but ME is kind of lack luster in revo with its insanely long cast time. Would be nice to see the ability buffed so it can have a viable niche. they did other changes like make it dmg everything but deal double vs demon/undead as well, but not sure if that's necessary. could be fun as well though. Either way, the cast time is absolutely absurd. needs reducing to be viable over a wizard in niche places.
  4. This is an ability that monks/champs used to level previously solo, but is now total trash tier in renewal mechanics (at least in revo). current formula is: [ATK + (Target_Hard_DEF ÷ 2)] × Base_Damage and the old one was: https://irowiki.org/classic/Occult_Impaction (something i do not understand in the slightest /wah) the attack at max rank is 950% so it appears the change that lowered its damage is the way it works vs defense. would be nice for monks/champs to have a way to solo level outside of mvping too. they could kill mvps and level with occult impaction inbetween like in classic.
  5. So with the addition of the new daily bounty this opens us up for a good opportunity to encourage people to come together at higher stakes places more regularly. My idea is to implement new bounty boards for places that may already be good exp/desireable or unique, but are less farmed due to the effort they require to set up a party to do. By giving them a bounty board it further encourages people to group up and take these down more regularly. And because its harder content, they can't be abused alone so it really encourages people to group up and play together. Guilds/Randoms would group up more often to take these down. Due to the lack of high end gear on this server, I've found that people really only do the hard content when its spotlighted. To have something that makes them always worth it (besides drops) We could do mobs for: Thanatos Tower (Dame of Sentinel, Mistress of Shelter, Lady Solace, Baron of Retribution, Owl Barons, etc.) Bio 3 (Cecil Damon, Eremes Guile, Etc.) Odin Temple (Frus, Skeggiold, Skogul) Rachel Sanctuary (Agav, Echio, Hodremlin, etc.) Abyss Lake (Gold/Blue Acidus) Ice Dungeon (Ice Titans) The problem with the server right now is people do not farm or level unless something is really really good. Juperos is pretty much the meta for parties and the only place I see people go outside of spotlights and thats because it has good bounty boards. We could use some more high end bounty boards for higher tier leveling.
  6. All classes welcome! Wizard mains especially welcome Kupo Club is a guild with a primary focus on playing together in parties and in WoE. We accept anyone of all skill levels and from anywhere so long as you join are willing to join our discord. We are also interested primarily in active players who enjoy getting out there in parties and doing stuff with other people. We are doing and plan to continue to do a lot of high level content as well as do parties at good spotlights together to level/acquire gear. I also plan on focusing on taking down MVP's as a group occasionally so whether you like PVM, PVP, or MVPing you will generally have something to do with us ^.^ . If think we might be the kind of guild you are looking for then join our discord and PM me "charlieluvsu" or simply post that you are interested in joining in general discussion. discord.me/kupoclub NOTE: you do not have to download discord to use it, but it is recommended as it will make your life easier. discord also has a phone app if u dont wanna use the pc version.
  7. So I tested Gatling Fever with a guildy in pvp and vs the izlude eggs as well as vs enemies. I will post the results of his damage vs me in pvp below. The problem with Gatling Fever right now is for some unknown reason it is reducing damage when used by about 11-12% ish. It makes zero sense that it does this as its supposed to give 100 ATK. Whether that attack is intended to be mastery attack (hidden) or straight attack (visible) is actually uknown but its definitely NOT supposed to reduce your damage while being used. We tested his damage on auto attacks without either Gatling Fever or Madness Canceller, with gatling fever only, madness canceller only, and both on at the same time. the results are here: No Buffs (besides AGI + Bless) ------------------------------------------------ 288 280 279 276 282 276 276 275 274 281 287 283 282 Average = 280dmg (rounded slightly up) Gatling Fever only (with AGI + Bless) -------------------------------------------------- 251 247 241 250 243 256 240 249 244 244 252 254 250 Average = 248 dmg (rounded slightly up) Net Loss/Gain = - 11-12% Madness Canceller only (with agi+bless) ----------------------------------------------------------- 336 340 343 334 344 326 325 340 336 326 335 336 338 Average = 337 dmg (rounded) Net Loss/Gain = + 20% Both Buffs together (with agi + bless) ---------------------------------------------------------- 300 307 293 308 304 312 314 308 301 307 313 302 296 Average = 305 dmg (rounded) Net Loss/Gain = +9% (-11% from madness canceller alone) All in all its very obvious that gatling fever is in some way broken and we should look into getting it fixed. I know there aren't many people playing it, but an ability being bugged is still an ability that is bugged.
  8. Currently the server is represented in all of its changes by staff. And sure that staff also plays on the server, but I can't help but feel it doesn't represent how everyone feels at all times. I suggest we implement community reps for disucssion about server balance regularly and so staff can no exactly how the player base feels about state the server and any issues they may have. Then staff can identify how to solve those problems or maybe identify new ones easier. I personally recommend having 1 rep from each guild in the discussions so everyone gets heard as most people are in a guild. I also recommend there is 1 community voted rep who will represent all the solo players who do not play in guilds. that way everyones voice is heard. I know people can use the forums, discord ,etc. but its not the same as being able to have a full back and forth discussion where you can actively defend and promote your points.
  9. With Valk Helm quest now in the game and these headgear quests also in the game, I think it would benefit the server long term to have Umbala Dungeon put back in an instanced form. http://ratemyserver.net/quest_db.php?qid=10006&type=10000 (headgear quests) People need to farm Logs and Wooden Golem Card for these and Wooden Golems were much more plentiful before the removal of Umbala Dungeon. While it does fall in line with the actual updates from kRO and renewal, I feel deviating from that to give people a desirable place to farm again would be good long term. And to be clear by instanced i mean giving players the option to go to Umbala dungeon by maybe something like clicking an npc outside the ygg tree. that way players who want to go straight to the tree (and also niflheim) can go straight there still rather than being forced to go through Umbala dungeon. I've seen other servers do this and I don't see any reason why it would be a bad thing.
  10. Idea here is each player/character can go to Eden, talk to an npc and get their daily mob worth a set amount of exp for the HP group/level they are at. Regardless of mob it could be worth the same exp so as to be fair. The mob would be unique to that player, sort of like a PERSONAL spotlight. Because the exp is the same from the bounty reward the only difference is the base exp earned while killing the mobs themselves. Could be a larger amount of kills required to get the big chunk in exp like 150-200 instead of the usual 100. Renewal does something like this to an extent in gramps in that they have a place you can go, kill a huge amount of mobs, and get a large chunk of exp and then it goes on cooldown. For this set up my idea is to give people a daily turn in, that is unique. this encourages people to go to different places rather than camp spotlights only. Spotlights are fun, but it results in the market being oversaturated and players only going there for the time they exist. They would be less of an issue in my eyes if people had more reason to spread out. And since this is a daily turn in, I feel it benefits hardcore/casual players alike. It also is another reason to login daily. I'm not sure if this would need to replace current spotlights, but I think both can co exist. One drawback I can foresee is this encourages solo leveling for a short time. If the staff is against this idea overall, the alternative way of doing it I can suggest is to have the OPTION (so solo players can still benefit) to have a party leader get the daily mobs for an entire party and a group of people can do it together all at once. There would be no other benefit to doing it other than the speed at which the group can do it. You could also make it party based only which forces people to play together to get the daily benefit, but I feel giving them both options is the safer route to make players potentially feel better about it. The general theme I chose with all of my suggestions is to aim at benefiting players with limited time, while not taking away from the most efficient way of leveling (consistent parties either moving or static in one place)
  11. Make bounty boards give significantly more exp in ratio (currently 50%), but have cooldowns. Very straightforward here. This would help players with less time get a good burst of exp in their limited window, but prevent abuse since they have a cooldown built in. How long that cooldown would need to be is beyond me. Would it need to be for every board? Or just that specific mob? That is up for staff to debate as I can't quite figure it out myself. The latter would encourage people to level in different places and travel more rather than just camping the same mob over and over as they can do different boards for large chunks of exp. The travel time alone would make it weaker than doing a good static party with a guild so I don't see it replacing that. It also would be more fun to be not stuck in the same place forever, which is one of the drawbacks of pre re leveling. In renewal they implement the penalty system, but that feels awful. This set up would encourage more diversity in leveling spots for smaller parties/groups/solo players.
  12. Idea here is to make MVPing a semi viable way of leveling. If you solely MVP it should still be slower than leveling in a good party, but as you can see with Kiel, Randgris, Bio Labs MVPs(2/3) MVPs worth a lot of exp are fun to do and are worth the time to put in. There's loot, there's a challenge, and the exp reward means if you die it doesn't feel so bad. That said, even with increased rates, MVPs are overall not a way to level. Some of the more intense ones provide a nice chunk like the aforementioned ones and some that come later in the progression, but the older ones even the ones that pose a big risk are simply not worth it exp wise. My suggestion is to just buff them all to make them give good chunks of exp for appropriate levels. Even weaker MVPs like Phree/GTB could get moderate buffs to be worth a few hundred K and other mvps like dracula/baphomet can give a couple mil with the super hard ones giving 10m + or better. (some of them already do). It could encourage low level parties to group up and take on a weaker mvp for the sake of getting everyone some exp or a solo player to camp some mvps who doesn't necessarily have the time to grind mobs over and over. You see this change in renewal where MVPs are primarily a way of leveling for newer players, and they give HUGE amounts of exp. Its a very fun experience and is honestly way more fun to level for some people this way I've noticed than just grinding mobs.
  13. yay i won! I'll definitely take one o the shiba I suggested if i get to pick any of them!
  14. I would say its kind of impractical for PVP/WoE personally as you will deal more damage to yourself then you will to the enemy with all the reductions players get. its main strength is AOE farming specific types of mobs weak to holy like Undead/Shadow type. As for lower than 1.5 seconds I cannot tell you exactly but I recall having a pretty decent cast time without investing a ton of dex into it on the last revo server I played on. Considering the build gets a lot of int its likely you'll get some dex for early leveling as well and that helps with cast time. I can't promise the exact cast time but if you are worried about it being slow as molasses i wouldn't worry about it. In Revo its much easier to get good cast times without investing in a boat load of dex. especially if you invest in int. (int gives cast time in renewal mechanics) You will not be able to achieve instant cast but you don't need it.
  15. 1.) MATK buff should just be a straight buff, not sure how much it affects it. i believe the formula is about equal, but STR/ATK seems to be slightly more favored than INT/MATK probably because of the 0.5% weapon attack in renewal stats for STR. 2.) it should behave the same? remember grand cross is NOT buffed by card % dmg so it doesnt matter what type of cards (say archer skeleton on a bow) would do. A bow would probably be bad due to its lower attack and less than ideal size mods. (even tho they are decent compared to say a dagger) 3.) Grand Cross is about the same as it was in classic, but because everything else is better now, its kind of fallen behind its holy cross counterpart. While its not the ideal build, it can still be a fun situational build if you are built specifically for it. and it can still do good damage. 4.) they've talked about it in length before the server launch and i think it was about 70/30 that it should not be buffed. its weaker, but it doesn't necessarily need a buff to be viable. I think people should remember that not everything has to be "meta" to be viable. If you go all out and specifically build for most abilities that aren't total garbage (and grand cross isnt) it will do work.
  16. bungee jump works for sure, you need to go to the top right cell of the water over and over once you fall into it on this server. on other servers or official ones you either die/drown immediately, die/drown after a few attempts at top right cell, immediately get to nif, get to nif after a few attempts at top right cell, or just get ported right back to Umbala a little to the side of the water and have to bungee jump again. On here its much easier, you just jump and try top right cell over and over and over. you can't die, and you get unlimited attempts. It should say stuff like "KYAAAAAAHH. UHHHHHHH" and things like that over and over until you get in. but you will eventually get in. You should also just lose health every time you step on that cell. either half or all of your health down to 1. kind of like a coma. but just keep trying.
  17. for the second one, im pretty sure its confirmed or likely we are getting a convert headgear > costume npc which would make goggles exist through that means. so any headgear that exists in game wouldn't need a costume since you could just convert it.
  18. So I want to preface this by saying I don't think there is anything wrong with the current set up (criartura academy) per say, but that it doesn't do much for a player other than give them a basic understanding of Ragnarok Online. I think with how new and misunderstood Revo-Classic is overall it would help (and be fun) to get new players into the server in a way that helps that them understand how the game mechanics work. I am going to outline what I think makes a good introductory experience (for any game not just RO) and specifically put in some ideas on how we can accomplish this. I want to note that what I'm suggesting is pretty much going to need to be custom, but in this case I feel its ok because getting a player into the game and having fun right away is key to getting them hooked long term. I am also going to try to incorporate the new upcoming novice package into the suggestions. So what makes a good tutorial? Explains the mechanics of the game clearly, but doesn't overwhelm new player with too much info Is streamlined and straight forward, making it easy for the player to navigate the tutorial without getting lost Gets a player experiencing the game mechanics right after learning about them rather than just explaining solely through text Player gets to have fun and feel a sense of progress even with just learning the basics Leaves the player with a clear direction of where to go next So which of these does Criartura currently accomplish and which of these does it lack? I would say no to point 1, 2, 3 and it succeeds at 4 and 5. My suggestion is to entirely customize our new player experience since not only is Revo-Classic new, but the current experience doesn't really guide you very well. You have to currently know to look up the wiki guide or ask for help or you will miss a lot of it. and a lot of it is core essentials that give you kafra passes. and if you are extremely new you may end up lacking a ton of information. The way I envision this is that new players have less choices in path they can make, but get to have more fun while going through a streamlined tutorial. The way to do this is to guide the player through a series of tasks that teach them the basic game mechanics. Here is an example idea (not something I expect to be implemented or is even fully fleshed out, but gets my general idea across) Novice/New Player wakes up in Sunken Ship (clone of sunken ship made just for tutorial) Novice Player Talks to NPC Who gives AGI/Bless/Heals and explains basic clicking mechanics. Player has to kill mobs to get novice gear, maybe one mob per gear, npc then automatically explains how to equip. It also goes over which types of weapons are stronger in Revo-Classic briefly explaining that the player wants high attack level 3/4 weapons and slots, while valuable are not as important as your weapon itself. Player then instructed by arrows to go to next room, which will explain Kafra storage and buying/selling to npc Next room has 10 kukre which drop a set item worth X zeny. Two NPCs in room. One sells an item that the other NPC wants. First NPC explains you can kill the bugs and get loot from them and how to sell them to npc and how to buy from them. The player then kills the 10 kukres, sells the fixed loot and buys the item to give to the other npc. There is also a kafra there to put any excess lot acquired away who also explains the basic fuctions of Kafra. (gives kafra storage/transport tickets as well) All of this is fixed exp and calculated including mobs. Player then instructed to go to next room. (next room will explain stats/job classes) In this room there will be a bunch of non aggressive Skeletons and a valkyrie NPC who explains the different classes to the players and what they can do briefly. The player can then change into one of the first classes (temporarily only for tutorial) by talking to the valkyrie and choosing one of the classes to test out. When changed the players stats will automatically be buffed to an appropriate level for the first class (again, temporarily) and they gain access to specific abilities(example would be Mage getting FireBolt/Thunderstorm/Firewall and a Swordsman getting Magnum Break/Bash)for that class for the rest of the tutorial. The player can swap between any of the classes in this room at will trying out all the classes. The Valkyrie asks for 10 items which the skeletons drop at 100% to advance to the next room. Once the player gives her 10 of an item they are locked to the class they currently are for the rest of the tutorial. The Skeletons give no exp and the Valkyrie gives a set amount of exp once you decide to move forward as to prevent over leveling here. Before choosing a class in the first place, I want to note, the Valkyrie goes over stats briefly and the benefits of each in Revo-Classic mechanics. When a player chooses a first class the stats are automatically buffed (just given a buff, not actually changing their base stats) and the Valkyrie explains how these stats benefit their class. (just basic stuff like a Mage getting INT and an archer getting dex, swordy getting STR, etc.) Player instructed to go to next room which goes over 2nd classes and gives them their Novice package. In the final room there is a trans class npc who will explain 2nd classes very briefly to the player and how each class has choices to make once they hit job 40 to 50 as their first class. The trans class npc will then ask for help killing a boss (heavily modified MVP). The player can then choose a 2nd class from the first they chose to fight the boss. The boss in this scenario will probably be a super modded version of something like Dark Lord. Dark Lord in this case could only do a much slower casting, much weaker meteor storm and is immobile. The player then has to kill Dark Lord with text appearing at the top of the screen explaining how to use their abilities to kill Dark Lord. Certain abilities are automatically set to their hot keys (Q W E R) and the player then kills. This sounds complicated, but its acutally simple. An example would be a priest. being instructed to use Magnus Excorcismus and/or Holy Light. A Monk being told to summon spheres > fury, then g fist. A hunter being told to double strafe, a knight told to use bowling bash, etc. the player in its temporary 2nd class state will get stronger buffs to adapt to to the mvp at hand and given access to these set abilities for the boss fight. when they kill the mvp they get the flash of MVP above and the MVP drops either the novice package itself or an item they can exchange at the academy for a novice package. Upon killing the MVP, the last npc will thank them for their help, return them to novice state/remove buffs, and port them to the academy. Explaining to them that the 2nd floor is where they can choose their job and get ported to said job change. the entire tutorial should be fixed and leave them at job level 10. While this is extremely elaborate, it was just a fun idea I wanted to get down on paper, and no it would be A LOT of work to implement something like this. But a new player experience is the first thing a player sees and if you put a lot of work into making it fun/easy/informative that goes a long way to retaining players. I currently think its something overlooked right now with how confusing the academy can be without a guide. There are other aspects as well i didn't go over in my mock tutorial such as partying with others, making parties, using chat channels, etc. Stuff unique to Titan RO that can also be included such as spotlight maps, costume eggs ,etc. Just basic information. The general idea here was to make the player get into playing the game right away while not giving them many paths to take so they don't get lost, confused or frustrated. Making a player have to kill mobs, fight a boss, and collect items/sell items gets them into playing RO right away and gives them a feel for the game. I also think almost every server I've played really doesn't give players a chance to feel how fun RO can be when you are first starting out. Getting a taste of 2nd class right out f the gate or even 1st class alone will be fun for a player. RO already sort of does this with manuals giving you access to certain abilities as a novice, but its kind of wonky and unclear imo. Again, I'm NOT suggesting we do the exact scenario above, its just a loosely made example of the general idea here. Things we CAN do. I'm sure there are a lot of flaws and the idea can be improved upon or stream lined even further but I wanted to get my thoughts out there.
  19. Costume: Shiba Inu https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19291/costume-shiba-inu Costume: MVP https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/31488/costume-mvp Both are mid slots which we lack right now.
  20. Pretty straightforward suggestion here, but add to the stylist the option to change your hairstyle to include many of the new additions to RO and some of the new colors so people can mix up the way they look even further. there are some pretty cute ones imo out there that we could add! I added a photo below that showcases a lot of the new ones!
  21. More cosmetic suggestions here that I think could be a lot of fun: On another server I play on they offer alternate outfits which change the sprite of your character altogether while keeping it functionally the same. Examples include a Ranger being able to choose to still look like a hunter/sniper or a Sura being able to look like A champion/monk as they prefer. The color for stylist still affects these outfits as well. It would be cool to be able to look like an Archbishop for a priest even though we are not at 3rd classes (hell we may never implement them so they would make a great "alternate" look). You could make the price in these Titan Tokens and/or raw zeny as a zeny/token sink. Example of a few of the 3rd class sprites/alternate outfits below. Unlocking alternate outfits could be individual (one choice per set of tokens/zeny) or could unlock all the choices for your class at once. Options could be something like: High Priest - Choose Sprite High Priest(default) Priest(Non-Trans Second) Acolyte(First class) Alternate 1 (Archbishop 1) Alternate 2 (Archbishop 2) With colors affecting any of them obviously it allows for a lot of individuality to be expressed, could be fun!
  22. A lot of the good costumes will come and go and never be available again which is sad especially if the server's population picks up. A lot of the better costumes will straight up never be available again since they were released very early on in the servers life. My first suggestion s to make a Legacy Costume Egg where all the costumes that are not in the current two can be acquired at random from these eggs. It makes it harder and harder to acquire the older ones, so it doesn't ruin their value, but it does make them at least possible to obtain (in theory). My second suggestion is to implement quests to acquire some of the more popular costumes so those are at the very least always available. I personally suggest making quests that involve a combination of normal mob drops and maybe "useless" mvp drops that have no real purpose a lot of the time. (like ba gua or gear that gets quickly outdated due to progression) Pick some of the more common popular costumes like Eremes Scarf, Bio Labs Aura, etc. and make them quest-able. A good example could be for the bio aura you need 300 Research Charts + 500 handcuffs or something along those lines. My last suggestion is to potentially implement a special costume egg that rewards loyalty to the server through daily login rewards. Make daily login rewards IP bound, and after 30 days (or however many days you want to set it at) you get a loyalty egg that includes an exclusive costume that you can only get by being loyal to the server.
  23. if it wasn't clear, I"m not suggesting we make the values as insane as classic where DEF in general was broken. back in classic its way too easy to get high defense numbers over all. I'm suggesting more minor changes that make them relevant. because in their current state they are completely irrelevant. the difference between a +7 full plate or robe only is big becaues of the base defense. you wouldn't +7 either because you don't care. you would leave them at +4. It's not even worth breaking armor on here. and that was my point. just make it worth it to refine. right now its really not. and we aren't in renewal where more gear requires upgrade values. we may never even reach renewal as a lot of people just don't like it. there's definitley more than a little room for some buffs. its an aspect of the game basically not being used right now.
  24. With how painfully hard it is to refine armor without enriched (which isn't a bad thing), it should feel good to refine an armor. Worth it, rather. Currently, that is clearly not the case as in revo-classic/renewal you don't bother to refine your armor unless the gear has a requirement for it or there is a card that has a specific requirement you want to slot in it. And no, its not just the defense changes in renewal. DEF was nerfed hard across the board, but the def you get from items is still relevant. The difference between a full plate and a cloth armor for an (extreme) example is still relevant. So why isn't armor the same? Well, armor refine in renewal was balanced around the idea of people being able to reach their new limit of +20 instead of +10 that you see in pre-re. This means the bonuses had to be more spread out. Not only does +20 not exist here, it only exists on official servers as a pure cash grab to basically force players to buy HD elu/carnium/safe certs/enriched etc. Its a huge cash grab and little else. On servers without it, you basically don't even try to go past +12 even in renewal as its completely impractical with the success rates (8% each time past 10). For my last point, I want to say that armor refine not being relevant is BAD for the long term health of our server. Sure, the game functions balance wise with or without it, but without goals for higher refines for armor, that's one less time sink and a quicker amount of time people could get bored. To keep in theme with the goals of our server, I think its important to make every aspect of the game that encourages actually playing the game more relevant. And farming gear/breaking it, trying to reach a goal is one of, if not the biggest parts of the game. Weapon/Armor refine is one of the big aspects (besides cards) that separate Ragnarok from other MMOs. and it's lacking in Revo-Classic(and as such, this server) I propose we just adjust the def bonus you get from refines to be scaled up to +10 instead of the bonuses you currently get which are scaled at a system where +20 armor is (potentially) a thing. I won't bother proposing exact numbers as I'm not into the math side of things, but I'm sure the staff with some time could figure out approriate numbers which would make armor refine feel relevant, but not break the game. Please answer the poll whether you agree or not!
  25. that is indeed very similar. the headgear is actually a welcome addition. other servers have a similar one that they make cash shop exclusive for some reason and does basically all the same things that one does. (except I think it also makes novice potions give you sp recovery as well, might be something you guys can look into). Halter lead is also in that package (just called a riding bridle instead, literally the same thing though) Obviously the jRO would have to be adjusted for this server as that is set for 3rd classes (free morpheus set would be monkaS) but good to know you've looked into it. Novice packages help a ton for getting going. look forward to seeing them hit the server.
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