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  1. I have over 300 badges. And you guys keep bringing up that you need to use all 4 coats, which you do not, all you'd need is the weapon and armor one, they are the most important ones. And once WoE is over, you'd bet your ass people will join BG's to refill their supply. I'm not saying we should get rid of them, but the cost is so cheap for how many you get.

  2. That's because other servers didn't have coats easily available like they are here. Also, I for one will make an Alchemist on the same account as my main, which has over 300+ badges just because of how easy they are to get, and have rarely ever played Alchemist. Rogues are only useful for Divesting, anything else they are outmatched by other classes, so yes, when coats are a cake walk to get, they can in fact be countered. I have absolutely no desire to play a Rogue anymore, especially when it's a server this small and literally every WoE guild would have an Alchemist ready at hand if they need it. That is a fact. It also just makes sword/mail breakers and other skills/cards that break equipment entirely useless as these coats are a breeze to get now. 

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