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  1. Looking good 😍😍 Doing a great job @Trojal 👍👍
  2. I think this would be much better. I agree I think it would get abused. I like the idea of being able to change guild leader, I think we defo need this, but it should cost something and have a time restriction.
  3. Depending on the exact opening date I can feel a sick day coming on. 😏😏
  4. Mickey

    Hi hi

    Hi all, I'm another from the restart server looking to start fresh, in a new server. I've been playing the Alpha version of tRO and can say I'm really looking forward to release date. Look forward to seeing you all there. ❤
  5. Mickey


    All aboard the RIP Re:start boat. Looking forward to getting back into a server worth playing 😍
  6. I just have no idea @njosefbeck I'm just excited to get going. Probably sin or sader though. ❤
  7. Niceee. Your discord is so organised 😮
  8. I agree with the above. I think stat resets are good so long as they are limited. Making a leech dependant class takes alot of work but the rewards are great. If you could stat resets to achieve this it wouldn't be such an achievement, imo.
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