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  1. Ichiban

    Wander Man

    or a desert wolf with 1700hp that deals 500~700 if it hits
  2. Ichiban

    B>Geographer Card

    monster is not added yet far as i know~
  3. Ichiban

    Wander Man

    they are intended as a few mechanics to make gameplay "ENJOYABLE" http://wiki.titanro.net/view/Introduction_to_TitanRO
  4. 1.5 -> 2 is fine changes on staff from flat MATK -> % MATK no but your other request regarding skill damage % increase are too much
  5. Ichiban


    i dont have a guild HAHAHA
  6. can we have this kinda early? its not a strong set by any means its just a very convenient set that all characters can use till they can afford better gears
  7. Ichiban


    Hi I'm ichiban nice to be here.
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