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  1. Community Costume Egg Event

    Roger. Gonna have to dig through the previous eggs to prevent suggesting an existing costume.
  2. Community Costume Egg Event

    Does it have to be an existing costume in the database, or is this something that can be created?
  3. A Basic Bard Guide

    For song flashing as support, using a dagger is preferred, as your shield won't be unequipped. Your arrows will, but they can (and should) be hot keyed and reequipped at your leisure. Seasoned performers should try and utilize both instruments and bows. Fill up your shortcuts!
  4. Sprite Colours

    To be honest, I liked the three pallets available on officials. Wouldn't hurt to see a few more. But, nothx to the ubiquitous private server pallets. You know the ones with horrendous reds, greens, blues, blacks, etc.
  5. Walking distance while zoomed out

    Don't quote me on this, but if I recall correctly, the issue here is the client not being able to "see" passed the official camera bounds. Attempting to click outside of that (with those squares enabled for clicking) causes instability. But this was years ago...
  6. Dark Theme for Control Panel

    Both of the themes for the control panel look decent, with emphaino looking a little nicer than default. Perhaps we could get a dark variant of the emphaino theme. Would look totes sick. Hella.
  7. Stat reset pros/cons

    Kind of this. When presented with the above options, it steers the conversation. Maybe we should start with "Should it exist?" and then move onto the how. If one is to be implemented, I would favor steep restrictions; either only a handful of points over a long period of time (to allow people to fix a misclick. It actually happened to me on Odin), or, an event-based full reset that only occurs once or twice a year.
  8. I Was Told

    this was where the kewl kids were congregating. Hi! I'm Kuitsu from WildOn.
  9. Eden Group Discussion

    Bumping to confirm how useful Eden equipment is to newbies, or otherwise starting out from scratch. They allow you to be somewhat practical without breaking anything.
  10. Stat reset pros/cons

    While stat resets are fun and easy™, I think they definitely detract from the difficulty of the game. As mentioned, part of the pride of having a forger or brewer is that it isn't easy. The same applies to all other classes: If I want to 99 my Bard as fast as possible, I'm going to have a ton of agi. Doing so will leave me useless for WoE, and that's the tradeoff. I shouldn't have the luxury of being able to speed level then change builds once I'm done. An unlimited-use stat reset would drop the server into the pile of others, in my humble opinion.