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  1. This is a wonderful guide. I'll be referencing this for my first character to make while i wait on what character a future guild would like me to use. Thanks for this What stats should i start allocating during the swordsman stages? Should i focus on STR/DEX/VIT in that order in earlier stages?
  2. No Bots for sure! Actual service and interactions from Mods / Admins. No EU bans that i am aware of haha. But honestly, a fresh start with a new community.
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    Hey guys, so i haven't played RO since RE:Start started to fail down. I've played Ragnarok since 2002 and will always have a love for it. I'm usually pretty solo style as of recent, but i really want to make some good friendships here. I feel the reason i find myself not enjoying the game as much as i used to back in the day is because the lack of friends i had due to just trying to push a self goal. Let me know your screen names! I'm downloading the game currently and not too sure what class i'd like to make. I kind of want something more Party / WoE helpful if i can come across a big enough community myself. Feel free to PM me, or drop a name! This server already looks really neat. Thanks for your time everyone.
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