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  1. You also forget that Knights aren't the only ones that use BB to level with. It's an essential skill for Rogues that use 1-Handed Swords with a STR/VIT/DEX build and the strongest 1-Handed Sword they can use is a Tsurugi. Having 20% less damage cripples their leveling capabilities with the skill while all you think of is WoE.
  2. He also said Chick Hat is OP so don't expect much understanding.
  3. I do agree with the nerf being unnecassary, especially with us having no infinite SP regen items here it wouldn't have been the only solo carry leech way to level.
  4. I think it would be nice to have more than just 20 choices, maybe up it to 56 (max. guildmember number?) so that everyone can have a title. Unlimited might be a tad overkill.
  5. This also doesn't work with Land Mine and Claymore Trap. Strangely enough you can copy Freezing Trap, which normally can't be intimidated.
  6. I'd want that "loot of the day" thread pinned at the Prontera Inn subforum.
  7. I do like these changes, they would at least be worth some testing.
  8. I tried it with both PVP rooms, the Intimidate skill does not copy "Blast Mine". I haven't tested other skills yet, but this might apply to others as well. For Rogue leveling Blast Mine / Bowling Bash builds are pretty much essential.
  9. This is actual constructive feedback I'd like to see and not just a plain "hell no". Not all headgears have to be implemented and the prices themselves were just mere suggestions, in fact a 10 could be changed to a 100 or 1000 tokens, to make them an accomplishment to get. I however do not agree with the Fantastic Wig though, having it occupy 2 slots does count as an downside imo, while its price can also just be made super high so it'll actually be rare and hard to get, maybe around 250 or 2000 tokens, depending on how the final pricing (if this suggestion halfway makes it) will turn out. Same with Ramen Hat, up its price by 1000 - 2000 Tokens and it'll be an upgrade to Apple of Archer, but one you will have to work for and is still harder/more rare to get, but still an accomplishment and a useful item to aim for for example for your Pure Brewer/Forger or if you main a Trapper build. @SairinAs far as WoE goes, I'd be completely fine with all these headgears being deactivated there. These headgears are and the suggestion itself were meant for PvM purposes only that's why I want them added as some classes don't have alternatives other than these. I.e. Binoculars can only be worn by the Archer class, Robo Eyes (if adjusted to maybe have the same amount of DEX for example) would offer an alternative to get for all classes that utilize DEX. Pirate Dagger and Well-Chewed Pencil, I don't see why these should be much of a problem in PvM scenarios. Of course, again, hard to get like the Ramen Hat above.
  10. Whee~ First success and now officially ranked as well:
  11. My forger service has been retired as I no longer play on this server.
  12. ^ Well one reason would be to have maps/bounties for hard/slow to level classes like Sages for example, who can't handle all aggro Anolians and similar and are stuck fighting 5000 exp monsters, considering we have weird monster spawns instead of the iRO ones. I'm all for this suggestion, +1.
  13. This is just a small thing, but if possible I'd find it nice if forged elemental weapons would have their element highlighted in its respective colour. (I remember it being like that on Classic Loki, though it's been years since I last saw it like that) Currently: How it should be: (if possible) Very Very Strong NAME's Ice WEAPON (a lighter blue than the one used for the name) Very Very Strong NAME's Fire WEAPON Very Very Strong NAME's Wind WEAPON Very Very Strong NAME's Earth WEAPON
  14. Morlord

    Novice Items

    Kafra Storage and Teleport is just to help out with the early zeny situation new players are in, as the current max. 20 Tickets are quickly used up. Novice Red Potions become useless around Base level 40 anyway. Novice Fly Wings and BWings are used up quicker than you might think. It's just an early help for new players, especially when they are leveling alone (considering our population) and as long as everything is character bound (+0 weight) it can't be abused either by "farming" yourself infinite Novice Fly Wings/BWings.
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