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  1. Gutter lines were a fix to a problem that hasn't existed in RO for years and were an unnecessary hindrance to "new" Bowling Bash, so removing them is a quality of life improvement, rather than a buff to the skill. Bowling Bash is balanced by a knight's limited sp pool and regeneration and the scarcity of sp items. If you are going to nerf its damage, then reduce the sp consumption by a corresponding amount to compensate.
  2. I'm going to argue your point for the lower headgears, at least. Yes, things like Well-Chewed Pencil and Pirate Dagger would be best in slot, but there isn't any real competition for the lowers, and based on memory and looking through item DBs, there won't be, ever. Non cash shop lowers worth mentioning: Angry Snarl: 6 def (yes I know it's not currently available) Gangster Mask: 15% silence resist Iron Cain: 4 def Pipe, Cigarette, Romantic Leaf: 3% damage reduction from their respective races Romantic Flower: 5% reduction from plant Oxygen Mask: 20% poison status resist Adding multi-slot headgears: Alarm Mask: 2 dex, 50% blind resist Sphinx Hat: 5 def, +2 str Welding Mask: 2 def, 10% reduction from fire attacks Dark Bacilium: 5 def, increase resistance to freeze, stone curse, and stun by 20% and additional increase per upgrade (this one is the exception to my argument, but it's also an mvp drop from a very distant episode) I believe adding Pirate Dagger, Well-Chewed Pencil, and Ninja Scroll (+1% matk, casters need all the help they can get) would add more options for the lower slot without adding anything that would upset balance, as current lower options are mostly cosmetic or garbage. On a side note, looking through DBs made me realize just how many super strong cash shop headgears there are.
  3. The rings need to be identified before they can be used. Have you done that?
  4. Dah_Nile

    Buying Stores

    Any chance we could get buying stores in game? That would really make things easier for people looking to buy and sell items in bulk. https://irowiki.org/wiki/Buying_Store
  5. Thanks for checking us out! Hope you enjoy things.
  6. Absolutely! We will all be noob when the server starts, but also have veterans who can help with almost any aspect of the game.
  7. Welcome! Hope you enjoy things here.
  8. You can have my shekels, just please don't take my sharks!
  9. Dah_Nile

    Grand Cross

    https://irowiki.org/wiki/Grand_Cross I believe Grand Cross is not in the best position with renewal, as it has a high cost to use, along with its damage being cut to stacked mobs. From the wiki: Cast Time cannot be interrupted, and each cast drains 20% of Max HP and inflicts a third of the damage to the user. (it has a 100 sp cost on top of this) This skill strikes between 1 and 3 times, depending highly on position and movement of enemy/enemies. When one or more monsters are on a single cell of this skill, the number of hits are reduced by 1 per monster, to a minimum of one hit to one monster. I suggest changing 1 or more of the following: Reduce or remove the max HP cost per cast. Hit all targets 3 times regardless of stacking. Thoughts?
  10. Sin/Sinx normally uses katar for crit builds, since they have their crit chance doubled. They would get their DA from Sidewinder card or Snake Head hat. Crit DA may be fine for nontrans, but will scale higher as more and better crit gear becomes available and trans (EDP).
  11. Sorry, we're going to have to limit you to 19 friends. jk, Welcome to everyone!
  12. DA would give a crit sinx 50% more dps (vs no DA), which would compound even more with EDp thrown into the mix. Crit DA may be ok for 3rd class when everything is more powerful, but seems like it could be a bit much for trans.
  13. My thoughts: 1. Agree on adjusting the amounts. I'm not sure on having boards everywhere. I'm concerned about exp compounding too much. Maybe put them in on a case by case basis in areas that players don't frequent. 2. Sounds good. I could delete my ore conversion macros. 3. I'm on the fence for this one. 4. Sounds good. That journey to Niff was a pain. 5. I don't know about this one. I like the idea of extending the lockout and despawn timers on rare drops, though. 6. I think this one was in the works already? Someone on staff will have to verify. 7. I don't think Silvervine itself will be a thing, but let's leave cash shop items out of it. I think a desocket npc eventually would be good. 8. Sounds good. 9. I still like having Pront used as the marketplace. 90% of the map isn't used for anything else, anyways. 10. Agree. for deeper discussion on that.
  14. The solution to your 2m/h wall is already in place: parties. It's in everyone's best interest to fill parties for maximum bonus from mobs. Also keep in mind there will be some weeks with even better exp when a spotlight picks an efficient mob or map to farm. 5x exp will absolutely battle that brick wall, as that 2m/h will become 10m/h which was absolutely doable to 99 with, especially before crazy places like Juperos on Re:Start. My first character got to 99 on an avg of 10-12m/h. Sure, it took some time, but it's doable. I will assume the "brick wall" was when it took more than 2 hrs to get a lvl, which with the Re:Start exp chart, would be 79 > 80. 5x rates would move that wall to 93 > 94. Even if someone doesn't want to grind out 99 super fast, that would still give them a capable character that could do mvp/woe/farming. I understand people have lives and not everyone can devote 20+ hrs a week to grinding, but RO is a grind game. With Re:Start exp tables, it takes a total of 677,399,548 exp to get to 99. Assuming 10m/hr (2m with 5x rates), that would take 67-68 hrs to get 99, +/- 5 hrs because it's doubtful you'll get that exp at low lvls. For comparison's sake, on WoW, it takes around 50-60 hrs to get a character from 1 to max. We also won't have unlimited sp items as with Re:Start, so knight leeching won't be nearly as viable. The knight leech meta was absolutely the largest driver in the disparity between those with multiple 99s and those struggling to get one. Overall, I really doubt there will be an issue with 99 taking too long, unless people just don't want to invest more than 30-40 hrs into lvling.
  15. I think there's a solid argument for people who aren't used to renewal mechanics. Maybe give a free full reset before 70 or around there? I still wouldn't want full resets available at any time.
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