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  1. We've removed Umbala Dungeon as part of regular RO progression. We've also added some of the mobs that were exclusive to the maps to some of the Umbala Fields to compensate the loss of the dungeon. This should be enough to finish those quests, even though it's not as easy as before.
  2. I used to have a similar train of thought like the one you described here. I actually spent quite a bit of time trying to spreadsheet improvements to the upgrade system. In the end I did change my opinion on if it needs to be changed at all for the following reasons: DEF from upgrades in Classic was honestly too strong, it scaled way too well. Renewal shifted the focus to base armors mattering more than upgrades. The difference between a +7 Full Plate or +7 Silk Robe is way bigger now than it is in Classic. This makes the choice of armor way more relevant and makes it so that thematically more heavily armored classes end up with more defense. Since Renewal a lot more cards and gear scale with upgrade values, giving a reason beyond just DEF to upgrade your equipment. The rework of Assumptio is a big deal which I initially forgot too, but it DOUBLES hard DEF. Definitely something to keep in mind too. In conclusion I don't really think that we need a change in upgrade values. There might be room for minor buffs to make upgrading more attractive but they're just that, minor.
  3. A racial carded Damascus will be better but you'd have to get one for every race. I would just use a VVVS Damascus
  4. Double Dagger isn't bad. It's just that Katar has a higher damage ceiling. Katar is really expensive to get going though, since you need a Sidewinder Card and multiple gear sources of Critical Rate to make it good. If you were to choose to go Katar instead of Double Dagger I'd highly recommend you just remake your character. Stat resetting here is done one point at a time and is very expensive. It's meant to tweak builds, not overhaul them completely. For your current build I'd recommend pumping more Agi over anything else since it's usually best to just increase your ASPD over your weapon damage when playing on a server with Renewal mechanics. Your ideal main hand weapon would probably be a Very Very Very Strong Damascus, you can either buy it from vends or contact a forger with the available materials. For your offhand I'd use a Main Gauche [4] or Gladius [3] with either Andre or Zipper Bear Cards. You should make an Endow Sage at some point too, so you don't need 4 different elemental Damascus to hit mobs.
  5. R>homies to talk shit with on Discord while we do some grinding/BG/WoE.
  6. R>Active players for PVM and/or WoE
  7. Trap Hunters aren't an issue. They're great at solo killing a couple of MVPs if there is no competition. As soon as any other class shows up you straight up lose unless that person is an extremely bad player.
  8. RO servers these days don't last too long, this is a product of many different factors. But the most important one is that players get bored of playing if they accomplish their goals in the game. For most of the players these goals are getting to max level and gearing up. A good example of a server not understanding this is iRO RE:Start. Leveling was insanely fast due to the cash shop items. MVPing was easy for the exact same reason. Getting high upgraded gear was a breeze because of the Enriched/HD Ores. People quickly ran out of stuff to do. The gearing up part is where the MVP loot comes in. We looked at the stronger MVPs like Randgris/Beelzebub/Bio/Satan Morroc at first and decided that their drop rates were a bit too high if we just gave them the standard 3x drop rate that we have. A lot of the gear they drop are chase luxury items and are supposed to be very rare. After that we discussed the MVPs that you're talking about, the easier ones like Garm/Phreeoni/Eddga and so on. We thought about going 3x for them at first but decided against this for the following reasons: Weapons from MVPs in Revo-Classic are way better than they were in Pre-Renewal due to the attack/matk changes, so these drops automatically became more valuable. Look at Dark Lord with Grimtooth and Evil Bone Wand for example. Stuff takes longer to farm, people will play for longer and gear up slower. We didn't want to make an elaborate list of MVP drops that we kept 1x specifically, we didn't want too many exceptions to the general rule. The best option in our opinion was to make all of the MVPs 1x.
  9. Yep, hop on by on our Discord if you're interested!
  10. There's a reason why STR gives carry weight over other stats. It's because the classes that get that stat are melee and need potions to survive or tend to pick up loot in parties. If you feel like you're lacking carry weight on classes that don't benefit from STR you could always incorporate 20ish STR in your builds, which isn't that costly for points.
  11. Bump. We're currently leveling a lot and preparing for WoE in 2 weeks!
  12. Ninja will be released together with Gunslinger and Taekwon classes a bit before the the release of trans. Right now we don't have an exact date but I can tell you it will not release in the coming month.
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