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    Is there...

    we could use eden for hangouts but one other problem is people are on different timezones so its hard to catch people online
  2. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19768/costume-sakura-coronet https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20135/costume-12th-anniversary-crown
  3. or they could reset everything during maintenance times, so everyone has to put their shop back post maint
  4. i think giving mdef pierce to magnus is proper, being its exclusive to demons and undead, also against bosses i guess?, not like magnus is a fast killing spell, gives ME priests some MVP viability (though limited to demon/ undead)
  5. i prefer them in town though, but i like how origins made theirs, all vending merchants are prohibited to use the main streets of any city
  6. not just wizards, i would like to give magnus priests and sages a better leveling time as well (well this also affects caster Super novices)
  7. its not changing them to % matk... its an addition to the flat matk of all staves... assuming you'd have a total of 400 matk 5% only adds like 20 matk, its not much still as compared to the matk of classic wherein the base reaches 500~1000 ish so 5% really gives significant damage. those increases dont even bring them close to what classic magic damage does... even if you'd wear something like a soul staff its not to really bring them back to classic era even, magic was a bit too powerful back then. probably with all this it would bring them all to half of what they used to do.
  8. Renewal has nerfed magic damage as we all know, but to the point that magic users are extremely undesirable until they reach the 3rd classes, who will have access to more powerful gears. This post will just give a few suggestions to how magic classes would have better mileage in renewal mechanics. Implementation will be up to the discretion of the staff. Magic Attack Stat Magic was pretty op in classic, which was a reason why racial damage increase cards affect only physical. Renewal added racial magic cards later in the game to suffice the magic nerf but these are mostly inaccessible until we get 3rd classes as they are given by the new world monsters with the exception of 3 (demihuman, demon, formless). 1. Raise the Matk per int point to 2 instead of just 1.5 This is just a minor boost of matk, as with 120 total int you only get 60 more base matk than the previous formula. Although this will be a general boost for all classes who will use matk stat for damage. 2. Add 5% matk to all one handed staves, 10% matk to two-handed staves (may also add to other weapons with matk infused in them) this would be a boost related more to the classes who can wear these, namely priest, wizard, sage and future soul linker. Well this is also a minor boost considering base matk is not that high, at the early stages until the 3rds suggestion 1 might have more effect for now but this will have a significant effect in the future with better gears. Skill Boosts May not necessarily be followed or if in conjunction with matk boost be lowered to whichever levels decided upon. Acolyte/Priest Angelus - close to useless in renewal as soft def doesnt even have much of an effect on mid tier monsters. Suggestion is to also add hard def to the equation to add more usefulness to this skill while retaining its actual purpose in battle. (Assumptio boost suggestion will be reserved for trans) Holy Light - x2 matk boost (from 125% to 250%matk) Magnus Exorcismus - already a situational skill as this only hits the demons and the undead, with the renewal nerf to matk and priest's limited access to good staves magnus is a weak skill to get, considering all the prerequisites it needs. First is to lower its prerequisites as priests going for this route will be usually at level 80 or higher to have Magnus at level 10, while still needing the rest of the job levels to max safety wall (suggested skill to remove from prereq is safety wall just for priest to learn magnus earlier). The magnus build will eat up almost all 49 skill points to fully be usable. Second is to either add 30% damage to the skill itself (making it 150% matk per hit total of 10 hits x4 waves max from 4000% matk to 6000%) or lower the immunity period to 2 seconds on targets who have already been hit by the skill, lowering the immunity period will consequently add more waves (4 to 7) of damage to the skill itself. Can also add to pierce mdef of all demon and undead (bosses included). Impositio Manus - add matk (weapons already do give matk so this is just proper) as well on the same grounds as physical, skill will add +25 patk/matk at level 5, add 30 sec duration. Gloria - increase duration to 1 minute Mage Bolts (Fire, Cold, Lightning) - +30% matk increase per bolt bringing it up to 130% matk per bolt a total of 1300% total matk with a level 10 bolt. Thunderstorm - +30% matk boost per hit, from 80% matk to 110% matk per hit bringing it up to 1100% matk (from 800%) with lvl 10 Thunderstorm Napalm Beat - +100% matk boost, bringing it up to 270% at lvl 10 (from 170%) Soul Strike - +100% matk boost, bringing it up to 1000% matk at lvl 9-10 from 500% (1500% on the undead at lvl 10) Fire Ball - +100% matk boost, bringing it up to 270% matk at lvl 10 Wizard Storm Gust - add +100% matk boost, bringing it up to 600% matk at lvl 10 (from 500% x 10 hits = 5000% matk to 600% x 10 hits = 6000% matk at lvl 10) Fire Pillar - reduce the divisible formula from (50+MATK/5)*(2+SkillLV) to (50+MATK/2)*(2+SkillLV) Meteor Storm - +50% matk boost bringing it up to from 125% to 175% matk per meteor hit(lvl 10 difference 625% matk per meteor x 7 meteors at 4375%, to 825% matk per meteor x 7 meteors at 6125%, assuming all meteors hit which is rare) Lord of Vermillion - increase matk per hit from 33% to 100% per hit (lvl 10 330% x4 = 1320% to 1000% x4 = 4000%) (lets all admit this skill doesnt live up to its name so this has a pretty high boost) Jupitel Thunder - +50% matk boost per hit bringing it up to 1800% at lvl 10 from 1200% Earth Spike - hit increase to 10 hits and add 30% matk to the skill to be as good as the other 3 bolts, from 500% matk to 1300% matk. Heaven's Drive - +50% matk boost per hit bringing it up from 625% (125%x5) to 875% (175%x5) Sage Earth Spike - hit increase to 10 hits and add 30% matk to the skill to be as good as the other 3 bolts, from 500% matk to 1300% matk, probably allow this to be triggered by double bolt in the future. Heaven's Drive - +50% matk boost per hit bringing it up from 625% (125%x5) to 875% (175%x5)
  9. I came from another restart server that had a worse leveling phase than IRO even. Anubis was the only worthwhile monster to get to 99 with restart exp tables so it took me months to even get my solo priest to 99, the monster scarcity wasnt enough, you also have competition with pretty much everyone else trying to reach 99, thats an official server with only x1 exp gain, youd have to spend as well on manuals and exp rings to raise the exp gain. Which in IRO only took a less than a month (I dont play too long, and I use a priest). Were starting in a fresh server, people will barely be efficient in reaching 99 quickly. Plus theres bounty boards to help, we also have a stat reset but its not instant. You could use a leveling stat build for now then slowly change later. X5 rate with restart exp tables is fine, people will definitely be bored fast with reaching 99 too quickly. Plus we still have hunting boards for speeding up the leveling process, it will be quite fast in a party, knight leech isnt too good for that matter since you all have to be in the same screen to get the kills, plus we dont have unlimited sp pots like restart, knights cant spam bb as much as they want to. The hunting boards promoted more party play since its faster to get kills that way, knights here function more as a mob gatherer than being the actual killer. You could also level chars not in your range by just using the hunting boards all the time.
  10. Vaahn


    this might be the new restart server
  11. Vaahn


    Hi guys, Vaahn here. You'd know my chars by their complete names. I'm a die hard magic user so pretty much every char I make will be more or less magic based. Though sometimes I like other routes when it catches my attention. I hailed first from PRO (the old one) which was moved to IRO thor?(not really sure about this) But didnt manage to move my chars so theyre all gone (was playing Dragon Nest at that time), then moved to ROPH which sucks bigtime in pretty much everything, took me months to just get my main to 99. Then tried restart, I liked it here a lot so i didnt think twice about moving. Then the EU ban happened. sad life. I'll look forward to meeting new and previous people from restart. :3
  12. I never really change my character preferences... Its always Priest and Wizard then if I feel like it then a Dancer, then prob Sage, Taekwon Master, Soul Linker... I dont really like the rest of the classes
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