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  1. +1 Have seen some shops that have been there since Day 1 and wondered if they even still play. One even said "RETIRED" on day 1 and I thought that was a joke but it's remained unchanged the whole time the server has been up so starting to think they were serious. Once a week sounds good, as I always expected on iRO official that my shop would go down with the weekly maintenance.
  2. Sairin

    Maintenance #3

    Hi, The pallettes has some antialiasing issues, I think the creator of the palettes released corrected sprites to fix said issue which may help for this: https://rathena.org/board/files/file/2447-corrected-classes-head-sprites/ How it looks on Titan RO: What the fix from palette creator looks like:
  3. On iRO official, there is a command you can use to hide vend and chatroom bars / signs which solves the issue of it being difficult to walk around a densely populated vending town. Since this uses an official client I thought it'd be here too but looks like it isn't, I guess it's a iRO custom thing. Hopefully it can be added here since we do have some other iRO custom stuff (e.g. ASPD formula). Shift + F11 toggles showing or hiding vend signs in iRO, here is an example screenshot I took today in the popular vending map of Prontera: Ctl + F11 toggles showing chatroom signs in iRO, an example from Eden first floor:
  4. Sairin

    Wander Man

    According to iROWiki DB, their ReStart version does same dmg as their latest Renewal version: http://db.irowiki.org/restart/monster-info/1208/ http://db.irowiki.org/db/monster-info/1208/ But don't disagree with you there really. Never played Re:Start but do think it's a strange decision, as I played iRO from beta 2002 until the EU block this year, and it felt more natural for those monsters to gradually become stronger when players also became stronger. Like how Comodo episode made some monsters like MVPs stronger and Turtle Island episode added monster skills since we had 2-2 classes etc. Then of course with Renewal things were boosted again since we had stronger players in the form of trans / 3rd classes. Post-Renewal spawns also changed at that point so that the starter maps pre-Renewal didn't have the monsters given post-Renewal steroids 1 shotting new players. Like Desert Wolf and Kobold Archer was moved to the later added Rachel fields, instead of terrorizing low level characters in Midgard. But apparently Re:Start just leaves them where they were when they were a manageable lvl 33 monster doing lvl 33-esque damage, even if thats no longer the case. Of course I do like other aspects of RevoClassic, like no EXP penalty, so if you did decide to venture out to the tougher Rachel maps to take down lvl 120 Desert Wolves at lvl 33, you'll be rewarded with a chunk of EXP for your achievement. Although in the case of these monsters, because they are considered lvl 33 EXP rather than 120, you don't really get that benefit right now outside of drops.
  5. Sairin

    Wander Man

    They do that much damage because technically they're a level 120 monster based on Renewal stats. Although RevoClassic changes their listed level back to pre-Renewal 74 (as well as their HP/EXP), their attack stats remain that of Renewal, aka a level 120 dude on steroids that runs like the clappers.
  6. Some like Pirate Dagger were originally available via in-game quests actually, that's how I got mine. Possibly via 4th Anniversary Quest in 2007. I never played Re:Start though, just iRO beta - present ('till EU block). Odd if they made it cash shop only there.
  7. Sairin

    Titan Costume OPB

    I was under the impression the costumes would be released in waves (since the egg is numbered Egg 1). Though it'll take time for each costume to appear, in the long run I think it will be better because you can pick an egg that mostly has costumes you want based on personal preference, or ones that contain stuff that seems popular to others for vending. Possibly by separating them into bunches, there could be themed sets too, like Halloween, Summer, Winter, Futuristic etc. Maybe the spacing of how often new eggs are released could be figured out though, like how people requested the spotlights change more often. I think the value of Titan Tokens lowering could perharps be due to how the drop rate on them is high (around 10%?). But at first the price was high because people were focused on leveling new characters, rather than farming tokens so there weren't many on the market. Now people have more time to farm tokens though and with the high drop rate the supply has increased, and therefore more competitors in the market trying to beat / lower each others prices. Same thing happened to Oridecon / Elunium prices. Eventually they'll settle into an average price though, especially if we get a market watch site similar to Ragial where prices are tracked over time rather than just who is currently sellng.
  8. The academy was added with New Izlude back in 2014 or so, probably after Niflheim but I guess it's probably here now to save future complications of forcing the recent kRO client to go back (same with Old Payon vs New Payon). They did spend time to make a more comprehensive step by step guide on the wiki for it though: http://wiki.titanro.net/view/Criatura_Academy I do agree the new training grounds are less streamlined, though in the long run it offers a lot more for a new player than the old training grounds (like kafra tickets etc.), and teaches a bit more than just the basics (e.g. how the pet system works which I think wasn't around when the old training grounds were made). One thing I'd wish Gravity had done different is to spawn you on a dock connected to the academy, so you aren't just dumped out in the open world. Like how old training grounds spawned you on an island with a bridge connected to the training building. Like with old training grounds, there could be an NPC to talk to to simply go to the main Izlude dock and skip walking through the academy (for those who are just making their 10th character and just want to go straight to storage to grab their existing gear).
  9. Not satisfied with just exorcising undead and demons, battle priests choose to face all kinds of different enemies, armed with a set of buffs and a handy heal for survivability. Slow but steady, they persevere against the odds. Chapters: P1 How did battle priests come to be? P2 Builds P3 Key Skills P4 Leveling P5 Gear & Cards P6 Would you reccomend battle priest as my first class? P7 How are battle priests as damage dealers? P8 Can battle priests MvP? P9 Can battle priests do WoE or PvP? P10 What is ASPD like for battle priests? P11 What do later class updates offer for battle priests? P12 Future Gear & Cards P1 How did battle priests come to be? In fact it all began before the Priest class existed in 2002, as there was such a thing as a Puncholyte. At the time an unarmed acolyte had great ASPD, so people made battle acolytes and bopped them without using a weapon. However, as monsters became more difficult with later patches, the way of the puncholyte is a distant memory. The Priest class then was added, and the skills were primarily focused on support or holy magic, so physical battle builds fell to the wayside. However, as monk wasn't an option yet, some players did still go for a physical attack build, utilizing the added attack boosting buff skills like Imposito Manus, Gloria etc. For me personally, I first tried a support priest, but due to timezones there were times when people weren't on for me to support, but I still wanted to play Priest and not be limited to just killing undead / demon with holy magic. So I made a Battle Priest back in 2003. Later when Monk was implemented I did try making one, but still was drawn back to Battle Priest. P2 Builds I'll just give a general idea of stats people usually focus on. Roughly Low = 1 ~ 30, Medium = 31~ 55, High = 56 ~ Max Melee Build STR: High AGI: High VIT: Medium INT: Low to Medium DEX: High LUK: None or Low Critical Build STR: High AGI: High VIT: Medium INT: Low to Medium DEX: Low LUK: High Autocast Build Note: This kind of build came later in RO history, so may not be as viable right now. While some cards / gear are already available that will autocast certain skills, it's with later additions that this build really began to shine. For example Ring of Flame Lord which came with the Thor Volcano update. STR: High AGI: High VIT: Medium INT: High DEX: High LUK: None or Low Autocast / Critical Hybrid Str: High Agi: High Vit: Medium Int: High Dex: Low Luck: High P3 Key Skills Acolyte: Heal Blessing Increase Agi Pneuma Priest: Mace Mastery Imposito Manus Aspersio Gloria Kyrie Eleison Magnificat P4 Leveling Although we can achieve boosted damage against undead and demon, our options are not limited to those, so you can follow any leveling guide for other classes e.g. starting with smacking Spore using the Payon Bounty Board. Just bear in mind that we cannot mob due to no area of effect skills, however after you learn Teleport you can flee when a mob gathers and pick your battles elsewhere. Early on you'll want to get some DEX (or LUK for Crit build) and STR to do some damage but then make your main focus AGI until you find you are missing too often or aren't dealing enough damage. VIT and INT can be added when you want to tackle harder mobs and need to have more HP to survive or SP for skills. P5 Gear & Cards Shields ~ You may opt to not have a shield at all due to the tough penalty on ASPD. If you do decide to use one a Buckler with a card that reduces racial damage is a great option. You can also use Enchanted Peach Tree card to automatically heal while attacking. Armor ~ Early on a Saint's Robe or Mantle is decent with any HP raising cards like Pupa, Roda Frog etc. Or Holy Robe when facing undead / demons. Garment ~ A muffler carded with Raydric (reduce damage) or Whisper card (increase flee). Orc Baby or Nine Tail cards are options for +9 gear. Shoes ~ For now the aptly named Shoes are possibly best. Card wise Matyr is a great choice as it adds slight AGI and boosts your HP which may be lacking if you have low VIT. Alternatively you can choose to boost SP due to lack of INT with a Sohee card. If you can afford to upgrade your footwear to +9 then Firelock Soldier is probably best as it boosts both HP and SP while also adding STR. Weapons ~ A Chain triple carded with size or racial / element cards (e.g. Skel Worker Card) coupled with an elemental endow (such as Aspersio or Sage endows) will probably do the most overall damage at this stage. Critical builds can consider Soldier Skeleton cards which boost Crit. A Sidewinder Card can grant a chance at double attack though someone better at math than me would have to work out if three racial / size / element cards works out as more damage in the long run. Alternatively you can have a forger make an elemental Stunner, which has the chance to stun the enemy. If going Crit build then the Spike weapon may be good. Dream cards would be the MVPs Baphomet Card and Drake Card, for splash damage and removing size penalty on mace. Accessories ~ Brooch with anything that boosts STR (Mantis) or AGI (Kukre) or CRIT (Kobold) for critical build. You can use a Greatest General Card which will boost your ATK per spirit sphere triggered but it takes time for all of them to trigger to be as effective as say a card that boosts ATK outright, but seeing those shiny spheres circling is nice. Some other fun cards are Marine Sphere Card (enables use of Magnum Break for area damage), Owl Baron (chance to cast Lex Aeterna while attacking) and others. Headgear - For now, anything that adds STR, AGI or LUK / CRIT. So for example, Angel Wing, Evil Wing, Bunny Band etc. Or headgear that reduces damage against certain races of enemies. For cards I would probably wait until Vanberk / Isilla when the Rachel episode comes. P6 Would you reccomend battle priest as my first class? Short answer: For an easier time starting out, no. Just to have fun, sure. First of all I love battle priests, and would certainly reccomend to anyone to try them, but it wasn't my first class when I started the game. While an acolyte can save on some consumables thanks to their skills, the fact is that to max those skills takes quite awhile with no damage skills. A thief or archer on the other hand benefit from high flee or being able to kill from afar to save on consumables, and also get some damage skills to max early on (Double Attack, Double Strafe). They can therefore reach later enemies quicker with decent drops and earn more money for you to get established, especially if choosing to be a Rogue who can steal while attacking for even more loot. Getting a merchant raised with Overcharge and Discount is also higher on my priority list. However disclaimers aside, battle priest to me can be a lot of fun to play and I hope you will also enjoy it. If someone decides to have it as their first class purely for the fun factor then that is awesome. P7 How are battle priests as damage dealers? Battle priests do not have any area of effect skills, though some cards and gear can enable some area of effect. We also don't have any double or triple attack skills during our 1st or 2nd class stages, though again some gear or cards can help. Leveling a battle priest is therefore slow by comparison, it's a labour of love. We make up for it with survivability skills and a pocket full of buffs at our constant disposal. P8 Can battle priests MvP? The short answer is, to an extent. As we don't have the same level of damage per second output as other classes, high end MvPs are extremely difficult and likely would take expensive gear and a lot of cosnumables to overcome. But certainly we can tackle some of the lower end MvPs. In all honesty, I was never a big MvPer with any class, but with the help of a support priest friend I did take down Drake and White Lady. If your primary focus is MvPing there are certainly easier / faster classes for this, but it can be a fun challenge for some to take down MvPs with a battle priest. P9 Can battle priests do WoE or PvP? The short answer is yes. Again as we don't have the same level of damage per second output as other classes, if your primary focus is WoE / PvP there are certainly easier / faster classes for this. However the element of surprise can sometimes be on your side, as most expect you to be support build. Since I only ever did PvM, not WoE or PvP hopefully someone can chip in on WoE / PvP focused builds or you can look on other RO forums for builds. I know that they need more VIT than PvM builds for example. P10 What is ASPD like for battle priests? A major drawback for priests is that we do not have the option of Awakening or Berserk potions, the best we can do is Concentration Potions. There is also the massive ASPD penalty for using a shield which either means you have to play without one (which many battle priests do) or work around it using various cards / gears (certainly viable, especially with later content but expensive for sure). On the plus side we do get AGI Up as a skill which of course helps a lot. Gear wise with the current content, Undershirt and Pantie combo will help add ASPD, then later the Dragon Vest and Dragon Manteau combo (New World episode content) which adds slightly more AGI / Flee. With the Veins / Thor dungeon episode there is the Thorny Buckler + Bison Horn combo to help offset shield penalty. Glorious Ring with the Battlegrounds gear update also can add ASPD. Later, ASPD boosting consumable items such as Guarana Candy, Enriched Celermine Juice etc. can help. If you can party with a battlesmith you can make a good team, as Adrenaline Rush helps with ASPD a lot, and their skills such as Power Thrust do not break maces. P11 What do later class updates offer for battle priests? When transcendant classes come, so too does High Priest. Sadly not much in the way of physical attack boosting skills were added for battle priests to utilize. However the skill set adds various skills that help reduce SP cost or increase SP recovery, which helps a lot with the lack of INT / SP in most physical attack builds. By the time 3rd classes come around and we get Archbishops, I'd say this is where Gravity finally threw battle priests a bone with the addition of Duple Light, which greatly helps our damage per second. High Heal is also handy since most builds have a lower heal normally. Sadly some of the other skills meant for damage dealing leave something to be desired, such as having to be recast every screen (Oratio). Here's hoping that Gravity will continue to give some attention to battle builds in future updates. P12 Future Gear & Cards As this is a progression server we may get these future items that can be useful for Battle Priests, as of this post we're currently on Niflheim episode (2004), I've tried to list these roughly in the order of when episodes / updates came but may not be perfectly accurate. Glorious ring and maces (Battlegrounds gear rewards) Porcellio Card - boosts ATK (Einbroch) Valkyrian shoes, manteau, armor etc. (Valkyrie Randgris) Lady Solace Card - chance to cast Grand Cross (Thanatos Tower) Ancient Mimic Card - adds AGI for crit builds (Thanatos Tower) Vanberk Card - chance to add Crit +100 (Rachel) Isilla Card - chance to add flee and reduce cast time (Rachel) Hodremlin Card - good all round for shield (Rachel) Stapo Card - enables Find Stone / Stone Fling, fun card for bringing far enemies closer (Veins) Thorny Buckler + Bison Horn combo (Thor Volcano) Ring of Flame Lord accessory - chance to cast various skills (Thor Volcano) Veteran Hammer mace (New World) Dragon Vest and Dragon Manteau combo (New World) Gold Scaraba Card - boosts damage (New World) Duneyrr Card - adds ATK (New World) Lunakiligo mace - adds a chance to drop buff foods (New World) Carga mace (New World or perhaps Bifrost update) Bradium Brooch (New World or perhaps Bifrost update) Luk Glove (Eclage) Cenere Card (Bifrost) Bible of Promise shield - enables the use of a ATK boosting skill (Mora) Robe of Affection (Mora) Guarana Candy (Brasilis) Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo (Port Malaya) Robot Arm mace (Verus) Thanatos Hammer (Ghost Palace Instance) Temporal Boots (Old Glast Heim Instance) Pendant of Harmony and Maelstorm (Jitterbug Instance) Hero Judgement Shawl - chance of casting Kyrie / Lex Aeterna (Isle of Bios Instance) Crimson (Episode 15.2) and Vicious (Episode 16.1) maces Enriched Celermine Juice (Genetecist class) Puente Robe - boosts our low heal a bit (dropepd by Orc Lady and Sohee at some point) Pirate Dagger - adds ATK (4th Anniversary Quest 2007) Misc ~~ Leo Diadem - chance to add splash damage Leo Crown - chance for Fire endow Musketeer Hat - chance to cast lvl 1 Adrenaline Rush Snake Head - enables lvl 5 double attack Chick Hat - enables lvl 2 double attack CD in Mouth - chance to autocast various skills Mercury Riser - good for critcal builds Well-Chewed Pencil - adds DEX
  10. I think the original creator did think a bit about what to add and what not to. So they did seem to omit any that already have ridiculously high EXP value compared to their base lvl, since for the Morroc list they did not include Anubis for obvious reasons For the lists that I made, I just picked whatever seemed to uniquely spawn on those maps in decent numbers, ignoring any pests / plants. But I didn't check the EXP values. I'm terrible at math, so please do omit any that are Anubis levels of absurd (Mi Gaos could be omitted like Charlie says if theyre stronk EXP by themselves). You could also omit any that generally don't seem worth it (e.g. for Verus not many players really bothered with the lab zombies, I guess maybe low spawn or because the Verus daily quests didn't include them). Also I surely missed a bunch, like I think I forgot Amatsu field with Karakasa and Kapha, apologies if there are more. I think it's certainly not something that has to be done all in one go by any means or immediately, I'm sure checking the monster lists etc. would take time, just wanted to get the ball rolling. Plus as this is a progression server anyway most of this content isn't even in yet, no need to trouble yourself with those. At this point it's just great to know you have the ability to do it at all as I wasn't sure if creating a board would be complicated. Morroc could be a nice one to start with? I'll leave that up to others. Oh and thank you for your consideration of this suggestion and all your efforts in general, best regards.
  11. Well, I think if we are going to use iRO's bounty board system at all, we might as well finish what they started. The current bounty board system is unfinished in the eyes of the person who created them, but the staff dropped the ball with carrying on the project. There's been a few threads on iRO forums about revitalizing the bounty board project but the original creator of the boards has given up trying to get the staff to engage. I think we have an opportunity here, with more engaged staff, for the original idea of the boards to come to fruition, which was for them to be in every place. I think it makes sense as already in #main channel players are wondering why Morroc doesn't have any, for now I just tell them it's a copy from iRO who sadly neglected the project. Also I think Trojal mentioned that the bounty board system might be something they use to promote the server as a feature to bring in players, so might be good to give it attention in the future. (iRO has both rotating spotlights and bounty boards, so they coexist over there too.)
  12. Hi, I was wondering if staff have the ability to possibly add more bounty boards in the future to expand upon the ones copied from iRO. Actually the bounty board system was invented and designed by a player of iRO, but you can see from the forums over there that the bounty board project was abandoned by staff after first being implemented, with only Nightmare Clock Tower bounty being added later. Some quotes from the player who designed the boards: "The Bounty Boards project was originally conceived to make world maps worth leveling on again so it was intended for all towns to have their own set of Bounty Boards. Unfortunately, 2 years of resistance from the iRO team was what finally killed the original project off. - 17 March 2016" "[They] wanted me off the project and that's what they got. Nothing more to say. [...] The result of them ignoring me for a whole year. [...] All I wanted was some decent communication of what they were capable of and they didn't even want to give me that when I've already spent 2 years designing and managing the boards. - 26 March 2017" Of course we are yet to get various content / monsters but if possible for now a Morroc, Aldebaran, Niflheim, Lutie and (if currently implemented) Robot Factory bounty board could be options. They didn't get in iRO's first implementation but in 2014 the player designing the bounty boards made a post mentioning the plan to have them, it's just that as mentioned the staff kind of abandoned the project. The monsters they suggested for it were. "Morroc -Mummy -Isis -Verit -Zerom -Requiem -Marduk -Minorous -Pasana -Picky -Baby Desert Wolf -Scorpion -Metaller -Sandman -Hode Lutie -Cookie (Green) -Cookie (Red) -Myst Case -Cruiser Aldebaran -Rideword -Punk -Clock -Alarm -Drainliar -Arclouze -High Orc -Penomena -Bathory Robot Factory (Juno) -Aliza -Alicel -Aliot Niflheim Niflheim's board would be located inside the tool shop itself due to the town being dangerous. -Disguise -Loli Ruri ((My Note: Could also add for Niflheim -- Dullahan, Gibbet, Bloody Murderer, Quve, Heirozoist)) Other future areas that we don't have yet but were also mentioned in their plan: Einbroch -Teddy Bear -Venomous -Noxious -Mole -Metaling (( My Note: Could add for Einbroch: Pitman, Porcellio, Mineral, Obsidian )) Rachel -Roween -Hill Wind -Drosera -Anacondaq -Desert Wolf -Vanberk -Isilla -Hodremlin -Seeker -Echio -Agav -Siroma -Snowier -Ice Titan Veins -Stapo -Muscipular -Magmaring -Galion -Kasa -Knocker -Salamander -Ghoul -Banshee -Ragged Zombie -Zombie Slaughter -Necromancer --- Expansion Towns and Islands --- I don't think the player who designed the boards mentioned them, perhaps it was something they were going to delve into later but due to the lack of staff response they dropped the project. Personally I think the islands and expansion towns are also worthy of bounty board treatment though. Louyang Mi Gao, Jing Guai, Yao Jun, Mao Guai, Zhu Po Long Kunlun (Gonryun) Bloody Butterfly, Enchanted Peach Tree, Zipper Bear, Taoist Hermit, Evil Nymph Ayothaya Leaf Cat, Tamruan, Kraben Moscovia Les, Wood Goblin, Mavka, Baby Yaga, Uzhas Amatsu Firelock Soldier, Miyabi Doll, Poisonous Toad, Tengu, Shinobi Dewata Comodo, Gullinbursti, Banaspaty, Butoijo Turtle Island No town / dangerous surface so board could be located in Alberta Spring Rabbit, Dargon Tail, Permeter, Solider, Freezer Byalan Not sure if can save on surface since it's not a 'town', boards could be located in Izlude if not Marina, Plankton, Kukre, Vadon, Cornutus, Marse, Obeaune, Marc, Phen, Swordfish, Merman, Strouf Sunken Ship Not sure if can save on surface since it's not a 'town', boards could be located in Izlude if not Hydra, Pirate Skeleton --- Future content / islands / expansion towns not yet implemented --- Some of these have been heavily requested on iRO (mainly Verus and Lasagna) but again, the bounty board project seems to be neglected currently. Port Malaya Tikbalang, Tiyanak, Mangkukulam, Bungisngis, Engkanto, Mananaggal, Wakwak Rock Ridge Buffalo Bandit Duelist, Buffalo Bandit Sharpshooter, Coyote, Elite Buffalo Bandit Duelist, Elite Buffalo Bandit Sharpshooter, Gaster Morroc (after destruction episode) Incarnation of Morroc (three types) Malangdo Siorava, Red Eruma Verus Repair Robot, Explorer Robot, Repair Robot Turbo, Explorer Robot Turbo, Green Cenere, Smelly Zombie, Smelly Ghoul, Machine Component Lasagna Trans Spore, Scout Basilisk, Combat Basilisk, Jungle Madragora I may have missed some area of Ragnarok Online, or some monsters, which others could rectify.
  13. I think they could maybe be added at a later date, at a time that they naturally appeared in the timeline of RO history. I have a lot of screenshots from my time playing iRO on and off 2002 - present (until EU block), though not really comprehensive due to breaks I took so can't be sure. Looking at my screenshots though my characters weren't wearing stuff like Puppy Hat, PecoPeco Hairband, Pirate Dagger, Well-Chewed Pencil etc. until around the time New World was introduced (2009). Also there is the Zodiac headgears that were intoduced by then (Diadems and Crowns). Snake Head Hat came later, by 2011 it seems when Bifrost / Eclage came in. CD in Mouth maybe even later than that, or I just struggled to afford buying one off other players' vends until 2015, but I also had a long hiatus. I never played Re:Start, but it seems they were introduced very early, so it was seen as overshadowing all else. As far as playing on iRO pre-Re into Renewal went though, when they were introduced at those times they were seen as good but not the be all and end all of headgears since other decent headgears had already been introduced by then. Then by the time the latest episode content came around, barely anyone used things like Snake Head except folks like me who played a Battle Priest. In fact when recently I would try to sell Snake Head noone was interested in buying it (not many people played Battle Priest). The only use I got out of PecoPeco Hairband by then was to walk quicker while doing quests, because of the massive ASPD penalty it gave it wasn't worth using it while attacking. Puppy Hat I used to like for my autoblitz falcon hunter, but that build became unpopular with later nerfs to falcon blitz damage, and said nerfs are probably already in by now so we see more trappers than blitzers. I also am not active in WoE or PvP though, always just PvM. So I never really saw how certain headgears was or wasn't abused in those arenas. I guess there can always be restrictions made for stuff to not be usable in WoE / PvP or exclude certain classes from wearing them if need be. For example if Priests were permitted to wear such stuff they won't be owning everything with them, if an acolyte wants to own stuff they'd go Monk with stuff like Triple Attack, Guillotine Fist I also agree that Titan Tokens wouldn't be a good avenue for implementating how they are obtained. As said due to how farmable they are, it'd be best to keep those for cosmetics. There's probably other ways though like quests as mentioned or a reworking of the silvervine fruit system. [EDIT] As far as Well-Chewed Pencil and Pirate Dagger goes, I've remembered now that they were available as event quests way back when, but after the current episode we're on (Niflheim - 2004), Back to School Event - 2006 (Rachel / Veins), Talk Like a Pirate Event - 2007 (Destruction of Morroc) https://irowiki.org/wiki/Back_to_School_Event_(2006/09/19)_~_(2006/09/26) https://irowiki.org/wiki/Talk_Like_a_Pirate_Day_Event_(2007/09/18)_~_(2007/09/25) Old quest information here: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Quests#2006
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