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  1. I cannot make it to the live stream, so I am going to write my questions here. Thank you TitanRO staff in advance! What are your thoughts about: adding more field spotlights (maybe 2 more) and one more dungeon spotlight as we go through progressions hosting GvG (6v6 match, preferably a live event where Troj is visible and speculating) perhaps when population picks up implementing a guild storage with passcode only accessible by guildmaster adjusting the exp curve for first class trans, making it less gruesome altering the novice grounds, since I saw past discussions on adding a guide feature like footsteps and I am curious to hear in what way these guide features will be added to novice grounds
  2. Welcome to the server!
  3. http://eclairero.wikia.com/wiki/Sage_ring
  4. Welcome! Yup, we can guarantee you there are no bots in the server. Our GM is responsive on discord channel so make sure you join it!
  5. teh_Pope and Saegys are the OGs
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