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  1. GR> WOE Looking for Knights Monks and Wizards especially please feel free to message above mentioned or me on Kauz#3410 or Kauz ingame
  2. Kauz

    Guild Exp Bug

    Hi, While looking at the control panel rankings, the following was noted :- Guts and Bullets (G1) was at level 7 with 78m exp where as Wild On (G2) was at level 6 with 81m exp. On comparison with the Guildexp charts, 82m is required to be at level 7.The values on CP are fine and were valuated at the time while speaking to members of G1 and G2.. Further, at that point of time G1 showed 6m exp ingame .. which means they approximately levelled at 73 74m cumulative Exp. So some how they levelled earlier ... I'm not sure what the problem is really.. if it has something to do with the DBs or w/e. Please look into the same and refer below link for image. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/426658875429879810/454985967497904139/unknown.png
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