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  1. Hurancan's sweet suggestions

    There has been a lot of discussion regarding DEF improvements among the Dev team, and it's difficult to balance. However I agree that it feels weak and could be improved. Could you give me an example of some mid gears that you would find worth having? This is a situation where more specific examples would be better since there are so many headgears in Ragnarok.
  2. Taekwon Mission

    This is tricky because I believe mini boss do normally show up in Taekwon Mission, so it makes sense champion mobs are showing up currently. I think your best bet is resetting your mission, though it might take some time since it's a low chance. You might need a dancer with SP song to do it the most efficiently. Also I believe there is no time limit to finishing the mission.
  3. Decrease GD Spawn Timers

    +1 to this, I think it is definitely one of the rewards of WOE to have access to the guild dungeon. Having owned all four castles at one point or another, none of them were that good for exp, even with full active parties. I think this could be a nice change.
  4. Fullforge Build

    Weapon fortune sword. Starter armor is Poring, best in slot armor is Baby Leopard. Shield is Zealotus card, but that's a pretty tough one to get.
  5. Fullforge Build

    http://irowiki.org/~himeyasha/skill4/bsm.html?104NkFanedbnadraJl This is what I would suggest, and you have 1 point to spare. Maybe you could put the final point into repair weapon for some utility or even another point of vending. Iron tempering is worthless since you can find or buy iron very easily. Steel tempering on the other hand can be quite valuable and efficient. Enchanted Stone Craft might not be as necessary on this server since we have higher drop rates, but I definitely used it a ton on iRO. Research Oridecon is a must, that increases your chance to forge level 3 weapons, which are the best things you can make.
  6. Balance Changes re: Stat Foods as BG Rewards

    I think 50 weight food is significant, and since most classes use 3 or 4 stat foods, that is quite a lot of carrying space, especially on low str classes. So being able to carry all foods required for woe at the same time is quite good if you ask me. However, 3b is an interesting idea that I like a lot. Regarding the post in general, I think your logic is sound and I mostly agree with the points you make. I do feel you are in the minority of people who really enjoy hunting items for foods though haha. It was always more of an obligation in my eyes rather than something I enjoyed. I would venture a guess to say the players of this server probably feel the same way, but I could be wrong.
  7. MVP Drop Chance TOO LOW

    Rewarding sub optimal, under leveled, under geared play is never the correct choice for the long term stability and health of any server. You have to look far into the future when you consider massive changes such as this one.
  8. Battlegrounds Rewards need looking at

    This is a massive assumption against a server that hasn't even had its first woe lol. I will once again guarantee that no guild by any means will have all its members permanently coated for an entire duration of woe. Mailbreaker and Swordbreaker are always strong in every meta, I find that statement completely absurd.
  9. Battlegrounds Rewards need looking at

    I'm sorry to say Charlie, but it seems you have some kind of PTSD from a heavily botted, OP cash shop, pay2win server that heavily distorts the reality of gear level that will be remotely possible in this server. Our content progression and lack of cash shop doesn't allow the same access to +10 level 4 weapons and other ridiculous skill changes that made biochem so ridiculous on restart. Plus, alcohol can be crafted by alchemists, so it's not a 0.5% only drop and if you are farming alcohol that way, you are doing it wrong. Also, we plan to adjust acid bomb, it's just not pertinent to do so now because it doesn't even exist. Lumen, I also feel like this is complaining that "X character counters the class I play, please nerf it." That logic is always bogus and I think the actual reality of WOE will not have guilds fully coated and making rogue useless as claimed.
  10. Battlegrounds Rewards need looking at

    I strongly disagree with this. Regarding glistening coats, if you think that there will be a chem giving all four coats to every player in a guild, then you are sadly mistaken. Secondly, you have to actually be in the castle to use the skill. You can't pre buff them in town or outside of the castle, which is almost reason alone to allow their existence since you can't just have your slave account coating everyone in town, and if you dual client your slaves in a castle, then more power to you considering you had to bg on a slave. I disagree with "any guild can EASILY stock up and invalidate strippers/stripping weapons right off the bat with no cost associated with it" because there is a time/badge investment cost associated with getting them in the first place, as well as actually playing the class, which is the most material intensive class, period. Regarding acid bottles, I once again don't understand "no cost associated with the ability" when clearly there is a time/badge investment to get the bottles to play in BG/WOE. BG having cheap materials is a great thing, and makes the mode completely enjoyable for all classes instead of restricting play to only those who can afford it. Even if biochems "become meta and dominate BG", is that an inherently bad thing? They rely on HEAVY support, not to mention there are plenty of skills that counter acid bomb, I shouldn't even need to explain this. I think you are looking too far into the future over a problem that doesn't exist yet (and won't in my opinion), and this suggested change is far too dramatic. Alchemist and Biochemist will be in practical terms unplayable in BG with this change. It's unfair to give every other class the mats they need to enjoy BG and leave out one. As far as their existence in WOE boxes, I think they are balanced fairly, and will take hundreds of badges for a biochemist to be fully prepared for WOE at their highest potential.
  11. Trap Box

    Except when you are in woe and have a ton of other materials to manage. It is a common occurrence to run out of traps at bad timings. If you have to open your mail while the opponent is rushing, or even worse actually damaging you, it makes carry weight important. Traps weight is completely fine and has no need to be changed.
  12. Autotrade Expiration Timer

  13. RO Buddies - MVP/WOE Guild

    Bump, we save at West Pront. Recruiting all active players.
  14. Ranked Forging Service

    Updated with current success rates.
  15. Ranked Forging Service

    My forger is Kreygasm and I will be selling forging services once again. Please bring me the materials and I will attempt your weapon of choice. If it is a success, I will charge you 100k. If it fails, there is no charge. In order to maximize my time and yours, please be ready with the materials. You can find them listed here: http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=creation_db&op=3 Here are our current success rates. Feel free to message myself or Saegys. You can find us on discord or in game.